11.14.2022 08:06 PM

Latest hit: why the EA was needed


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    PJH says:

    Thank you, Mr. Kinsella, for speaking up and out against the band of thugs/seditionists who attempted to bring about the downfall of a duly democratically elected Gov’t of Canada. I would like to remind folks that the current leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, at the time, was a full and eager backer of said group of thugs and seditionists.

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    The Doctor says:

    There was a good op ed piece in the weekend Globe about this. It focused on the testimony that the convoy leaders gave, which was extremely self-serving and full of “I can’t remember”, “I didn’t see that” and outright fabrications (e.g., being busted repeatedly when asked if they remember being asked or ordered to leave by the cops).

    The shining example was when these people were asked about local Ottawa residents. They claimed all they saw were handshakes, thumbs-up and hugs. Which is just a bunch of steaming BS, unless you’re suffering from some sort of hallucinatory mental illness. Like, do you remember the injunction application to which you were required to respond?

    The author’s conclusion was simply that these people have been marinating in an alternative information space for so long, there’s basically no hope. They might as well be from a different planet.

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    Ronald James O'Dowd says:


    Personally, those idiots are nothing more than a bad memory for me. I’ve moved on past those deluded fools.

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    Jason says:

    Let me start by saying I have absolutely no sympathy for any members of the Flu Trux Klan or their stupid illegal parking brigade.

    But there is no question the government overstepped with the EA. I am of the belief that it was EVENTUALLY going to become necessary, given the heated rhetoric coming from the kind of willfully ignorant fools who would do “anything” for “freedom” as long as it didn’t involve a 5 minute pit stop at a clinic. But the threshold for necessity? In no way was it met, at least, not at the time of enactment.

    The root cause of all of this was the unbelievably shitty job done by the Ottawa Police and City Hall, and the modern policing philosophy so prevalent in all our law enforcement agencies that “if we just ignore crime, maybe it’ll go away.”

    Well, it didn’t, and they didn’t. But that still doesn’t excuse martial law.

    Two things can be true at once. The convoy was the work of ignorant, arrogant imbeciles who clearly hate their own country, and this Liberal government is led by ignorant, arrogant imbeciles who clearly value their own reflections more than their own country.

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      Ronald James O'Dowd says:


      For my part, though I supported the EA, I did not condone in any way the freezing of individual bank accounts. You simply don’t do that in a bona fide democracy.

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