03.29.2023 01:39 PM

Toronto politics invades County politics

Here’s a letter I wrote to the local paper.  Remember, politicos: everyone has a past.

As a resident of Hillier, I was frankly astounded by the Times’ willingness to publish the letter from Chris Bolton about Councillor Chris Braney’s effort to review the structure of Council, and how it governs itself.

Braney – who I know, and who I voted for – is simply fulfilling a promise he made: to see if having a smaller Council is worthwhile.  That’s all.When that has happened in other jurisdictions, like Toronto, it has worked.

In his letter, Bolton refers repeatedly to Braney’s time on Council: “only effectively two months,” others have “much more experience,” other councillors are “veterans,” and so on.  His comments were condescending and unfair.  Braney was elected in a virtual landslide precisely because he was a new voice – and not a “veteran” politician.

Bolton’s references to “experience” was revealing, however, although perhaps not in the way he intended.  Bolton’s own “experience” includes his resignation as chair of Toronto’s public school board in 2014.

At the time, the Toronto Star stated that there had been “a never-ending stream of scandals” under his watch.  They stated, as fact, that “the timing of his resignation is questionable given recent controversies concerning a charity he and his partner are involved with.”

Wrote the Star: “Bolton has been chair as controversies have rocked trustees, including audits criticizing spending and processes and helping staff who accused other trustees of bullying and bad behaviour… questions have also been raised about him and his role with Friends of Community Schools — a charity both Bolton and his partner have been heavily involved with.”

If that is the sort of “experience” that Bolton is referring to, I’d hazard a guess that most County residents don’t want or need it.

 Warren Kinsella, J.D.






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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Did someone give Bolton the PMO’s direct line?

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    steve says:

    lol, J.D. you’ll always be a mere LL.B. to me, buddy

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    Martin Dixon says:

    Chris Bolton has responded:


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