05.27.2023 12:26 PM

Our latest Sun Media hit: shame on you, David Johnston


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Johnston gave Trudeau that little shovel and this idiot will definitely keep digging with it because quite frankly he has no other choice. A public inquiry will kill this government and people will very likely go to jail. That’s why the Trudeau Liberals have opted for a coverup, solely in the interest of those they only truly care about: their own hides.

    Now it’s up to all the opposition parties to demand an immediate election with the NDP finally pulling the plug. All Canadians need to make their voices heard and demand a full public inquiry as well. Contact your MPs and Senators. This coverup is not acceptable, period, and must not be allowed to stand.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Well, the Texas House has voted to impeach their Mr. Corruption, the now suspended A-G. That guy is delusional. He actually thinks that the Senate will acquit at trial. Not even in his dreams.

    Too bad we can’t impeach you know who up here…

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      Martin Dixon says:

      Ronald-they have checks and balances down there. Why I told people to calm down about T when I was traveling the day after the US election in 2016. We don’t. A PM is a dictator. Imagine if T were PM up here…oh wait a minute.

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    Peter Williams says:

    Jagmeet Singh get a spine? I just snorted my coffee over my computer screen. Trudeau plays Jagmeet like a fiddle.

    And remember Jagmeet’s the guy who accepted a $2000 rocking chair. He’s got the same ethics as Trudeau.

    Jagmeet will do nothing except chirp on Twitter, and his MPs will support the Liberals in committees.

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    Peter Williams says:

    National Security? We can’t have an inquiry due to National Security? Ha.

    Don’t you think the Chinese already know everything that Trudeau knows, has seen, or has been sent to Trudeau but Trudeau hasn’t read it?

    It’s not national security, it’s Liberal security.

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    the salamander says:

    What complete & utter nonsense ..
    More cheap shot character assassination

    Is there some sort of angry belief.. or ‘hope’ ?
    that by spewing insult at David Johnston
    one is able to better humiliate Justin Trudeau ?
    (some sort of ‘shoot the messenger & win fallacy ?)

    Surely Canadians in general.. say from mid teens to late seniors ‘get that countries spy on other countries’
    and yes yes.. there’s always reasons why

    Personally, I would rank Canada as a bottom tier ‘intelligence gathering entity’ in the fertile field of Espionage

    I would also state my belief that Canada is likely ‘undefendable militarily’ .. certainly in terms of our sovereign Borders. Does anyone believe we could repel Mass Migration due to Environment, War, Religious and Political Strife, Starvation/Drought/Disease ? Overpopulation ?

    Well.. good luck ‘thinking’ China & India aren’t ‘thinking’ along those ‘lines of reality’ & continually entrenching scouts, observers, operatives, lines of communication, chains of command, sleepers, minor players, even mundane operatives

    Cry Mr Chong a river.. why not !
    He’s become most disingenuous since the sacred coming of Pierre4PM. His ‘family’ in Hong Kong ? Like any family in Hong Kong lives under the powerful & precise control of communist Mainland China.. he knows this.. and is now playing partisan poker.. & even worse, he’s allowing Poilievre et al Inc ‘to run their mouths about them’ via Mainstream & Social Media (how clever is that ?)

    Chinese leadership must just be laughing
    at the petty minor league brouhaha & pouting

    & by the bye .. how many years left re the FIPA Trade Deal Stephen Harper secretly signed with China in Vladivostok, Russia.. without bothering to mention it to Canadians ? How did that amazing ‘deal’ come about anyway ? Surely this Kinsella commentariat / cohort comprehends the terms of that ‘deal’ or why it needed to be ‘handled behind the scenes’ in utmost clandestine ‘omertà’ levels with Chinese entities

    I only mention this because.. uh
    Aren’t the most vicious & hysterical Public attackers of Mr Johnston, the same ‘conservative’ MP’s – Poilievre & O’Toole that were privy to the secret – dare I say ‘furtive’ evolution & completion of that FIPA trade deal ?

    Oh well.. & meanwhile.. on Monday
    A historic Election in Alberta may ‘cement’ Avowed Separatists into place with A Four Year ‘no cut Contract’
    to further Legislate Law that facilitates & even Indemnifies themselves from Any Legal or Financial Consequence ! Haha ! The Kenney Advantage !

    ‘Best Separation From Canada Ever !’

    But damn.. that Johnston guy sucks eggs for Turdeau eh !

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