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A few weeks ago, when some nice folks were encouraging me to run for the Liberal nomination in Toronto Danforth, I finally met with one of Justin Trudeau’s most senior advisers. 

There ensued some jousting, and then we got around to discussing why I was not suitable. Chief among the reasons was my view on the international effort against ISIS, led by that crazed right wing maniac, Barack Obama.

I pointed out that my view was in accord with former Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy, former Liberal leader Bob Rae, and former General Romeo Dallaire. 

“They are all traitors to the Liberal party!” thundered my breakfast partner. “They opposed a major foreign-policy decision of the leader of the Liberal party of Canada!”

Wow, thought I. I’m never going to fit in with this bunch. Screw it. 

That’s not to say, however, that I did not feel that Trudeau and his circle wouldn’t flip-flop on the struggle against the genocidal cult that is ISIS. They would. And, lo and behold, they soon started to do precisely that.

First, they indicated support for Bill C-51 before they had even read it. And, this morning, there was this:

As the six-month deadline for Canada’s mission in Iraq approaches, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is signalling that his party may support a mission extension. 

When asked if the Liberal Party would support an extension of Canada’s mission in Iraq, Trudeau told CTV’s Question Period that Canada definitely has a role to play in the fight against ISIS. 

Get that? Then, you were a “traitor” if you favoured some sort of modest military role. Now, nothing to see here, move along, etc. 

The definition of “traitor” is situational, I guess. That, or Justin and his gang looked at the polls, and figured out they were going to get their asses kicked. 

Either way, I remain proud that I was a traitor both then and now. I’m in good company. 


Hmm. Kind of odd behaviour for a public servant whose $300K+ salary I help to pay, no?

Perhaps it’s because I hired someone who successfully brought a human rights action against him. Perhaps it’s because not a few of us have regarded him as a raging megalomaniac going back to when he was a mere Assistant Crown Attorney, hunting for headlines in the Ottawa courthouse.

Anyway. Whatever you do, don’t mention this sort of thing. He might block you!

Cause. Cause. Cause.


I’ve written a couple books that deal with this subject, here and here, so forgive me for asking (what should be by now) a wholly rhetorical question: why do young people turn to extremism?

Because they feel rejected by the mainstream. Because they feel they do not belong. Because they are shunned. So they leave civil society, and embrace a decidedly uncivil one.

As I suggested after the Conservatives foolishly eliminated section 13 of the Human Rights Act, people turn to anti-democratic action when they feel democracy has turned on them. Or, as one politician once said: “If I were a Palestinian at the right age, I would have joined one of the terrorist organizations.”

His name? Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel.

It started innocuously enough:

But, it quickly got out of control:

More here. Ah, I live for important moments in history like this.

Operation Alienation™ hits the jackpot again – this time a family member, no less! 

What superior people management skills! What morale-building! What a proud legacy!

What a spectacular mess they’ve made.

…in The Calgary Herald by the never-forgotten James Muretich. RIP, big guy. 

Lala has been jousting online with various kooky members of the God Squad about the new Ontario sex ed curriculum.  I got involved.