A reporter writes

Some reporters like writing process stories. It’s easier than writing stories about actual issues, I guess.

Anyhow. A reporter has spent several days talking to anonymous sources about the Toronto municipal race.

He asked about four-year-old stuff the anonymous sources told him.

Like: some folks on some campaigns don’t, you know, like me. This is true. Sometimes, despite my charming and effervescent personality, they don’t. This upsets me a great deal, as you can well imagine.

And: my friend Nick Kouvalis and I weren’t friends. That’s true. We weren’t. And then John Tory brought us together. John does that: he brings people together – he doesn’t make them separate.

And this: this guy’s anonymous sources are big fat liars, turns out, and they said the Olivia Chow campaign was attacking Doug Ford. Newsflash: I don’t think we did so once. Also: Chow comms guy Jamie Heath and I – and, I suspect, Olivia Chow – talked to Doug pretty much every day during that campaign. That’s how we became friends. Oh, and this: we had a shared strategic objective – trying to get ahead of the aforementioned John Tory. (Didn’t happen.)

And: this guy’s stupid sources say Nick is a scary guy or something. And super mean and all that. Except, you know who faithfully publishes every single poll Nick creates? The selfsame reporter’s newspaper. Sheesh.

Also: this guy claims that John Tory was against Lisa Kinsella running for city council. When, in fact, it was the polar opposite. As in, the reverse. But that doesn’t stop this guy, no sir.

Because he had this one, too: this guy says reporters were “pissed off,” quote unquote, that I quoted them saying nice things about my candidate. Do I do that? Yes. Yes, I do. I will keep doing it, too, forever. (Oh, and the aforementioned Jamie Heath liked the quotes so much, he put them on a T-shirt. I hope that really pissed this guy off.)

Anyhow. There you go. This guy has a big scoop, with lots of anonymous sources. Big, big story.

And no one in the real world will give a shit.

Hurt you signalling

Column: when monsters oppose you

Canada is in a social media war with Saudi Arabia.

It’s not a real war – at least not yet.  Real wars involve bullets and bombs and bodies.  This one is presently confined to Twitter and press statements.  Conscription hasn’t happened just yet.

There has been one truly extraordinary statement made by Saudi Arabia, however, one that promised violence on a grand scale.  A week ago, the state-controlled Saudi media tweeted this at Canadians: “Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong! As the Arabic saying goes: ‘He who interferes with what doesn’t concern him finds what doesn’t please him’.”

Those words were superimposed on a graphic of an Air Canada plane, about to collide with some tall buildings in downtown Toronto.  The message was unmistakable.

We are willing to murder you, Canadians.

It was not subtle.  Continue to criticize Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship, and its unchanging abuse of human rights – as the Department of Global Affairs did, with an innocuous and fairly routine tweet of its own, the week before – and a plane will be dispatched, as on 9/11, and piloted into the CN Tower.  We did it before, Saudi Arabia’s rulers were saying, and we will do it again.

To you.

Because, you know, they did.  They did. There were 19 men who carried out the mass murders at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and just outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Of the 19 killers, 15 were Saudis.  Their leader, Osama bin Laden, was a Saudi, too.

A U.S. 2016 congressional inquiry found that there had been substantial Saudi involvement in 9/11.  The bipartisan inquiry reviewed half a million documents, interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and released an 838-page report.  Bob Graham, the former Democratic Senator who co-chaired the inquiry, said the hijackers had an extensive support system while they were in the United States.  From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The definitive probe into the attacks, The 9/11 Commission, concluded that there remained a “likelihood that charities with significant Saudi government sponsorship diverted funds to al-Qaida.”  Those funds were used to carry out the murders of 2,998 people – 24 Canadian citizens among them.

So: the Saudi government’s little tweet, and accompanying infographic, isn’t so far-fetched, is it?  The tyrants who run Saudi Arabia evidently did fund efforts to murder two dozen Canadians, and many more Americans.  They did it before, their tweet strongly suggested, and they are unafraid to do it again.

None of this should surprise us, unfortunately.  The human rights record of Saudi Arabia, according to the watchdog Freedom House, is among “the worst of the worst.”

Saudi Arabia uses corporal punishment against wrongdoers, dissidents and critics.  This includes amputations of hands and feet for petty theft – and fines, floggings, and torture for being gay.  You can also be sentenced to life in prison, or death, for being gay or a “witch” in Saudi Arabia.

Until recently, women were not permitted to drive in the “kingdom.”  Women who protested this were jailed.  Oh, and this: over there, women have been flogged for being the victims of rape, as well.

Amnesty International has reported that the Saudi government habitually uses torture to extract false confessions.  Human Rights Watch has said that the torture includes “beatings, electrocution, and pouring chemicals into the mouth.”

Unsurprisingly, capital punishment is also a regular occurrence in Saudi Arabia, and it is done with the utmost viciousness.  Human Rights Watch reported on one 2015 case in which Saudi security officials “filmed the beheading of a Burmese woman in Mecca in which the swordsman required three sword strikes to sever the victim’s head.”

Sometimes, the Saudis behead as many as a dozen people in a single day.  Afterwards, they will often crucify the headless body, so that it can be displayed publicly.  If one is convicted of adultery, the death penalty is carried out by stoning.  Saudi women are usually the ones stoned to death.

The Saudis execute children, as well. In 2016, the United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of the Child reported that the Saudis were stoning children to death in Yemen, with whom the Saudis are at war.  The UN has also documented that, out of the 47 people executed by the Saudis on Jan. 2, 2016 – their biggest mass execution day in decades – “at least” four were children.

We could recite many such figures, here, but banal statistics do not adequately capture the full extent of the brutality and savagery that is familiar in Saudi Arabia.  Suffice to say Saudi Arabia is one of the three countries who executes people the most – along with China and Iran.

In the past few days, Saudi Arabia’s “royal” goons have said they will be expelling our ambassador, pulling out of Canada thousands of Saudi students and hospital patients, barring Canadian grain exports, and making attempts to tank Canadian bonds in the marketplace.  And, as noted, they have now even hinted at a 9/11-style attack on Canadians.

Asked about all that, our Prime Minister has not blinked.  He has said: “We will continue to speak clearly and firmly on issues of human rights at home and abroad wherever we see the need.”

Canada is quite literally under attack.  As a nation, we need to rally behind the position taken by Prime Minister Trudeau – and all of us need to refuse to be intimidated by a vile mob of homicidal scum posing as Saudi Arabia’s leadership.

Because that’s what they are.


Northumberland ho

So, we got massively screwed over in a deal to find a new cabin in Northumberland County, on the big old Lake Ontario. A big mess. (There will be consequences.)

If anyone hearing about good stuff coming on the market soon, we – and our agent, who is terrific – would love to hear from you. There is a reward!

Email here! And thanks.

Tory condemns hate rally

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2018

Mayor Tory’s statement on hate rally being organized in Nathan Phillips Square

“Hatred and acts of violence against any identifiable group have no place in this city. I’ve been outspoken on fighting hatred and discrimination in my time as Mayor and I will continue to be. City staff assure me that no permit has or will been issued for any rally in Nathan Phillips Square, regardless of when the hate rally is being organized for. The City, including the Toronto Police Service, is aware a rally being promoted by white supremacist groups and other bigots. City officials and our police will be monitoring any such gathering closely and if laws are broken or if public safety is compromised my expectation is appropriate actions will be taken.”


For media inquiries:

Daniela Magisano


Michael Bate advocates rape

When no less than the Washington Post asked him if it had been right to advocate sexually assaulting Caroline Mulroney, in fact, Bate expressed “no regrets,” quote unquote. The rape “contest” was merely “throwing a pie,” Bate said, and “we hit her.”

He’s a pig. A pathetic old man, leering at young women, promoting the abuse of women. The rape of women.

There’s also the Glebe Montessori-drugs stuff. No one should be sending their kids there.

(Oh, and I’m told this is coming soon: a spot where his magazine will be available, free of charge. No more subscriptions.)