From next week’s column: I’m pissed off

And this is the part where I’m actually calm.

Justin Trudeau said he’d support indigenous leaders. 

He didn’t. 

Justin Trudeau said he’s a feminist. 

He isn’t. 

Justin Trudeau is a terrific actor, however. There he was, after his latest cabinet shuffle, and butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He almost sounded offended. 

Demoting a competent, smart, inspiring indigenous woman like Jody Wilson-Raybould – as the Liberal leader had literally done, just minutes before inside Rideau Hall – wasn’t a demotion at all, he huffed. There can be no greater honour than working with Canada’s veterans, he insisted. 

And if some other Prime Minister had said it, it’d be partly true: it is an honour assisting the men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces. But under Trudeau, it was a lie. Under him, Veteran’s Affairs has become a political landfill. Under him, veterans have been disregarded, disrespected, and litigated against in the courts. 

So, everyone recognized Trudeau’s claim for what it was, which was unadulterated bullshit. 

Federal political leaders, reviewed


And that’s just this week.

Meanwhile, the commentariat wonder why some of us are thinking about voting Green. Wonder no more, etc.

This cabinet shuffle is a joke

A Canadian being sentenced to death by China is more important. But this is astonishing.

Dear China and Russia: piss off

This web site has been rather critical of our good friends in China and Russia lately – the latter for being a dictatorship run by corrupt white supremacists and homophobes, and the former for being a dictatorship that is actively detaining and torturing Canadian citizens.

I’m sure it’s all a great big coincidence, but has also been the target of a coordinated and aggressive hack attack for several days now. I’ve been blocked access on WordPress – I’m finally back in, as you can see – and it’s been a pain in the ass.

I posted about my dilemma on social media and immediately heard from others. This message was representative of what I heard:

Hey Warren,

Yes, our site has been heavily critical of Russia and China lately. Experiencing lots of 508 errors on resource limits right after posting on those topics. We found out that a WordPress plugin (that checked for broken links) was sucking up resources, so we removed that plugin.

I suspect that the plugin was compromised by hackers, but we haven’t been able to definitely prove that yet.

For your site, I’d recommend looking into the backend and seeing if certain plugins are using unusually high amounts of resources. They may have been compromised by our friends in the Kremlin or something.

Personally, I am thinking it’s the Chinese. I’ve been calling the Russians racist and criminal scumbags for two years, with no apparent cyber-backlash. But when I started to encourage people to never ever buy Huawei (smart move, Scott, BTW) and when I started calling the Chinese government torturers – as on the Kinsellacast, here – all kinds of weird shit commenced happening.

Anyway, we’re back, for now. In the meantime, Chinese and Russian corrupt, bigoted, autocratic elflords, I offer you the punk rock salute: go fuck yourself.

We are going to build castles on your ashes, motherfuckers.