Warren Kinsella

Warren Kinsella
is a raconteur, bon vivant, and – occasionally – a Toronto-based lawyer, author and consultant. He is not profound, but it is said that he can be useful in a stick-swinging, bench-clearing brawl. He once wanted to be a Jesuit priest, but failed the entrance exam. Born in Montreal in August 1960, Warren has lived all over the place, but most often regards Calgary as home. Calgary is happy that he resides in latté-sipping, Volvo-driving, secular humanist Central Canada, with the rest of his smart aleck socialist pals. Warren has a bunch of kids, most of whom love Bad Religion.  (He adores them.)  He is also the human to Joey and Roxy.

Warren’s heroes are Malcolm X, Christ, Raoul Wallenberg, Bobby Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, Joe Strummer, and his father. He’s also pretty sweet on his Mom, who calls him twice a day, because she worries about him.

In May 2006, Warren set up a firm called the Daisy Consulting Group; his daughter liked the name, and that was good enough for Warren. Previously, he was Special Assistant to the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, and chief of staff in a pile of federal ministries. He ran Chrétien’s war rooms in 1993 and 2000, and those did okay.  It was in the papers.

Stephen Harper has said that “I really think that Warren guy is on to something.”  Bob Rae calls him “a stupid blogger.” Peter C. Newman, meanwhile, has said: “Warren Kinsella can have an effect on as many Canadians as The New York Times.” We cannot publish what the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, red-necked blogosweird say about him.

Warren has written ten books: one on international terrorism, called Unholy Alliances (Lester, 1992); a national bestseller about organized racism, titled Web of Hate (HarperCollins, 1994, and republished in 1996 and 2001); a best-selling novel, Party Favours (HarperCollins, 1997); a book about political communications, called Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics (Random House, 2001); and Fury’s Hour: A Sort-of Punk Manifesto (Random House, 2005), about the punk movement.

That last one contains exclusive interviews with Strummer, Joey Ramone, Sham 69, Eddie Vedder, the Buzzcocks, Joey Shithead, Blink 182, Stiff Little Fingers, Ian MacKaye, Bad Religion, Pennywise, and many, many swear words. If you buy more than five copies, Warren will come to your house and wash your car. The National Post called Fury’s Hour one of the best books of the year, which was uncharacteristically nice of them.  Meanwhile, his book on strategic communications and stuff like that, is called The War Room (Dundurn, 2007). The Toronto Sun called it a “must read.”  Nice.

His book Fight The Right, was published in North America in 2012 by Random House. The Hill Times called “one of the best books of the year.” The Huffington Post said it is “absolutely on the money” and “well worth picking up.” Former Stephen Harper campaign manager Tom Flanagan said: “Get the book.”  So get yours here!

Between 2017 and 2020, Warren wrote a trilogy called the X Gang Series: Recipe For Hate (2017), New Dark Ages (2018) and Age of Unreason (2019).  The series has been critically-acclaimed and best-selling, with Quill and Quire saying “suspenseful page-turner that also gives considerable food for thought, anchored in realistically drawn characters and an eye for significant detail.” Publisher’s Weekly said the X Gang story was: “riveting murder mystery…Tension starts high and stays there in unflinching page-turner.”  Globe and Mail liked ’em too: “Kinsella nails it without any stereotyping or embellishment..absorbing, jarring and raw.”  Booklist: “Kinsella’s book explodes off the page from the start…a dark and engrossing tale of punk-rock heroes fighting for justice.” Not bad.

Among other things, Warren has been a columnist for everybody from the Wall Street Journal to The Walrus to Postmedia. Presently, he writes for the Toronto Sun and appears on various shows.  He has a podcast, too, called the Kinsellacast. It’s here!

Warren’s also been a member of the executive of the Ontario Bar Association, and the Canadian Bar Association’s Communications Committee.  He’s been nominated as one of Canada’s top lawyers by Canadian Lawyer magazine.  And he has taught legal communications at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law, proving the old adage about those who can’t do, teach.

His favourite colour is black, even though black isn’t actually a colour.  He owns a shack in the County and a cabin the woods.  And he’s blessedly single.

Currently, Warren plays bass and hollers in a geriatric punk rock group called SFH. You can buy one of their latest fabbo waxing here.  The Toronto Star said this about it: “an enjoyably prickly and authentic throwback to London circa 1977, not to mention occasionally the Hamilton that gave us Teenage Head at around the same time.”

Previously, he played in The Social Blemishes, The Hot Nasties, Chicken Realistic and the Fabulous Kevins, S, The Trial Continues, The Mesleys, plus Sick Dick and the Volkswagens. We are not making this up, as much as we wish that we were.

This web site was established, quite a few years back, to counter attacks on Warren by neo-Nazis and white supremacists. After that, it became a place where some people would go to read some of the things Warren has written, or to allow them to contact him directly. Recently, however, it has become a bizarre farrago of political commentary, music reviews, and musings about the nature of human existence. It is also a website to which a lot of folks are inexplicably referred by Google, who are indeed evil.

If you are looking for Warren’s “blog” – and the statistics strongly suggest that you are – you can read it over on the “Musings” page.

If, however, you want to advertise with on this website, email Warren at wkinsella@gmail.com. Advertisers, take note: www.warrenkinsella.com receives up to six million visitors a year!”


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    Lorne Sinclair says:

    Great stuff. Keep going.

    Victoria, BC

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    Beth Ann Connors says:

    Hi Warren
    Just curious about what you think of the upcoming election? I used to read your comments in the local paper I have not seen much lately .Please email me with what your views are now.

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      Warren says:

      Godfrey got rid of me because his son isn’t a fan.

      My election thoughts? All here to see on this web site, free of charge!

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    Jeremy Hole says:

    Warren —

    I’m astonished Canada Post is delivering the misnamed “Your Ward News”, an utterly vile racist, sexist, hate rag. I sure don’t want them delivering it to me – even my dog feels defiled. Keep going after these assholes.

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    Ron Whitehorne says:

    Ron Whitehorne
    Almonte Ontario

    Good afternoon Mr. Kinsella;

    I listened to your discussion with Brian Lilley on CFRA and was quite surprised and then felt very respectful of you at your answers about former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his results governing Canada in his term.

    I know you are a Liberal but you seem to be non partisan in your opinions of results being achieved or possible forthcoming disappointments.

    I am 66 years of age and retired from my business, but am very concerned and frightened for the future of Ontario due to rising energy costs from climate change programs being initiated  by the present Liberal government.

    Electricity costs due to the green energy program and wind and solar generation that has proven to be very costly and inefficient is something very disturbing.

    If this isn’t bad enough we are just recently burdened with  the banning of natural gas usage by 2030.

    Prime Minister Trudeau has voiced his support for  this green program as well even when Canada is near the bottom of most other countries emissions.

    How will Ontario attract business to our province with high energy costs, and the recent electric car promotion, and the negative response to fossil burning vehicles.

    Justin Trudeau is trying to sell Canada to the Japanese Auto giants to move their production here, when his Ontario counterparts are making this the worst place to do business.

    I am very concerned at the rush to clean energy, when many other countries  like China and even our neighbors the US are filthy in comparison.

    Can we not just move more responsively so our economy   isn’t destroyed and maybe others will catch up to our level of cleanliness.

    Do you as a Liberal have the same feelings as myself, or am I missing something and being to worried about nothing?

    I am worried about unnecessary spending or going to fast, instead of the slow steady approach in case of hardships in our global economy.

    I ran my business this way since its beginning in 1972, and feel a country has similar workings that might prove successful especially for young upcoming Canadians.

    Too much debt is not a good thing, we must look at Greece as an example.

    Thanks for listening  to my concerns, especially for our  children and grand children.

    Please excuse any grammar or spellong errors because have macular degeneration.
    My wife usually edits my messages but she has gone out and you must suffer.

    Thanks again.5w

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    Ron Whitehorne says:

    Small business difficulties;
    Just a brief example of one small business and difficulties endured, that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party are ignorant of.

    I think many especially prime minister Trudeau and his finance minister Bill Morneau, honestly think that Canadian small business is getting free ride, that loopholes in the tax rules are much to lenient, and should be eliminated.
    They strongly feel very different now, than before last election when he lamented that small business will get tax breaks under his watch, and the middle class will also be treated fairly.

    There’s that fair word again.

    To give you some history and actual events that one small business can encounter throughout its years of operation.

    My childhood friend and myself discovered a business in our travels out west in 1971, and when returning home we started our seamless Eavestroughing business in the spring of 1972, and it is flourishing to this day.

    My friend and late business partner is not with us today as we were both in severe car accident and he was killed in August of 1981.
    The business kept functioning as my younger brother stepped in and kept things going.

    I spent six months in hospital, and was a year before walking again and this was with a cane for some time.

    The only tax funds that were needed in my recovery was from the Ontario health insurance plan, there were no additional funds needed as family took care of me until able to work again.

    My brother and myself expanded the business in 1986, again with no government assistance, to allow us to get out of the installation, into wholesale manufacturing.

    The business has now got younger blood, when my niece and nephew replaced me and are working beside their father.
    I had to leave because of vision loss from Macular Degeneration, so left company in 2010 at age of 60.
    I was very fortunate that my family helped again or really don’t know what might have happened without their help.
    Again no government assistance.

    The business has been generating and collecting taxes for all three levels of government, and has been doing this for 45 years, and now we are criticized for getting free ride.

    Our only source of income at 67 years of age is from my wife and myself on CPP, and OAS, the latter because we both took very minimal salaries because you have to put everything back into business if you ever expect to grow.
    My wife had her own separate business from mine, so no company pension plan as well.

    We have both saved with RRSP’s, but these cannot be used until the age of 72, and that’s still 5 years away.

    We have both saved well with money from real estate, and our RRSP’s, but our only source of additional income is from investing in Second mortgages, that are lucrative, but also very risky.

    We never get away from the stress of business ownership throughout our whole working lives, and now a certain amount of stress is still there.

    To put icing on this cake, I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2012, called Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and they had to perform an operation which is called total Rynectomy, the total removal of my nose.
    I just received good news from the specialist that treated me, this spring that I hit the 5 year mark, and am designated cancer free.
    Another stress reliever.

    I received my Prostheses in August of 2016, so was four years with no nose, except a patch on my face that my wife had to invent as there is nothing available for this reasonably uncommon disease.

    Four years and many, many, trios to Toronto General, Princess Margaret, and eventually Sunny Brook to finally get a Prosthesis, at a cost to us of probably twenty five thousand, or more not to mention the frustration.

    All this has happened, but could write a book on the financial struggles, and the sick days worked because you have to open up no matter what.
    The trials and struggles giving credit and the bad debt you can endure because of this.

    You have to be an expert on many occupations, that big business employ, but small companies cannot afford.

    All our family’s have been self employed, and are very proud of making it on your own, and not asking or needing help.
    This is the way our forefathers survived but in much, much harsher conditions, and there was no government help then.

    I get very angry when Justin Trudeau is proposing this when he of all people doesn’t know what hardship is.

    I must also add that my late mother was a very strong woman, when our father died at the age of 51, she had three teenagers to bring up, 13, 16, and 18, and she did a great job.

    I hope I haven’t bored you with my brief summary, but feel small business is to valuable to be destroyed by this wasteful debt spending Liberal government.

    Please excuse any grammar errors or spelling, since my wife usually proof reads, but she is not available at present time.

    Thank you

    Ron Whitehorne
    7 Mill St., Unit 203
    P.O. Box 272
    Almonte, On

    This is my grandfathers grocery business in Westboro in 1910, and he had his own difficulties with the Great Depression.

    Small business is the backbone and largest employer in Canada, and should be treated with respect, not treated like tax cheats like Trudeau and his finance minister both recipients of great inheritance.

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    Keith says:

    Hi Warren,

    Enjoy the site, and will get your new book. Perhaps you have already seen this, but good interview with singer from Pussy Riot. Smart and courageous lady.


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    garry ste croix says:

    hi warren
    can you contact me re your ward news/leroy. i worked for him about 20 years ago i have some information that might help in your cause

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    Sein Van den Broaek says:


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    Randy Spence says:

    Just stumbled on your Blog. Im a small C conservative but love your honest. excellent articles. Well done

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    Nora Valentino says:

    Why did you block me on twitter?

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      Warren says:

      No idea! What’s your handle, and I will check

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        Doron Berger says:

        You blocked me too. @doron81. I really respect what you write.

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    Marc says:

    Funny thing… All the “Warren” links on this page lead to a “Page Not Found”.
    Is that some kind of punk thing?

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    Bruce M says:

    Would you have given this to Joly, of all ministers?

    Liberals told to be careful as feds prepare to consult on plan to combat racism

    OTTAWA — The Trudeau Liberals are wading carefully into a national dialogue on combating racism and discrimination to ensure a national plan focuses on solutions, instead of sparking a contentious debate that could thwart federal efforts.

    The Liberals will soon launch small-scale consultations on a national anti-racism strategy promised in February’s budget.

    Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, who will oversee the work, said the government wants to “find real solutions to real problems,” particularly on fundamental rights and access to justice and jobs.

    Joly said the government won’t run broad consultations on racism, opting instead to speak with different stakeholders about spending on programs outlined in the budget.

    Previous efforts to talk about racism have not gone well.

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    This Busy Monster says:

    You write illiterate trash and your site has broken links.

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    Craig Needles says:

    Hey Warren;

    Craig Needles here with 980 CFPL in London. Saw your post on the Trudeau/MeToo situation and would love to discuss it with you on my show this morning.

    I have a few open slots, hoping for 9:45, but I can move that if it makes things easier for you. Just looking for a quick 10 minute phone conversation.

    Let me know.

    My newsroom number is 519-931-6098.

    – Craig

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      Warren says:

      No thanks, Craig. Have said all I want to say about the subject for now. Will let you know when that changes.

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    libraman says:


    Ghiz could receie the same fate as certain Ontario email deleters.

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    gerald says:

    I am looking for the mail addressfor warren kinsella. Thanks.Gerald

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      Warren says:

      Wkinsella at gmail dot com

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    gerald balm says:

    I need your mailing addresss, not your email. Thanks

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      Warren says:

      Who are you? Why?

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    EB says:

    Was surprised to discover that I’ve recently been blocked by you on Twitter, which is really weird cause I agree with 99% of the stuff you put out haha. Keep on keeping on I guess, shame I probably wont see it now…

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      Warren says:

      What’s your handle

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    Scott MacKay says:

    Hi Warren. Do you know who coined the term “Campaigns Matter”?

    I am a Manitoba pollster and I am hoping to attribute the line correctly in a media interview.

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      Warren says:

      Beats me. Navigator claims to, but I don’t believe that is the case.

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    TWC says:


    Have you seen the latest ScotiaBank advertisement…it shows kids playing ball hockey at what appears to be a a school yard…the ball is flipped onto the building’s roof and is retrieved and returned to the kids by an older male janitor…the last shot is a close up of the janitor’s face…if that is not PM JC its his doppelganger!!!

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    Bob says:

    Warren you sound like you need a long holiday on a desertsd island.just you and your wife politics gets me down too especially liberal and pipeline pollitics.no common sense today only politics.if the politics don’t fit sit on your mind end and do nothing Pierre Elliot would have done something.just watch me .all for now.

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    R says:

    Trudeau has said women should be believed when they step forward, his refusal and character assault of Jody Wilson raybould proves he is a liar. She has more integrity than the prime minister and pmo. Trudeau silences the truth when it opposes his agenda.

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    Alex MacIsaac says:

    What is the connection between invasion of the tribbles and the Crass song I Ain’t Thick. Friend observed the songs are alike and asked if I knew the connection. She expects I know everything cuz I am in a punk band but I am not a collector of rare records or history or any nerd stuff like that.

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      Warren says:

      Pierre and I wrote Tribbles in 1975.

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    Daniel Tessier-Young says:

    Words to, er, live by ….

    ” … We will shine more light on government to ensure it remains focused on the people it is meant to serve. Openness and transparency will be our constant companions, and we will work to restore Canadians’ trust in their government and in our democracy. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and applying the utmost care in the handling of public funds. …” Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, Statement (excerpt) November 4, 2015

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    Noah Shopsowitz says:

    Hi Warren,
    Firstly, I want to thank you for the calm manner of your recent columns while PM Justin “Nero” Trudeau fiddles, while our Ottawa is burning, in fact, all of Canada is burning. I have a question that is a little outside the legal realm but you might find it interesting under the heading of “respect for others.” I am a dyed in the wool Conservative. I have been a card holder and have been a volunteer on numerous provincial campaigns, in Ontario.
    That being said, I have the deepest respect for MP Jane Philpott. A woman, a doctor, a world-class person. I am so thankful she resigned from Trudeau’s cabinet. She did it early and decisively. She showed good judgement but above all, she showed support for her colleague Jody Wilson-Reybould. Here is my question, we are heading to the election. What’s up with MP Carolyn Bennett, a woman, a doctor. Why is she clinging to her cabinet role? She has been an MP for many years. Politics owes her nothing. But she has chosen to hold the party line rather than acquiesce to the support and identification with like women of stature in her government. Rather than choose a position of empathy with her colleagues she shows stone-cold adherence to Trudeau’s male dominated management of the Lavascam matter.
    I hope you take an interest in answering my question.

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      Warren says:

      Noah, I wish I knew the answer. I don’t. But I’ve never been a fan of that person, so I’m probably the wrong guy to ask.

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    Michael Alexander says:

    Good morning and Happy Monday Warren!

    Warren in the past several months, some in both the media and LPC have been “ warning us” of an increase in Extremism and a Rise of White Supremacy / Hate Groups; specifically in Western Canada.

    I recently read an article about how hate will potentially play a role in Our upcoming election. As a resident of Alberta, I have noticed an increased level of anger and frustration with both the federal and provincial governments; I have not noticed an appreciable increase in anti-immigrant sentiment.

    From what we see in the media, it looks much more like Quebec has seen an increase in anti-immigrant / pro white sentiment.

    I was wondering if you have data that would shine the light of truth on the facts? Specifically on if white hate groups are on the rise and what those numbers look like.

    This will be a Sabre rattle in the upcoming election and I believe that the facts matter.

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      Warren says:

      The Trudeau government, which professes to be concerned about this issue, funds no police forces to collect those statistics on a national basis. Ands there is now no real police bias crimes unit anywhere in Canada – unlike when Chretien was PM.

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    john beattie says:

    Thanks Warren. Thanks a lot.
    A couple of weeks ago the Sun published an op-ed by my old liberal comrade Warren Kinsella that singled out the phony war in which Prime Minister Trudeau is attempting to paint Conservative leader Andrew Scheer as an “alt-right” neo-Nazi sympathizer. Good grief. Political desperation apparently knows no bounds. Canadians are anything but stupid and can spot a liar from miles away. Warren certainly can better than most.
    He is nothing but right in pointing out a lie but I truly wish he would have found a way to do it by leaving my family alone.
    My name is John Beattie. No, I’m not that hateful lunatic who once led Canada’s Nazi party. I’ve never run to be Mayor of Minden, Ontario. And I’ve never had to apologize to anyone as I am sure others have for even living in a place that would unwillingly harbour such racist filth.
    Last month my old bud Warren reminded everyone that someone named John Beattie was still in their midst. I am sure he did it for the best reasons imaginable. But once again, it’s weighed like an anchor around my neck.
    My Dad was a John Beattie. He gave me his name. He fought Nazis in the signal corps but I have no doubt that he would have erased any he met. My Dad could not understand racism or fascism and was horrified when he encountered either. Canada has always had its share of morons that insist on blaming their own inadequacies on others who prosper from merit and ambition.
    One of them was a man named John Beattie. My Dad never met him and he’s no relation of which I know.
    Years ago, I encountered his notoriety in my role as a journalist.
    “Do you live in Hamilton?” inquired one Mountie checking security credentials. “No. And I’m not eighty years old”.
    Eighty years old. That’s about as old as the calendar would describe Nazi philosophy but it would be inaccurate. Hate has more wrinkles than that and education is the only iron.
    Look for Hitlers in the phone book. They’re gone. I’m sure there were pleasant, decent, nice ones but the name has been banished like that idiotic moustache.
    The Stalins are gone too.
    I guess I’ve just been lucky. There have been a lot of John Beatties who have
    emerged as heroes, as leaders and captains of industry who have changed the world. Lucky me.
    And a bit unlucky when my old pal Warren reminds us all that there was another who poisoned the
    name for so many.
    Some of us have to carry unfair burdens in life. That’s just the way it is.
    I suppose Andrew Scheer will have to live with that too when a lot of people believe a beleaguered and desperate Prime Minister who fights to save his political skin.
    It’s a struggle. But it is also a hill worth climbing. When the Warren Kinsella’s of the world point out the John Beatties and all the rest who are Nazis all of us are reminded about how awful the world could be.
    And at the same time we begin to understand the false accusations and judge those who would defile good names with ridiculous accusations.
    “What’s in a name?” the bard asked. You won’t find it until you look a little deeper. Thanks Warren.

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    Dave Gelinas says:

    Hi Warren Can you please expose the total hypocrisy of the Federal Liberals and the B.C. NDP. Vancouver is the largest exporter of Coal in N. America. We are the second largest coal exporter in the world. 38 million tons a year exported mostly to China and India. Canada is currently shutting down our Coal Fired electrical plants at a cost of Billions to our Citizens. On top of these facts Canada also imports Thermal Coal from Washington state. Why would a government that says there is a Climate emergency import the dirtiest fossil fuels just to turn around and export them around the world?

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    Shayne Neigum says:

    WARREN THIS IS URGENT! – Letter to the Editor – An Albertan’s letter to voters in Ontario and Quebec

    As a geologist actively working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan I feel this letter is very important for our Eastern friends in Ontario and Quebec too read and consider.

    I am asking you too publish this on any platform you can to help inform Eastern Canadians and educate them before the most critical election in our countries history takes place this coming Monday – Oct 21/2019.

    Thank you for doing your part and maintaining bias through this electoral process.

    Please get this letter into circulation.

    Kindest regards,

    An Albertan’s letter to voters in Ontario and Quebec

    On the eve of our Canadian Federal Election, I feel it is prudent to share with our fellow Canadians in the East how pivotal this election is for our Country. I recognize a strong disconnect between the regions and believe I have a responsibility to share our feelings, perceptions, and fears with the men and women of
    these provinces. It is no secret that the election is decided before the first vote is counted in Manitoba. 199 of the 338
    seats in the House of Commons are held by your two provinces. Your votes decide our election. This is why I am appealing to you. The fate of Canada and our incredible province of Alberta rests in your hands.

    We’ve had a rough couple years out here. Since 2015 unemployment has soared, the price of our most valued resource has plummeted, and our access to foreign and domestic markets has been blocked by federal Liberals. While this industry thrives south of the border in the US, Canada’s energy sector has been plunged into a ‘Legislated Recession’ thanks in part to the cancellation of 2 crucial pipelines and the
    poorly handled expansion of a third. These projects are crucial, allowing access to foreign and domestic markets and closing the gap between the price of Canada’s oil and the oil produced elsewhere in the world. The newly passed Bill C-69 has makes new interprovincial projects nearly impossible to complete,
    and Bill C-48 restricts domestic tanker traffic on Canada’s West coast, while US tanker traffic navigates the same waters unimpeded. We’ve been put in a box, and the lid is slowly closing. Our Federal Liberal government is the architect of this disaster.

    You may ask why this should matter to you? It is simply a matter of economics. According to the Alberta government and World Bank websites, Alberta’s economy accounts for 20% of our Nation’s GDP. In this province of 4.7 million, it means that 11% of Canada’s population produces 20% of our GDP. From 2000-2014, we contributed $200 Billion to equalization, all of it travelling East. On its own, Alberta is the 7th strongest economy on the planet. We’re the core of this country’s economic engine. We’re being told our money is OK, but the oil, our largest economic driver is not. Hell, we can’t even wear our T-shirts on Parliament Hill.

    Alberta’s oil is Canada’s oil, and there are a few facts I would like to share with you about it. We are at the forefront of the sector’s clean technology and everyone in this country should be proud of this industry and the highest environmental standards in the world. During this election I’m sure you’ve heard about O&G subsidies and how everyone intends on stopping them, so I feel it is important to break that down. Last year, there were $1.4 Billion dollars given to clean tech by our government. O&G received 75% of that. Rightfully so. That money has been used to increase efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of production significantly and created technology that has eliminated the need for contentious tailings ponds. A recent study showed that if every country around the world produced their resources to the same standard as Canada, the carbon intensity of production would drop 26% worldwide. Suncor,
    Canada’s largest producer, just announced a co-gen project that will reduce their carbon footprint by a further 30%, and we’ve championed cutting-edge carbon capture and storage technology. We would love to displace dirty foreign oil in the East, but we are told there is no social acceptability for a pipeline. We would love to know why there is social acceptability for Saudi tankers in your waters, but none for us?
    Last I checked, Saudi didn’t contribute to equalization.

    The environment has been a big topic in this election, and there have been some strong assertions from the parties, some of which may be a little out of reach. 30% reduction in GHG, 60% reduction in GHG. The backbone of these reductions focuses on shutting Alberta’s economy down. There seems to be a huge target on Alberta’s back, and little red dots are starting to dance around the bullseye.

    Canada contributes 1.6% to the world’s total GHG emissions. China contributes 27.2%, US 14.6%. A 30-60% reduction in
    Canada equates to a 1.8-3.6% reduction in China and a
    3.5-7% reduction in the US. Al Gore once said that CO2 knows
    no borders, so rather than shut down the economic engine of our
    nation, why wouldn’t we export the clean energy and technology to the countries that need it the most, boosting our economy and helping everyone on this planet reach these targets? What we do as Canadians to reduce emissions means nothing on the grand world scale. It is these heavy emitting countries that could
    benefit from Canada’s LNG to replace coal, and clean tech to further drive down emissions. It’s a win-win-win for Canada, the
    environment, and our economy. The Conservatives have proposed this and it has been highly criticized as ‘not enough’. This is the most viable solution and environmental policy for everyone in this country, and it doesn’t include plunging the entire country into debt and recession. It is ironic that the one country (US) that pulled out of the Paris Agreement has made the most progress reaching that agreement’s targets. How? By doing exactly what the Conservatives have proposed to help us and other nations achieve: transitioning coal to significantly cleaner natural gas power generation.

    There is another sentiment out here that likely resonates with our fellow Canadians from Quebec. If you asked the average Albertan if they would support separation 2 years ago, you’d be laughed at. Today it is no laughing matter. At the time of the provincial election only a few months ago, it was estimated that
    50% of Albertans were open to separation. A poll of 6000+ Albertans only a week ago yielded the same results. We’ve been beaten into submission by the federal Liberals, and we continue to get kicked. Terms like ‘Western Alienation’, ‘Republic of Alberta’ and ‘Wexit’ have become very common. All too often you see ‘Liberal on Oct 21, Separatist on Oct 22’. This movement is real. I mean, REAL. If another Liberal government is elected, even worse a Liberal minority with the Green or NDP propping it up, Alberta’s energy sector will just board up the windows and go elsewhere. It will be crippling for the entire nation. It is ALREADY crippling for Alberta. We can’t take any more of this. We are the victims of a current Legislated Recession and it will only get worse. Half of us want to leave now. More will want to leave if we continue to be exploited for our revenue and vilified for our industry.

    Alberta separation would be a crushing blow to this country and its economy, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Albertans are resilient, wholesome, hard-working people that have been happy to help our fellow Canadian citizens maintain a high standard of living. We’re only asking for reciprocation. We don’t want hand-outs, tax revenue, or power. We want the right and ability to do what we’ve been doing all along, without having fellow Canadians standing in our way. We’re a part of the solution, not the problem.

    Fellow Canadians, please consider this when casting your ballot. There’s a lot at stake for everyone. There is a fragility in this nation that could be fractured with stroke of a pen, and the power rests firmly in the hands of your provinces.

    Vote wisely. Vote Canadian.


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      Bob Wingell says:

      15 paragraphs of garbage

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        lyn says:

        Bob Wingell: Well I can see what side of the fence you are on…so just maybe you should stay home and not VOTE because you are a complete A$$h*le FIRST CLASS. Canada doesn’t need people like you …you are a disgrace to the human race!!

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    Kurt Sawyer says:

    I’m gonna miss following you on Twitter. You provided a lot of balance in criticizing the Trudeau Liberals, despite being a Liberal yourself. Balance that is missing in the MSM. I also enjoyed your intellect and sharp wit. Lucky Sperm Club is still one of my best lines of the year. I hope you can get the medical help that you need. Many members of my family have suffered from depression and I even lost my brother because of it. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Simon Lehoux says:

    Hmmmm. will my comment make it past moderators?… come on, surprise me, let dissenting voices express themselves on your platform.

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    David Murrell says:

    Warren, please keep fighting the good fight. I write this on election day. Our country needs good anti-establishment fighters to counter the oppressive dominance of our establishment media. Please, after a rest, go back on social media and continue with your opinion columns. If you quit, you only please the CBC and other media barons.

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    Kevin McDonald says:


    I am very sad to see that you will no longer be posting on twitter or social media. I found that it was the one place I could find unfiltered, unbiased and real news / opinions on politics (or any other topic). However, it is your life and your health comes first… so I wish you get to relax and get better soon!

    Thank you for your insightful posts and articles. Thank you for being an honest and an awesome Canadian.


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    On Reflection 1 says:

    Don’t know how else to get in touch but here’s a URL to a story about the Clash’s female photographer you might find interesting!


    FYI the Clash were a good band but I still think the MC 5 were the penultimate punk band that all others have to be measured against!

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    Barry Marshall says:

    No longer on Twatter. The rules they impose on this gutless platform amounts to free speech and I can no longer accept this.