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Lady approaches me at Shiatsu place.

SHE: I love your hair! What do you do to hold it up?

ME: Pardon?

SHE: May I touch it?

ME: Um, okay.

She touches it.

SHE: What product do you use?

ME: Hand soap.

SHE: Hand soap?

ME: Yeah. It’s punk rock hair gel.


2018, the good and the bad

While Lisa and all of my kids slept, I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to think of ten good things in 2018, and ten not-so-good things in 2018.

I failed.

• New Dark Ages, second book in X Gang series comes out – and Hot Nasties put out first record in 38 years, Maximum Rock’n’Roll likes it
• start teaching at U of C Faculty of Law
• Daisy Group has best year yet, has a rockin’ midterms party
• get signed to Newstalk 1010/Bell Media
• finally get to see MC5 play Kick Out the Jams live, see L7 in London at Electric Ballroom
• work for Democrats on winning midterm campaigns, help John Tory win massive mayoral victory
• help persuade government to stop postal service from delivering neo-Nazi rag
• get a cool place in the county that’s older than Canada
• family all healthy and all doing swell
• married still to genius supermodel who bizarrely loves me


Jordan Peterson in his own words

I’ve been spending the past many years writing about – and fighting with – actual neo-Nazis, so I haven’t had much time for fringe cases like Jordan Peterson and Faith Goldy fan Lindsay Shepherd.

But I’ve certainly noted that the far Right – the hardcore neo-Nazis and white supremacists – sure like to reference Peterson and Shepherd a lot.  To them, these fringe types are the intellectualized version of their expressed prejudices.  (And, it hasn’t helped that otherwise-intelligent media/academic people have been sucked in by Peterson and Shepherd.)

So, I did a few minutes of research on Peterson.  This is what I found, with sources.  There will be more to come, as I find (or get sent) more.  Almost immediately, I didn’t see him as transphobic as much as he’s a misogynist.

  • Peterson on women: “[Society is] increasingly dominated by a view of masculinity that’s mostly characteristic of women who have terrible personality disorders and who are unable to have healthy relationships with men.” (Slate)
  • Peterson on femininity: “[That] terrible femininity…is undermining the masculine power of the culture in a way that’s, I think, fatal.” (Slate)
  • Peterson on misogyny: “The idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory.” (Toronto Life)
  • Peterson on abortion: “Abortion is clearly wrong. I don’t think anyone debates that. You wouldn’t recommend that someone you love have one.” (Bridgehead)
  • Peterson on inclusion: “It’s not the role of society to make people feel included. That’s not the role of society.” (CBC)
  • Peterson on protecting people from gender discrimination: “[It is an] assault on biology and an implicit assault on the idea of the objective world.” (C2C)
  • Peterson on how women are neurotic: “Women are higher when it comes to Agreeableness — wanting everyone to get along…and Neuroticism — higher in negative emotion…” (The Spectator)
  • Peterson on LGBT people: “They’re power-mad people who use compassion as a disguise.” (The Star)
  • Peterson on being impolite: “There’s this strong compulsion to be polite. And not to purposefully offend someone. And I think that polite compulsion is being hijacked by power-mad leftists. In fact I’m certain of it.” (The Star)
  • Peterson on not caring if he’s offending anyone: “I think that people need to be able to say whatever they want no matter how outrageous.” (The Globe)
  • Peterson on why everyone would’ve likely supported Hitler at the time: “If you think that you wouldn’t be tempted by having 20 million people worship you, then you don’t know yourself at all.” (Forward)
  • Peterson on why he can’t use violence against women, but would apparently like to: “I’m defenceless against that kind of female insanity because the techniques that I would use against a man who was employing those tactics are forbidden to me.” (The Varsity)

As SFH says, “the problem isn’t Trump, it’s his audience”

Right here.

How will I vote in 2019?

Well, if Trump hasn’t killed us all before we get around to voting, this is kind of where I’m at, as 2018 grinds to a close. All pricing subject to change without notice.

LIBERALS: Like them on most social policies, dislike them on economic stuff. Trudeau seems a phoney to me, most days.

CONSERVATIVES: Like them on most fiscal and energy policy, appalled by their retrograde environmentalism and the anti-immigrant/refugee dog whistle crap. Scheer hard to take seriously.

NDP: There’s little to like. They’re just not ready. They – all of them, not just Singh – have taken what Layton left them and wrecked it. A mess.

GREENS: Feminist, pro-diversity, social justice, equal opportunity, prosperity, democracy, personal and global responsibility, sustainability. I like May. If they can purge the anti-Semitic BDS types, I may just vote Green in 2019!

Shorter version: if the NDP get their act together, Trudeau’s in deep shit

Of course, if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a bus, too.

Full poll here.

Negative assessments of the PM’s performance have increased most two high profile areas: climate change policy and the way the PM has represented Canada internationally.

We know from previous research that the Prime Minister’s trip to India had a seriously negative impact on his ratings in this area. While they have recovered somewhat, they are still far from what we found in March 2016.

[And] when it comes to climate change policy, his negative assessments have doubled.