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World’s tallest freestanding mayor

Mayor de Blasio and Lala. She’s six feet even, but taller in her Sorels. So just how big is this guy, anyway?

From the venerable Times, which has conducted an inquiry into the matter:

“…Mr. de Blasio has long described himself as 6-foot-5. But doubts about that measurement have lingered among skeptical tall people who have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him and wondered if the mayor understates his height.

Those doubts, it turns out, were well-founded.

After an inquiry this week, aides to Mr. de Blasio acknowledged that the mayor is nearly an inch taller than he has publicly let on.

Mr. de Blasio stands 6-foot-5 and seven-eighths of an inch, according to a study commissioned by his office.

“The man I’ve known for 22 years is not what he appears to be,” said Chirlane McCray, Mr. de Blasio’s wife, who is 5-foot-3 1/2 inches and, according to aides, wielded a household tape measure to conduct the test. (The mayor was not made available for an independent review.)



Ford-gettable: Not in a drunken stupor

Of course not.

Here he is in a Vancouver bar last night, just before he was stopped by police. For jaywalking, maybe more. He was drinking a Coke, he says, and nothing else.


Some folks remain upset Mayor Crackhead, when in public, attracts young people who want a selfie with him. That, as I’ve suggested before, is the Paris Hilton Syndrome (here). Young people don’t think of him as a leader; they think of him as a celebrity, the guy who David Letterman makes fun of.

Other folks are upset that young people don’t seem to think his crack-smoking, heroin-using, drunk-driving, pissing-in-parks behaviour is wrong. That, I suggest, is because (a) young people don’t really vote anymore and (b) young people don’t consider high public office to be in any way dignified or respectable. At all.

We need to change that, obviously. We also need to rid ourselves of this pathetic loser, and I think we just might well on our way to doing that.


Murder, SFH wrote

A few weeks back, Canada’s best-loved geriatric punk punsters, SFH, put together a song about Rob Ford ranting in a video about how he planned to kill someone.

Then, Ugly Pop Records sign SFH to put the song out as the B-side to a 7″ release of their smash worldwide hit, ‘Mayor On Crack.’

Earlier this week, Canada’s Best-Loved Political Web Site makes the connection between Ford’s video and a jailhouse beating.

This morning: we learn the police are investigating Ford and the “murder” video.

Moral of the story: SFH are godlike geniuses, and we anticipate the news before it even happens. Here, again, is ‘Rob – The Rob Ford Song,’ featuring Steve Deceive, the mysterious strummer who has disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle, never to be heard from again.