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Globe: “Why the Keesmaat campaign is faltering”

• “Jennifer Keesmaat is in trouble. Her campaign to replace John Tory as mayor of Toronto has not achieved lift off and, with the election only three weeks away, time is running out.”

• “…she must bear part of the blame. The attacks she has made on Mr. Tory have often been unfair and ill-founded.”

• “[Her campaign] has a canned, scripted air about it. When she speaks you can almost hear the trainers in her corner…”

• “Ms. Keesmaat oversimplifies [crime,] a tough problem. She is doing the same on transit and housing. If Toronto is behind on building them, it is not down to Mr. Tory alone. All three levels of government, over many years, are at fault.”

• “…it just looks strange when Ms. Keesmaat pretends there is a yawning chasm between them. Having stood by his side at city hall, she makes an unlikely attack dog.”

An Ontario Liberal speaks

She says it better than I ever could:

I so loathe those people – the ones who (with Paul Martin) destroyed the Liberal Party of Canada in 2006, and the ones who (with Kathleen Wynne) have destroyed the Liberal Party of Ontario in 2018 – I won’t even utter their names.  They are beneath contempt.

Despite receiving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in party and government contracts – and those latter contracts are the ones that the Premier was referring to, by the way, when he said this week that subpoenas are coming – this is the pathetic record of that loathsome crew:

  • the worst-run campaign in Ontario history
  • the worst result for the Ontario Liberal Party in history
  • a rump that doesn’t even have party status in the Legislature
  • a massive, multi-million-dollar debt, one that will now be impossible to pay off
  • a decade or more in the political wilderness – without a leader, without direction, without a hope

That is the record of the Wizard and the Board.  That is what they will be remembered for.

No one should be shocked that they show up at OLP Provincial Council this weekend. So great is their arrogance – so complete is their cognitive dissonance – I would expect nothing else.

Besides, guess where they were right after the Ontario election faded into memory?

They were in New Brunswick – propelling a majority Liberal government to fewer seats and, ultimately, loss.

That, after all, is what they do best.


About that Trump press conference

…I just did a hit with Brian Lilley on CFRA about it.  He asked me what I thought Donald Trump’s comments about Justin Trudeau meant.

I asked Brian how many seats there were in the House of Commons.  Brian said 338.

“Brian,” said I, “that Trump press conference is going to get Justin Trudeau 340 seats out of 338.  It just re-elected Justin Trudeau.”

Trudeau may not get NAFTA, but he’s getting another majority.

And he has Donald Trump to thank for it.

And now, my impersonation of a beautiful red carnation, blossoming in the garden of my friend, the genocidal North Korean fat guy.