The universe, sadly, is full of them.  All of us have our personal favourites.  These are mine.


1. Jay Currie – Self-professed “bigot” who mostly hates Muslims and wants to stop immigration from non-white countries. Claims to be a lawyer but LSBC has no record of him; offers legal advice, which is against the rules of the law society. Defends neo-Nazis. Sometimes, writes to other bloggers to beg for money to get him through the weekend; sometimes, just doesn’t pay his bills. A pretentious, venal sack of shit.

2. Kathy Shaidle – Unemployed web witch who calls Islam “fucking retarded” and a “sick, sick religion;” calls natives and Muslim children “parasites;” calls blacks “illiterate” and “filthy;” the poor “lazy and stupid;” Sikhs “backward foreigners” who worship “monkeys and cows;” more here.  Forced to issue apology to Warren, here.

3. Arnie Lemaire Assorted Other Assholes: The malodorous, porcine Lemaire – a.k.a., Mr. Kathy Shaidle, works for a computer company called Imaginit, and hid behind the name “Blazing Cat Fur” until outed (call him Amazingly Fat Cur, myself)  – is a white supremacist like his spouse. Associates with other far-right losers, like the Canadian Sentinel, Wonder Woman (who isn’t), Marginal Dinosaur (who is), knuckle-draggers, mouth-breathers, and assorted bigots. Proclaim that they support Israel – but principally only because Israel fights radical Muslim states. (And Muslims are who they really, really hate.)  Their professed support of Israel is bullshit: why else would they all think it’s funny to mock the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust?

4. Robert McClelland – NDP blogger who writes “fuck the Jews” on his web site, and defends the use of the word “nigger.” Single-handedly demeans the Dippers by breathing. Suspicion remains that he is a Red Deer Canadian Alliance member working undercover to sabotage the entire Canadian Left.

5. Jan Wong – As a student Maoist in the seventies, she reported a critic of the regime to the authorities; the critic “disappeared.” As Frank magazine’s Number One Source at the Globe and Mail thirty years later, she was successfully sued by Warren for defamation, and was later censured by the Prime Minister, a Premier, and the House of Commons for defaming the entire province of Quebec. Why did the Globe employ her? Who knows – but they eventually did the right thing. She moved on to a job for which she’s qualified.

6. Small Brain-dead Animaux – Run by Kate McMillan, a Saskatchewan-based dog breeder and member of the “Blogging Tories” who, among other things, mocks the Holocaust. In December 2004, she advocated building new residential schools “if that’s what it takes.” In the same month, she wrote: “We need institutions to lock up the Indian activists and apologists.” In April 2005, after the Marburg virus erupted out in Angola, killing scores of people, McMillan seemingly advocated genocide, writing: “Is there a point where we are allowed to stop feeling sympathy for these people, seal off the borders and just let nature take its course?” More recently, she called the proposed Toronto Afro-centric school a “school-to-jail pipeline.”  Other gems: “the Nazis didn’t carry out the Holocaust.” And: “Let’s close the universities.” And: “The wide nose and sloping forehead of some Africans made them look like African great apes.” And: “Share [your used needle] with your [aboriginal] friends.  It’s a quicker solution.” And: “The Koran is the story of a people’s embrace of [barbarism].” And: “What we need is an international burn ten thousand Korans day.”

7. Mark Steyn – Former disk jockey, currently a country club bigot and pompous windbag. Calls the Chinese “chinks” and “gooks,” the Japanese “japs;” calls Indians “wogs;” calls natives “Injuns;” calls Muslims “monkeys” and rapists, and so on. Also suggests the disabled more or less got what they deserved in 9/11. Defends the “right” of neo-Nazis to defame Jews and other minorities.

8. The Gomery Commission – Not a person, per se. Just a multi-million-dollar, out-of-control, biased, self-mandating, despicable political inquisition that accomplished precisely nothing.

9. Rob Anders – Conservative MP who, problematically, still exists. Called Nelson Mandela a terrorist. Unfit to clean out the toilets in the cell Mandela occupied for decades.

10. Settled!Here.


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    John Guthro says:

    I always enjoy your interviews Mr. Kinsella. I am a Dipper from Nova Scotia and appreciate your involvement in democracy. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    Thomas W. says:

    Wow, way to misrepresent McClelland, has he served you yet? Like your blog usually, but this is shoddy.

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      Warren says:

      It was years ago, idiot. What’s your point?

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    Tim M. says:

    I’ve met Robert Day and respect his work, but still, “Andrew” McClelland is a jerk. He learned a little lesson in typojacking a few years back when he got a little too mouthy, I hear.

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    David says:

    The blog ‘Blogging Tories in their own words’ (btintheirownwords.blogspot) has converted to a hardcore porn site. You should change that link!

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