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"...[Kinsella is] a modern-day Machiavelli, the mastermind who ran war rooms for Jean Chretien and Dalton McGuinty... He's the ultimate political insider... [The War Room] has plenty of fascinating insights and is a must-read for political junkies."

- The Toronto Sun

"The top Canadian spin doctor...tells all!"

- The National Post

"Warren Kinsella’s new book is a must-read for anyone interested in political campaigning in Canada. And not just political campaigning.…I wish I’d had the chance to read The War Room before I became Stephen Harper’s campaign manager; it might have saved me from many mistakes and months of painful learning on the job."

- Tom Flanagan, The Literary Review of Canada

"The War Room is a rich, detailed, and substantive primer on how to run a winning war room - warts, pizza boxes, smelly couches and all - from a master war roomer."

- The Hill Times

"Kinsella has crafted a handy little guide for politicos and non-politicos alike. Just keep it away from the kids."

- The Winnipeg Free Press

"... a great read ... full of fascinating stories..."

- John Moore, CFRB

"...I don't want to say [he's a] genius...but there's valuable insights here..."

- John Oakley, AM640

"I just got one copy, but I plan to get more!"

- John Wright, Ipsos, CFRB

"I do recommend [The War Room] to everyone."

- Charles Adler, Adler Online

"He's Canada's James Carville...a must-read...If you really want to win, you need this book!"

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

"A fascinating book...full of great stories."

- Ken Rockburn, CPAC


• I am with Dr. King on the Afro-centric school vote. Like the great man said: "Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice." This no great step forward. It is a step backward, and it is what organized racists have sought for decades.
• My goodness, two letters in a week. Do you get the feeling that Brian Mulroney is a tad nervous about what his former Chief of Staff, Norman Spector, is going to say? Mr. Spector doesn't sound nervous at all.
I loved that line: "At no time was safety compromised." Of course not! Heck, I flew to and from Ottawa on Monday, and the pilot was taken out with a tranquilizer gun, because he had been feeling a bit distressed after a lengthy discussion with God! But we barely noticed!
She's right, of course: it's a trap. And, personally, I tend to hate it when politicians use war - that is, those conflicts wherein our young men and women are getting killed - as a political "traps" for each other. It's disgusting, frankly.
• I should have highlighted this passage from Ezra Levant's October 2004 column. You know, the part where he writes: "Why hasn't Kathrada been charged with a hate crime? Why haven't he and his mosque been charged under Canada's new anti-terrorism laws for promoting and aiding terrorist groups like Hamas?" There you go, winged monkeys and free speechers: forget about those puny human rights tribunals! Ezra wants people he doesn't like (and understandably so) charged with crimes for saying what they think! Ezra, welcome to the Censor Club!
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...and, BTW, I am still irritated I reportedly did not make the annual wankers list. I demand a recount!

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And, in this one, Mr. Murphy has sliced and diced Ezra "Free Speech, But Not Necessarily Speech That Is Free For Everyone Else" Levant, but good. Ouch. I do not feel the need to add a single word about Ezra Levant's bald-faced hypocrisy. Big City Lib, take it away:


Ezra Levant: That Was Then, This Is Now
From his 2004 Calgary Sun Article, "Preacher of death, Hatemongering Muslims must be prosecuted "

" Not charging the handful of Muslims who are haters is like not charging the handful of Italians who are part of the Mafia -- it is a misguided act of political correctness. The majority of Muslims -- we hope -- do not support [Younus] Kathrada. He should be made an example of, not have excuses made for him. Justice calls for it."

Islamofascists should be charged with hate speech, but Nazis shouldn't? I must have missed some nuance in Ezra's reasoning.

h/t to the poppinjays.

PS. But, someone might argue, you are attacking the man for his hypocrisy rather than his arguments for soundness. Perhaps, but it is part of MY argument that, since when you scratch a free-speech absolutist like Ezra you invariably find a secret censor, there is simply no point in pretending that free speech absolutism is a viable position. Once you realize that, it becomes possible to move on to a real debate about where the limits of speech should be located.

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Some of you will send me your impressions of this, which I always welcome. My impressions:

• I look super tired because Bowie and Powers had me out late the night before for, um, important policy discussions. I blame them.
• My tie is loosened, a la Gerard Kennedy, because I walked on the set and saw that Rockburn wasn't wearing a tie at all. Like I always say: when in Rome, dress as they do in their television shows.
• When Ken said "Rosacrucean moment," I totally pretended to know what he was talking about. I didn't. I still don't.
• In a super they put up, CPAC got Daisy's client list partly wrong. I have represented Glaxo and Merrill Lynch in the past. I don't now.

Anyway, the video is found here.
Happy viewing.

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Then again, it is all a little weird, still. May as well put the streamers and champagne away, honey. (For now.)

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So there I was, sitting in the Speaker's Gallery, minding my own business, watching Question Period's conclusion, when they do the applause for guests stuff. A minister from B.C. gets some applause. Then Chuck Strahl and Monte Solberg stand up and say that I deserve a standing ovation, too.

I don't recall Ralph Goodale joining in on that one. Odd, that.

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The Rick Mercer thing, below, was a joke. A joke. He didn't ask me to go on his show, for the love of Pete.

Christ, Ottawa is cold.

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...And, as always, he has asked me to appear on his show.

Rick, baby, you are starting to sound desperate. It's unbecoming.

Off to the seat of government, so to speak. Ta.

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There - that little musing title will forever show up when future generations Google Ken Rockburn's name. Ha. Take that, Rockburn.

Anyway. Bowie, whom I plan to see in Ottawa tomorrow morning (even if he doesn't know it yet), tells me I was on Rockburn's CPAC show tonight. Busy as I was with our new pitbull, Satan's God-hating Progeny (SGHP for short), I missed it.

Here's a link to the promo bit.

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Bjorn von Flapjack III (who found this gem) does an excellent Captain Pike impersonation, by the way.

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I could live without the button, but Obey designed it, I guess.

Via Hyndman:

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...where someone made a post that was (uncharacteristically, for that place) reflective.

My response:


Thoughtful post, but we disagree on a couple things, not surprisingly.

One: I have not written, anywhere, that I actually support the complaints against Messrs. Levant and Steyn. I don't. The complaints don't meet the threshold for the types of issues with which human rights bodies should be concerned. Both cases, if they proceed any further - I strongly suspect they won't - actually risk delegitimizing future complaints involving fact situations that are far more harmful.

Two: Messrs. Steyn and Levant are indeed hypocrites. The libel actions Ezra has launched, for instance - against Chuck Strahl, against Calgary Conservative riding associations, against a Calgary anti-abortion activist, against even former employees of this very magazine - have the effect of limiting speech. That may not be Ezra's objective in suing people, but it is certainly what the defendants experience: ask them, if you don't agree. And the monetary penalties in a libel case can be enormous, far greater than what is ever experienced in a human rights case like the one Ezra is now busily marketing. I don't oppose Ezra's right to sue, at all: I just say he's a rank hypocrite for saying one thing, but doing another.

Words, you see, have power. Words can indeed cause harm. If someone were to call Ezra up tonight, and threaten to kill him, they would be using no more than words. But they would still be committing a criminal offence against him.

I would drop everything to drive Ezra to the police station to make the complaint. Is he - and any of you - saying I shouldn't be doing so?

Good night,


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Right on.

What's he need to do to hold onto his momentum? Get Out The Vote. That's how Hillary's been doing it. Fight fire with fire.
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You know what I love? I love how, at the end of every hard-fought house league match between six and seven-year-olds, the goalie - the goalie who is too small for the net, maybe, and has let in so many goals that they've stopped keeping track, and who has laid on face-down on the ice more than once, actually crying because he feels he has let his team down - will be swarmed by his team mates, and they will clap him on the back and say things to him to try and make him feel better. No adult tells them to do it. They just do it.

When you see something like that, you can't help but feel better, you know?

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Oh, look. The Wicked Witch of the West - who variously promotes genocide against Africans, calls for the internment of aboriginal people, and runs a web site where correspondents are permitted to call for sexual assaults on the children of people she detests - now says I am a "Liberal fascist." (No link, we're at the rink.) This, from the same gal who quietly sent me come-hither emails, urging me to visit her when in Saskatchewan, so we can do some, um, target shooting together.

I told her I was a pretty good shot, but no thanks, honey. The rest of us are now starting to get a clearer picture about why you haven't yet bagged a fella.

I hear Stormfront runs a whites-only dating service, however. You might want to check that out.

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