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"...[Kinsella is] a modern-day Machiavelli, the mastermind who ran war rooms for Jean Chretien and Dalton McGuinty... He's the ultimate political insider... [The War Room] has plenty of fascinating insights and is a must-read for political junkies."

- The Toronto Sun

"The top Canadian spin doctor...tells all!"

- The National Post

"Warren Kinsella’s new book is a must-read for anyone interested in political campaigning in Canada. And not just political campaigning.…I wish I’d had the chance to read The War Room before I became Stephen Harper’s campaign manager; it might have saved me from many mistakes and months of painful learning on the job."

- Tom Flanagan, The Literary Review of Canada

"The War Room is a rich, detailed, and substantive primer on how to run a winning war room - warts, pizza boxes, smelly couches and all - from a master war roomer."

- The Hill Times

"Kinsella has crafted a handy little guide for politicos and non-politicos alike. Just keep it away from the kids."

- The Winnipeg Free Press

"... a great read ... full of fascinating stories..."

- John Moore, CFRB

"...I don't want to say [he's a] genius...but there's valuable insights here..."

- John Oakley, AM640

"I just got one copy, but I plan to get more!"

- John Wright, Ipsos, CFRB

"I do recommend [The War Room] to everyone."

- Charles Adler, Adler Online

"He's Canada's James Carville...a must-read...If you really want to win, you need this book!"

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

"A fascinating book...full of great stories."

- Ken Rockburn, CPAC


From a correspondent:


Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 18:29:32 To:<wkinsella@XXXXXX
Turns out everyone lost: 66.8% don't want leadership review .... Very low ... Joe Clark low. 874 = no ... 433 yes So in the best interests of party tory won't say if he will stay on. --------------


How to make Joe Clark look decisive, in one easy lesson.
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Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 18:03:18 To:<wkinsella@XXXXXX

Subject: Your friend ... Randy hillier got his wish.

Tory about to announce he's leaving, I suspect --------------

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(Oh, and I am not there. We decided we didn't want to be seen as kicking John Tory when he's down. Which he is.)

From a correspondent on the floor in London:


Warren, attached is a scan of a list of Tory supports on a "No" flyer produced and distributed by Tory's Team. [I can't be bothered to attach it. WK]

Notably absent are Tim Hudak, Christine Elliott, Randy Hiller, Peter Shurman, and Jerry Ouellette. Is Randy Hillier is stirring up trouble, after all he said "I'm not in a position to support or not support (Mr. Tory)" in the February 13th Ottawa Citizen.

Is Jim Flaherty planning to push his wife, Ms. Elliott, to challenge the next leadership? Maybe Peter Shurman was turned off by Tory's epic u-turn on faith-based education funding? Is Jerry "NRA" Ouellette wants a shot at the Tory leadership?

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Netfirms totally suck. There's a reason why they are cheap, you know.

Apologies for the outage. Jay Currie emailed me to ask what happened, which was sweet of him, and I told him that it is all related to the international Muslim conspiracy. He seemed satisfied with that, as one would expect of a Steyn Saladin, a Keyboard Krusader, a Thick-headed Templar, a... [Enough already. Ed.]

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...located through the magic of the inter-weeb.

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Someone I know may have spoken to him just yesterday - I won't say who - and the most popular Prime Minister in the history of polling didn't say a word about this coming. Not a word.

I have received two dozen emails from folks who are more than happy about this honour being bestowed on him - they are moved by it. Sample from A. Sally: "This is just awesome. Proud day to be a Canadian. Love this guy."

(And, no, sorry - we can't convince him to come back. Well, okay...maybe we can convince him. But not Madame! Believe me, I've tried.)

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Just interviewed her - and, in 30 years of interviewing musicians, I can't recall one who was less guarded than she just was. She had interesting things to say about the National Post, too. (And her new CD was produced by Terry Brown - who has done both SFH records!)

Being an unreconstructed punk, I was never a huge fan of this genre, but here's her biggest hit - which is one of the biggest-selling records ever put out by a Canadian.

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In the United States, military folks have a degree of control over the political agenda that is often unhelpful, to say the least.

So, that said, can some please tell this loose-cannon soldier that this country has a civilian-run military, and that elected people will ask for his opinion when they want it?
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Name: DXXX
IP Address: XXXXXX(XXXXXXX.ss.shawcable.net)
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; XXXXXX)
Email: XXXXXXXX@shaw.ca
Subject: Legal strategy?


On Friday, February 22, 2008, 08:25 AM, DXXX wrote:

Mr. Kinsella, please do not use my name or identifying information.

I am a second year law student and have an interest in speech issues and defamation law particularly. I have been following your on-going battles with various conservatives about free speech and hate laws. While I tend to be a libertarian (something I do not tell many of my clasmates!), I admire your conviction in taking these people on, while I do not always agree with you.

When I saw the National Post's apology and retraction to Richard Warman (congratulations to the lawyer who obtained it, BTW, it is one of the more comprehensive ones I have ever seen), and the amount of prominence you have given to it on your blog, a thought occurred to me.

It is only a theory, and I know I can never prove it. However it seems to me that your "side," if I can call it that, has waited until the latest possible date to serve the various defendants. In the meantime, you (not Mr. Warman)have used your site to stir these people up, in the expectation that would repeat the libel and therefore add to the amount of damages your side would receive. Which all of them did, over and over, therefore making the libel even worse. This has greatly added to the size of Mr. Warman's claim against them.

Of course, I cannot prove this theory. But if it is true, congratulations on the strategy. If this case plays out like I think it will, Mr. Warman will owe you thousands!



RELATED POSTS: here. And here.
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Found here.

Posted: February 20, 2008, 8:05 PM by Chris Boutet

On Monday, the National Post posted on its FullComment.com web blog a column by Jonathan Kay that repeated allegations made by Bernard Klatt in a 2006 sworn affidavit against lawyer and Canadian human rights activist Richard Warman. Mr. Klatt has alleged that a racist posting on Freedomsite about Senator Anne Cools was made by Mr. Warman in 2003. The National Post has no evidence to support Mr. Klatt's allegation against Mr. Warman and it hereby retracts any suggestion that Mr. Warman manufactured any statement about Senator Cools. The National Post apologizes for any embarassment this has caused Mr. Warman.

The lives of some far-right lunatics are about to get highly complicated.

This one is going to be one to remember.

UPDATE: It's Thursday, and the hate blogs are being very, very quiet. If you listen carefully, you can perhaps hear Libel Notices landing beside the rocks under which certain fools - they know who they are - cower. Stay tuned.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Is Jon Kay, and all of these other people - Steyn, Shaidle, et al. - who have actively sought to destroy Richard Warman's life, proud? Are they proud that the most notorious Holocaust denier on the planet is now repeating their lies, on a global scale? It's a rhetorical question, but it again suggests to me that I should have quit the National Post long ago.
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...feeding wired contracts to political cronies. But he wants to have a fight with the guy with a battle-ready political team?

Okay, then, bring it.

(Oh, and messing with Pupatello is never a good idea.)


Flaherty's battle with Ontario on business tax breaks escalates with `words of war' (Flaherty)
Source: The Canadian Press
Feb 20, 2008 17:53

By Romina Maurino


TORONTO - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty criticized Ontario's government for a ``lack of leadership and vision'' on its struggling economy Wednesday and was answered with a broadside from a provincial minister who called his comments ``bald-faced lies.''

They were the latest shots fired in a feud over the best way to stimulate the province's economic growth. Flaherty is pushing for tax cuts and McGuinty is asking for government help to the hard-hit manufacturing sector.

On Wednesday, Flaherty said the Liberals' refusal to give tax breaks to businesses could result in more job losses for its hard-hit manufacturing sector, saying that ``the manufacturing heartland of the country'' is being hurt by the province's lack of planning.

``This isn't an academic discussion; it makes a difference in job creation,'' Flaherty said during a speech to the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses in Toronto.

``If we don't attract more investment in the province of Ontario, we're going to have more job losses in the province,'' said Flaherty, a former Ontario finance minister under the Conservatives and the MP for Whitby-Oshawa.

Ontario Economic Development Minister Sandra Pupatello, who attended Flaherty's speech, called his remarks ``bald-faced lies,'' saying Ontario has continued to have growth despite its manufacturing challenges _ with no support from Ottawa.

``These are words of war, and if he wants a war, he's going to get one,'' Pupatello said after Flaherty's speech.

``Let's remember that he left Ontario with a massive deficit and headed to Ottawa and found a massive surplus thanks to the previous (Liberal) government.''

``What he did in Ontario didn't work, and that's why the people of Ontario threw them (the Conservatives) out.''

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Good story about how parties use, and will use, the net.

I spoke to a Canadian Press reporter about this subject last week, and suggested that, in the coming campaign, the Liberals and/or the NDP will likely make use of the offensive "Blogging Tory"/Conservative bloggers statements in their advertising - Shaidle calling Muslim children "parasites," McMillan's anti-native and anti-black garbage, and so on. The sweet spot would be a photo of one of the hate bloggers with a Conservative politician.

[UPDATE: Get this: the link to the photo of the Conservative politician putting up a sign on McMillan's property has been changed to a link to the North American Man Boy Love Association. What a sick hag.]

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No kidding. Chretien is going to win this legal challenge.

From my War Room book, a trip down memory lane:


Gomery made it easy for [his critics], starting in December 2004, with his infamous and ill-advised media interviews. He, and the media, provided plenty of incriminating evidence. The dean of the Ottawa Parliamentary Press Gallery, the Sun’s Doug Fisher, called for Gomery’s removal early in 2005. He’s got “loose lips,” wrote Fisher; he’s “unfair and glib;” and – if he doesn’t go, Fisher concluded – then “his eventual report will not be respected.” A Liberal-hating conservative columnist, Clare Hoy, wrote that Gomery’s remarks were “shockingly inappropriate.” Added Hoy: “Gomery has harmed both himself and the inquiry process. And the worst part is that if he stays the course and ultimately confirms what we all suspect, he’s handed the Liberals an opportunity to claim the process was stacked against them. Now that would really be annoying.”

Hoy focused on another important point: “Perception being reality, why would Gomery have hired an ‘80s-era PC partisan, Bernard Roy, as commission counsel? Roy was a schoolmate of former Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney. He helped Mulroney get his first legal job, was best man at Mulroney’s wedding, became Mulroney’s principal secretary and himself was embroiled in a few Quebec-centred patronage controversies during the Tory regime.”...

The Citizen’s Susan Riley: “[Gomery has been] most un-judgelike (if not injudicious)... now it is Gomery’s turn to sound defensive.” My Post colleague Don Martin, who was the first guy to nail Gomery in an interview: “[Gomery inserted] foot in mouth ...sounding very unlike a judge...there’s no denying Gomery was guilty of shooting from the lip before his judicial brain was loaded...No person sitting in neutral judgment should venture public opinion on matters still being heard under oath. Gomery’s not totally impartial ...[he has] some bias.” The Globe’s veteran columnist, Jeff Simpson: “Before Christmas, Judge Gomery unburdened himself in media interviews on certain evidence and witnesses he had already heard that left other judges and experienced lawyers slack-jawed…[Gomery] has already damaged his inquiry's credibility.”...

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