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Warren Kinsella - WHY WARMAN WILL WIN

"...[Kinsella is] a modern-day Machiavelli, the mastermind who ran war rooms for Jean Chretien and Dalton McGuinty... He's the ultimate political insider... [The War Room] has plenty of fascinating insights and is a must-read for political junkies."

- The Toronto Sun

"The top Canadian spin doctor...tells all!"

- The National Post

"Warren Kinsella’s new book is a must-read for anyone interested in political campaigning in Canada. And not just political campaigning.…I wish I’d had the chance to read The War Room before I became Stephen Harper’s campaign manager; it might have saved me from many mistakes and months of painful learning on the job."

- Tom Flanagan, The Literary Review of Canada

"The War Room is a rich, detailed, and substantive primer on how to run a winning war room - warts, pizza boxes, smelly couches and all - from a master war roomer."

- The Hill Times

"Kinsella has crafted a handy little guide for politicos and non-politicos alike. Just keep it away from the kids."

- The Winnipeg Free Press

"... a great read ... full of fascinating stories..."

- John Moore, CFRB

"...I don't want to say [he's a] genius...but there's valuable insights here..."

- John Oakley, AM640

"I just got one copy, but I plan to get more!"

- John Wright, Ipsos, CFRB

"I do recommend [The War Room] to everyone."

- Charles Adler, Adler Online

"He's Canada's James Carville...a must-read...If you really want to win, you need this book!"

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

"A fascinating book...full of great stories."

- Ken Rockburn, CPAC


Buckets does a typically-amazing roundup. Argue with him, Blogs O' Fear. And good luck.

Man, I can't wait to see these idiots get their asses handed to them in court.
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Pipsqueak Pierre is probably/actually telling us the truth: judges probably aren't "jumping up and down" to preside at the Mulroney judicial inquiry.

How come?

Well, the same thing happened with the sponsorship inquiry, as you will recall. Five or six judges told the Department of Justice "no thanks, no way" before someone - probably Francis Fox - came up with the name of a publicity-seeking Westmount hobby farmer who'd end up doing it. Who hadn't even been on Justice's first list.

Why are the learned justices so reluctant? Because if they're smart, they know it's a no-win assignment. Because when a commission of inquiry is of and about politics, they inevitably degenerate into circus. Because judges, who are unused to the rapid give-and-take of the political bloodsport, often end up losing control. Or, they become highly political themselves, as Gomery did, and lose all credibility.

None of that particularly matters, here, however. The Prime Minister promised an inquiry, and inquiry we shall get. Notwithstanding everything else, the one thing you can be sure of is this: Brian Mulroney won't like the result.

UPDATE: I'd love to see how the NDP's Pat Martin voted on this one. Isn't he the same genius who pushed to end the committee's probe of Mulroney? Get a strategy and stick to it, pal.

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...have started a blog. Right on!

Now blogrolled.

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Dave Navarro's, in particular.

By The Bugs, featuring a former member of The Queers. Total genius.

Click here to go to their MySpace page and then look for 'Dave Navarro's Goatee Fucking Sucks' in the player thing. "His eyebrows he does pluck." Oh my Lord, it's brilliant.

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This terrible event took place directly north of my parents' old place, and not far from where my brother and I lived when I attended U of C's law school. It is beyond words, something like this, happening in a neighbourhood like that.

It is also, partly, the subject of my next book. Because, generally, you don't have to read to the end of the story to know that it involved yet another angry young man.

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... my back, to be specific. Rayman and Bjorn say I have arms like an old lady's backside. Not nice. (But you should hear what I say about them.)

A still from Daisy M's film, more stills of which are available here.

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He's right, but he's also a pain in the ass who no one takes seriously in the slightest. What to say? What to do?

Better not to post anything about it then.


Gomery chides Harper over delay in Mulroney Schreiber inquiry (Mulroney-Schreiber)
Source: The Canadian Press
May 28, 2008 15:11

OTTAWA - The man who headed the sponsorship scandal inquiry is questioning how serious Prime Minister Stephen Harper is about an inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.

Retired judge John Gomery says the delay in calling the public inquiry Harper promised is getting `beyond reasonable.'

Harper first promised last November to hold an inquiry into the financial dealings of former Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney and arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber.

But the prime minister has delayed action, first while the Commons ethics committee conducted hearings and then while a special adviser compiled two preliminary reports on the affair.

The adviser recommended a relatively narrow probe into the affair, but Gomery is critical of that, saying it should be up to the inquiry judge appointed to determine the scope.

(The Canadian Press)


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There's more, but some of us actually have jobs, and have to work. Yawn.


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From: Jason Cherniak [mailto:jason@jasoncherniak.com]
Sent: August 8, 2006 3:09 PM
To: Warren Kinsella
Subject: Iggy scared to debate?

Word has it that iggy has cancelled his appearance at a debate in Quebec tomorrow because he has been convinced to not go up against Dion in french.
I can't post on it because nobody would believe me, but I think it would be cool if you could do something. I would suggest you confirm that he is not attending first, though, since my only info comes from the Dion campaign.

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The first of a regular series. Because quite a few of us are fed up with the "Deputy Mayor."

Skate park? The one "I am building" that will be ready to "enjoy" in 2007?

Nope. Sandra prefers a big pile of dirt that, for years, has been blowing sediment into the waters of Ashbridge's Bay, and all over the neighbourhood.

Time for a change!
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Wow! Two things.

Check out Canada's best and most ethical news aggregator, National Newswatch - check out Google News, with nearly 1,300 news impressions - and it'll become rapidly evident to you, as it did with me, that this Mad Max thing has serious legs. There all sorts of explanations for that, but I think one of the principal reasons for the avalanche of coverage is simple: the media don't like this PMO, still, and it's payback time. I and others have written many times about this: as with Cadman-scam, as with the In-And-Out mess, as with Flaherty's suspicious contracting, the media are all over every single Tory stumble (big or small) like a fat kid is all over a Smartie. With the exception of the editorial board at the Post, who nobody listens to anyway, Team Harper don't have a single media ally. Not one! Before the election rolls around, they might consider finding one or two. (Put Laureen on it. Everyone loves her.)

Two: a fellow former Chief of Staff and I were talking about this Hellacious mess last night, and he made an excellent point. "The Harper guys, directly or indirectly and from the very start, depicted this woman as a trollop and a slut who they disapprove of. Instead of reaching out to her, they smeared her and they left her with no option. And, boy, did she ever get them back." Did she ever. In politics, as in war, the rule is to search your prisoner for weapons before declaring victory and walking away. Otherwise, you are likely to get fragged.

The "biker chick," as not a few people derisively called her, fragged an entire government. And she had the Parliamentary Press Gallery there to help her out, of course, but Sweet Lord Almighty did she ever teach them a lesson.

Because there are lessons to be learned in the Mad Max saga, don't you think?

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Wonderful. Have heard it a few times on XM, and finally found the vid. Catchy!

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I don't feel so lonely, anymore.

(Oh, and check out what Jim Wilson is saying about the Ontario Conservative Party's prospects. A full quarter of caucus not running again! Whatever can it mean?)


McGuinty at odds with federal Liberals over carbon tax plan; prefers cap and trade (Ont-Carbon-Tax)
Source: The Canadian Press
May 27, 2008 14:17

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty is at odds with his federal Liberal cousins over a plan to tax carbon, saying he'd prefer a cap-and-trade system to cut greenhouse gas emissions for Ontario.

McGuinty says there are many ways to place a value on carbon, such as a tax, a cap-and-trade system, or a bit of both.

But he says his first choice for Ontario is a cap-and-trade system, which the province is currently working to develop with Quebec.

Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is expected to unveil a carbon tax plan before the end of June, which is to be the central plank in the Liberals' election platform.

McGuinty has vetoed the idea of a carbon tax before, saying that while it may suit provinces like British Columbia, Ontario would pursue other options that better suited its economy.


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This is the funniest thing you will see this year - the worst album covers of all time. If you don't laugh at least once, let us know in comments - you have something wrong with you. Or, you are Mad Max, and you are not particularly looking forward to Question Period. One or the other.

Read this doc on Scribd: WorstAlbumCovers-1

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