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Warren Kinsella - BE IT RESOLVED

"...[Kinsella is] a modern-day Machiavelli, the mastermind who ran war rooms for Jean Chretien and Dalton McGuinty... He's the ultimate political insider... [The War Room] has plenty of fascinating insights and is a must-read for political junkies."

- The Toronto Sun

"The top Canadian spin doctor...tells all!"

- The National Post

"Warren Kinsella’s new book is a must-read for anyone interested in political campaigning in Canada. And not just political campaigning.…I wish I’d had the chance to read The War Room before I became Stephen Harper’s campaign manager; it might have saved me from many mistakes and months of painful learning on the job."

- Tom Flanagan, The Literary Review of Canada

"The War Room is a rich, detailed, and substantive primer on how to run a winning war room - warts, pizza boxes, smelly couches and all - from a master war roomer."

- The Hill Times

"Kinsella has crafted a handy little guide for politicos and non-politicos alike. Just keep it away from the kids."

- The Winnipeg Free Press

"... a great read ... full of fascinating stories..."

- John Moore, CFRB

"...I don't want to say [he's a] genius...but there's valuable insights here..."

- John Oakley, AM640

"I just got one copy, but I plan to get more!"

- John Wright, Ipsos, CFRB

"I do recommend [The War Room] to everyone."

- Charles Adler, Adler Online

"He's Canada's James Carville...a must-read...If you really want to win, you need this book!"

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

"A fascinating book...full of great stories."

- Ken Rockburn, CPAC


That no Eastern politicians shall henceforth be permitted to attend the Calgary Stampede wearing cowboy gear. It's just wrong.

And I move this resolution as a proud member of the Calgarian diaspora, who - whenever physically in Calgary in the last week of June - would get the Hell out of Cowtown, because there are only so many drunken, dribbling businessmen dressed up as Howdy Doody one can take before one goes postal.

Do I have a seconder?

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The disturbing image above is from the Mark Steyn-sanctioned website, Free Mark Steyn. (That's what it's called. Irony is utterly lost on these lunatics.)

As my friend Harry noted, it's one thing to object to Morgentaler getting the Order of Canada. It's quite another to depict him - an Auschwitz survivor - as a Nazi.

Will Mark Steyn denounce any of these scumbags?

Well, when he promotes a white supremacist like Kathy Shaidle, what do you really think is the likelihood of that?

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I have just finished going through Stewart Bell's new book about the ill-fated invasion of Dominica by a motley crew of Canadian and American white supremacists and mercenaries back in the early Eighties.

As a someone who has written about terrorism and organized racists myself, I can heartily recommend Stewart's book. It is a fine piece of investigative journalism, and a fun read. I'm not wild about the edit - some of his prose has been rendered too choppy, for my liking - but that's a stylistic thing.

Make sure to get it when it comes out. The content is fascinating.

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Bloggers and opinion-writers are supposed to have lots of opinions about stuff, but these astonishing CanWest numbers - tracked by Mark - are, well, astonishing.

Anyone care to explain what is happening, here? Is it just them? Industry-wide? What is causing this?

I know it would be mean to just blame it on the continued employment of Jonathan Kay, so I won't do that.


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The Supremes' decision in the Mair case is a landmark because, for columnists and opinion-writers, the law of defamation arguably now no longer exists. Do you believe what you said? Yes? Then you have a defence.

Malice will defeat it, however. And there's lots of that to go around, still.

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...part of a continuing series.

What do I make of this? Well, it's certainly been talked about in the neighbourhood, a lot. And it certainly reeks.

If any investigative journalists are left in Toronto, and reading this, quite a few of us hope you take a good look at this one.

It's needed.

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...Tories, Dippers get their asses kicked.

I have known about this since last week, and was sworn to secrecy. It did, however, make for a funner holiday weekend.


Ontario Liberal support strong
The Windsor Star
Saturday, June 28, 2008
Page: A6
Section: News
Byline: Jordana Huber
Dateline: TORONTO
Source: Canwest News Service

TORONTO - The Ontario government is enjoying an extended honeymoon according to a new Ipsos Reid poll showing the Liberals sitting in a comfortable lead over the Progressive Conservatives.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Canwest News Service and Global Television, found if an election were called the Liberal government would likely win a majority government as big or bigger than it did eight months ago when the party was returned to office.

According to the poll, the Liberal party would receive the support of 45 per cent of decided voters, up three points since the 2007 election, while the Progressive Conservatives, led by John Tory, would receive 29 per cent of the vote, down three points since the election.

New Democrats, who will choose a new leader next March after Howard Hampton steps down, would receive 15 per cent of the vote, down two points.

Darrell Bricker, president and CEO of Ipsos Reid Public Affairs said, despite an uncertain economic outlook, the McGuinty government still looks like the "best choice" for voters.

"Given especially what has been going on, relative to the economy, you figure there would be a lot more upset at the government," Bricker said. "But right now they seem to be the alternative the public prefers."

The Ontario legislature recently rose for its summer recess as opposition parties continued to slam the government for not doing enough to aid the ailing manufacturing sector struggling in the wake of the high Canadian dollar and a slowdown in the U.S. economy.

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Starbucks, which probably has other things to worry about today, offered me a cup this morning with one of those cheery little bromides on the side. It read: “Success in life is that your kids want to spend time with you once they’ve grown up.” True enough. Author of said statement? Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s. Do you think, Starbucks – just for a moment – that some kids have a tendency to want to hang with a parent with a net worth of kajillions? Hmmm?
• “Totalitarianism.” That’s what a supposedly-thoughtful newspaper editorial board says we are facing if we don’t do what they want us to do. “Forget about all of those steaming piles of hate on the Internet! Human rights codes are inconvenient to us in the media, so throw ‘em out, and make it snappy!”
• “Moral decay.” Ah, yes, nothing like moderate language to bring people together. Me? I’m conflicted. I support reproductive rights, like the vast majority of Canadians. But was Morgantaler the right choice, if that was the motivation? Perhaps not. (And B.C. Lib has a great point: if Morgantaler is so awful, why does the National Post's resident columnist criminal get to keep his medal?)
• Guy is a good guy, and so too all the guys he has to work with, or will work with – Patrick, Kory, Mark, all of whom have been colleagues or clients. They are all smart guys. But it seems to me that the problem at PMO, and also this government, is that it is too focussed on guys. If it is going to GTB (Grow The Base, I just made that up), it seems to me it needs a lesser emphasis on guys, and more attention paid to gals.
Okay, excuse me, but why is this even a discussion? The guy is 38 years old, and is offered $20 million (U.S.) to leave the losing-est team in NHL history to live for two years in Vancouver…and he’s in Sweden, just thinking about it? Is he insane? Mats, baby, if I were you, I would have signed back that offer one second after it was shown to me.
• Uma Thurman is engaged? You mean she no longer wishes to wait for me? How can this be?

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Found here.

Meanwhile, up here at the cabin, I sliced my arm on something and it's all swollen up.

If I die, it's Tony Clement's fault, for not having a doctor within boating distance.

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There is none. Or pretty damn close to none.

One of the weirdest things about the Internet is how, every once in a while, you stumble across a total stranger professing to possess great insight into your psyche and deepest thoughts. They don't, at all, and it's really strange.

So you think about that for a moment or two, and then you drive on, not even checking the rear view mirror.

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