Justin Trudeau’s lines for his avail in B.C. this afternoon!

#LavScam: your turn, RCMP and Justice Committee

Jagmeet Singh, it turns out, is doing what an Opposition leader should:


OTTAWA – On Monday, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, agreed to a request from New Democrats to begin an investigation into the attempts by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office to provide SNC-Lavalin with a reduced punishment stemming from serious corruption charges. This is the latest in a long string of scandals that make it clear whose side Justin Trudeau is on: corporations and the super-rich.

 “Canada’s Ethics Commissioner agrees there are sufficient grounds to begin an independent investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office for the alleged special treatment they gave SNC-Lavalin,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “The Liberals keep telling us how important an independent justice system is, but it all goes out the window when their friends are in trouble. The Liberals give big companies all the breaks while Canadians have to play by the rules and are still getting squeezed.”

 “Justin Trudeau promised Canadians he would change the way politics worked in Ottawa, but instead his Liberal government continues to prioritize helping insiders and the rich get ahead. Canadians deserve better,” said NDP Ethics Critic Charlie Angus. “It’s no wonder that most Canadians feel like it’s big companies who are getting all the breaks, and not them. Canadians deserve to know whose side this government is on: everyday Canadians who follow the rules or a massive multinational corporation with deep ties to the Liberal Party?”

 The pressure to go easy on SNC-Lavalin may have resulted in the termination of Jody Wilson Raybould as Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the first Indigenous woman to ever hold the post. In recent days, Liberal operatives have attempted to smear Wilson-Raybould’s performance even though she was widely seen as a credible and competent Minister throughout her tenure.

 “We urge Mr. Trudeau’s team to stop trying to discredit Ms. Wilson-Raybould and to commit to fully cooperate with the Ethic Commissioner’s investigation. The Liberal government should also support the work of the Justice Committee who will be looking into other questions such as, why was the law that would help SNC-Lavalin changed in the first place and who pressured the former Attorney General to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook,” said NDP BC Liaison Nathan Cullen, “Canadians deserve answer. This scandal goes to the heart of our democracy and the fairness of our legal system.”

JWR’s Dad speaks – and he pulls no punches

From his Facebook page.  I agree with every word.

Bill Wilson Yesterday at 11:51 AM

“THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES” – JODY was demoted because she would not “play ball” with the Big Boys who run the Liberal Party. Big industry & jobs threatened by honesty and integrity? Where have I heard this before? Mining, bad logging & fish farms perhaps! – Buried in the controversy are the 4 speeches that JODY made briefly calling in to question Trudeau’s sincerity about RECONCILIATION, which has been a FARCE from the outset. This farce continues to cover up the MISERY INDUSTRY run by DIA, lawyers, consultants, facilitators, the churches, healers and the “service” groups which are aided & abetted by the DIA chiefs, AFN, Summit, UBCIC and the other Indians seeking White approval. – Less than 10% of any federal $$ ever gets to the Indians. – Please share.

Another fierce, smart and unapologetic female Liberal MP speaks out on Jody Wilson-Raybould

“Fierce, smart and unapologetic.” That’s not how the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, and his PMO male colleagues, like female MPs to be.

Read the tweet below. What does it mean? It means the Liberal caucus – with the sad exception of the new Minister of Justice and his Parliamentary Secretary, both busily currying favour with unelected PMO types – are pissed off. It means that Liberal MPs believe JWR is being blamed for PMO’s mistakes. And they don’t like it.

I’m hearing from elected Liberals – and I’m hearing they are very, very unhappy with Trudeau’s PMO.


WORLD PREMIERE! SFH’s ‘Kinda Sucks’!

You came here looking for some more #LavScam stuff, didn’t you?

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Who needs tawdry obstruction of justice scandals when you’ve got a new SFH video!

National News Media Council rules Sue-Ann Levy publishes “false information” and attacks vulnerable minorities

Their entire scathing judgment is here. It arose out of a racist and hate-filled “column” where Levy falsely claimed Muslim migrants at a Toronto hotel were “slaughtering goats” in washrooms – which was immediately followed by an attempt to set fire to the East End hotel. Which would have led to many deaths, had the plot not been foiled by staff.

Key findings about Levy’s “journalism,” which also gave rise to multiple complaints about racism and hate:

  • Levy authors “false information” – and Levy was later forced to admit to doing so.
  • Levy uses “unsubstantiated and pejorative terms to describe people who are vulnerable targets in a highly polarized political and social environment.”
  • Levy refers to “immigrants and refugees [as] illegal,without evidence as to the accuracy of that description.”
  • Levy’s column was so bad, “basic journalistic standards of seeking accuracy were noticeably lacking.”
  • Levy therefore committed “a serious breach of journalistic standards for accuracy in reporting.

So, why does this foul polemicist continue to be employed at the Sun, where most of her colleagues are appalled and disgusted by her?

Ask her nearly-80 pal and boss Paul Godfrey, who – as the Globe reported recently – isn’t wanted around Postmedia either.

Get rid of Godfrey and you get rid of Levy. Simple.