Video of a cold-blooded murder

Unlike the Ferguson, Missouri cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown, this cold-blooded murder has been entirely caught on video – and it shows a black man, Walter Scott, running from a white cop, Michael Slager.  Who shoots the unarmed Scott in the back multiple times. And kills him.

This was murder, and that is what the charge is.  If the video didn’t exist, I have no doubt that it would have been Ferguson all over again.

Warning: this is unedited video, and it shows it all.

Dear Alberta Liberals

You were the first political party I joined, back in 1980. I did so because you were the only sane political party around.

Thirty-five years later, you still are.

  • Wildrose will sell itself for a few trinkets, and think government shouldn’t do anything.
  • The NDP hate Alberta’s main job-creator, and think government should do everything.
  • And the Prentice PCs? They’ve lost their way. They don’t have any values.  And they couldn’t communicate their way out of a wet paper bag.

I’ll be with you this weekend in Edmonton, pitching for change – not radical change, like Wildrose and the NDP favour.  Smart, sensible change – change away from a governing PC party that has become cynical and corrupt and complacent.

More details are here.  There’ll be a talk on Saturday night, and a private seminar on running the best possible war room on Sunday morning.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!




Since I was a kid – since this day in 1972, in fact, when I started writing a daily journal – I have always taken note of April 4, and said to myself:  “April 4.  Dr. King.”

Today, 47 years ago, Martin Luther King was murdered by a racist in Memphis.  Dr. King was a giant of a man, the one who – as I write in Fight The Rightanticipated the message at the core of the Occupy movement, among other things.  While his message continues to resonate across the decades, the violence of racial hatred continues unabated, too.

It’s April 4, and so I give you some of his most remarkable speech.  Surveying the pygmies who now crowd the public stage, I don’t think we will see the likes of him again.

Ekos iPolitics poll: “a strange paradox”

I’ll say.

Canadians think we’re in a recession – but the overall trend favours the Conservatives. Canadians don’t like the direction in which the country is going – but the overall trend does not favour the Liberals or their leader. And so on.

Peer at this chart. What it says to me is (a) NDP up; (b) Liberals down; and (c) Harper, not dramatically up, but super happy because the NDP and the Liberals are splitting the progressive share of the vote again. AGAIN.

Watch, tonight, for more numbers on the leaders. It will shock.


But, you know, climate change is still a myth


PHILLIPS, Calif. — Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered mandatory water use reductions for the first time in California’s history, saying the state’s four-year drought had reached near-crisis proportions after a winter of record-low snowfalls.

Mr. Brown, in an executive order, directed the State Water Resources Control Board to impose a 25 percent reduction on the state’s 400 local water supply agencies, which serve 90 percent of California residents, over the coming year. The agencies will be responsible for coming up with restrictions to cut back on water use and for monitoring compliance. State officials said the order would impose varying degrees of cutbacks on water use across the board — affecting homeowners, farms and other businesses, as well as the maintenance of cemeteries and golf courses.

Watch this clip if you’re in the mood to feel even worse.

Who is Senator Cold Camembert, representing the riding of Broken Crackers?

Among other things, she has personally done more to hasten the – long overdue, long necessary – euthanization of the so-called Red Chamber than any person in recent memory.

Among other things, too, her real name is Nancy Jackman. She doesn’t like to be called that, but that’s her real name. And here – courtesy of Bob Lopinski and others – is a leaflet from the past that’ll tell you even more about this pathetic joke of a “Senator.”

Among other things.

Nancy Jackman

2015, not 1815: this is truly shocking, and it happened in Canada



WINDSOR, Ont. — A black man found a noose on his truck and another near his work station at an auto plant that is being retooled in this southwestern Ontario city.

The victim, in his late 40s, was shaken but declined to speak about the incidents, officials said Monday. Police are investigating.

The man, who is from Windsor, is among hundreds of workers involved in a $2-billion retooling project at a Fiat Chrysler minivan assembly plant. Auto production has been shut down during the revamping.

The Post has extensively covered this incident – this hate crime – as well as CBC and the Windsor Star. It has also received significant coverage in the U.S., on Fox, USA Today, the Detroit Free Press, and so on. It deserves more attention in Canada than it is getting.

It’s 2015, not 1815: this kind of despicable, cowardly act of hate needs to be investigated and prosecuted (once again showing why it was a mistake to kill section 13 of the Human Rights Act).

I can’t imagine how this man felt when he came to work and saw that noose. And I can’t believe this has happened in Canada in 2015.