“That act is not a criminal statute and carries no penalties.”

That’s a tiny quote from one of the early stories about the gas plant/email “scandal.” In the avalanche of hysterical, over-the-top coverage that has happened since, it would be easy to miss or forget that little bit of information, wouldn’t it?

I went to law school; I love the law. When you go to law school, you are taught to (a) look at a bunch of facts, and then (b) apply the accepted rules – case law, statute law – to those facts to (c) determine and/or analyze what kind of problem you’ve got, and what you should do about it.

The facts are these: political staff deleted some emails and stuff on their computers. They sought outside help in doing that. Happens  all the time – even, I can assure you, in the offices of the OPP and the Opposition.

The law is this: nada. As per the headline to this post, there is no law, and nothing that carries any penalties.  Nothing.

The analysis is this: lacking an actual law, the OPP – which has been giddily leaking to the Ottawa Citizen, Gomery-like, about their “investigation” for weeks – has decided there was a “breach of trust” here.  Can’t find a law to charge someone with? Then say there’s been a “breach of trust.” It’s an all-purpose, catch-all.  But no less than the Supremes have said that, to make it stick, there has to have been “corruption, partiality (or) oppression.” I don’t see that here. Not even close.

This  affair is a load of bollocks.  “That act is not a criminal statute and carries no penalties.” That’s what you need to know about this “scandal” – namely, there isn’t one.

Oh, and the geniuses who sent out the Premier of Ontario no less than three times, yesterday, to deny any and all knowledge of this gas plant/email stuff?

They’re the Paul Martin crew (one presently a Newstalk 1010 host), who piloted the Liberal Party of Canada into the ditch in 2004-2005.  They sent Martin out multiple times to deny any and all knowledge of the sponsorship stuff, too. Remember that?

Didn’t work, as I recall.



An open letter to Toronto media

Dear nice Toronto media people:

None of the candidates mentioned the word “crack” because I suspect the research shows, consistently, voters don’t want candidates talking about crack instead of the many other issues.

In addition, I also suspect the research shows that the media’s ongoing preoccupation with crack, to the exclusion of any other issue, is one of the reasons why voters still cast a sympathy vote for Rob Ford.

You’re welcome.

Sincerely, Warren


Olivia won the second hour of the debate, too!


The second hour of the Toronto mayoralty debate was a lot like the first: Olivia Chow dominated!

The pundits agree that Olivia Chow was the only candidate who took on Rob Ford directly. Meanwhile, all the other candidates tried to take on Olivia – and failed.

Don’t just take our word for it – here is what the pundits and the press have to say:

“I thought she had a very strong performance. She was the only one going after Mayor Rob Ford.” – John Stall, 680 News

“Tory replies with a major nose stretcher – [says] he’s never backed any [revenue] tools.” – John Lorinc, Globe & Mail

“Ford: ‘We haven’t had one union strike.’ False. There was a library workers’ strike.” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

“I thought [Olivia] was best when she set herself up as the defender of the city.” – Charlie Gillis, Macleans

“Ford: ‘We’ve created 57,000 jobs.’ Misleading. Jobs # was up 57k last year, has since dropped by about 50k – now just 6,000 jobs.” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

“Tory says he’ll have a complete plan later.”- David Nickle, Toronto Community News

“Yikes, #RobFord again exaggerates his record on keeping taxes low. Untrue Toronto’s have been kept lower than any other city.” – Robert Benzie, Toronto Star

“Ford: ‘We have the lowest tax increase’ of any North American city. False.” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

“Tory double speak.” – Greg Elmer, Research Chair, Ryerson University

“I think Olivia connected. A lot of people were thinking the same thing. [Rob Ford], you’ve got to go.” – John Stall, 680 News

“Chow ends: ‘Time for change.'” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

Olivia won the first hour of the first debate!

Don’t just take my word for it:


In the opening 23 minutes of CityTV’s first mayoral debate, journalists, columnists and pundits across party lines agree: Olivia has already demonstrated to Toronto that she is the only candidate that can beat Rob Ford.

Here’s what they said:

“First zinger of night. Chow tells ford his gravy train has become a train wreck.” – Elizabeth Church, Globe & Mail

“I grew up taking #TTC and I still do. @oliviachow immediately differentiates herself from the crowd.” – Joanne Deer, CTV Truth North political panelist

“Martineau begins with a “full disclosure” note that Tory sits on Rogers board – which is something the Chow campaign wants people to know.” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

“Olivia Chow questions John Tory’s courage to stand up to Ford’s positions.” – CBC Toronto

“Chow hitting Tory, saying the city hasn’t even put in an application for the federal funding Scarb subway advocates counting on.” – Oliver Moore, Globe & Mail

“Ford says the Scarborough extension costs “$5” per household. Incorrect. It’ll be $40 per year as of 2016 for about 30 years.” – Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

“John Tory is referring to Ford as Rob.” – Jon Lorinc, Globe & Mail

“@oliviachow leading CityTV’s viewer poll of trust on transit with 40 per cent.” – Laura Kane, Toronto Star

“Most viewers of [the] debate rank Chow [as] the person they trust most on the transit file.” – James Armstrong, Global TV

“It’s pretty obvious – the only person who has the facts and not the anger is @oliviachow.” – Joanne Deer, CTV Truth North political panelist

“Why do John Tory and Rob Ford hate buses? Poor sad buses.” – Antionia Zerbisias, Toronto Star

“Mr. Ford is actually right.” – John Tory, 5:23 p.m.

“Tory agrees with Ford that TTC service hasn’t been cut. Which, again, is wrong.” – Jonathan Goldsbie, NOW Magazine

As the debate continues, Olivia will continue to show her challengers – and the people of Toronto – that she is the top candidate for a better city.

Twitter blue checked me!

I’m not entirely sure what this means, but Chatty Trout spotted it and told me.

Does this mean I can now boost my billable rate? Get better tables in restaurants? Live in a $10-million mansion on Lakeworth Lane in Palm Beach?

Oh, wait, that last one’s John Tory.  But anyway, I’m blue checked. Watch out, baby.