Update on the email from the John Tory fan

Put the (now much-read) email up this morning, here. People said I should go to the cops, sue, etc. Instead, I figured I’d give the John Tory campaign an opportunity to respond to her claim that she was working in their campaign headquarters just last week. Maybe it wasn’t true, maybe she was a crank, etc. So I waited.

No response.

So then I wrote to Tom Allison, who is supposedly the top guy over there. On that Facebook message thing, I gave him the whole email and her name, contact info and so on. Here’s a screen cap of the Facebook exchange:

Kind of terse response from Tom, eh? In any event, he still hasn’t responded to last question, there, which I don’t think is an entirely unreasonable one: is she telling the truth or not when she says she’s worked in your campaign headquarters?

The silence suggests that Tom (a) is a busy guy, or (b) “S.J.” is indeed a Tory campaign worker, and they’re having a Tory-style meeting involving 15 people to agonize and dither about what to do.

Anyway, if they think I’m going to let this one go – well, they’re more out-of-touch than I thought.


Exclaim! on the Hot Nasties


“Today, Hot Nasties are probably best known as Liberal Party strategist Warren Kinsella’s old band or that old Canadian punk group UK upstarts Palma Violets covered. But they were one of the first punk groups in Calgary, and 1980’s The Invasion of the Tribbles EP (Ugly Pop, www.uglypop.bigcartel.com) is the only material they managed to release. A lot of first-wave punk acts get a lot of credit just for making it into a recording studio, but it’s clear Hot Nasties were a cut above many of their peers. “I am A Confused Teenager” alone shows they were a band more concerned with penning catchy tunes than battling the establishment.”

I’m not a Liberal strategist, BTW. I’m not an anything strategist. I hate all political parties, a ce moment, equally.

And as I always tell Pierre, my BFF and fellow Hot Nasties founder: “If we’d stayed together, I’d be through my country-punk and synth-punk stages, my second heroin addiction, my third marriage to one of the Slits, and my fourth dalliance with Buddhism. Just think what we missed!”


The Supremes and the Senators: Weston called it, and calls it

Another fine Weston analysis, save and except his reliance on a Justin Trudeau advisor (without identifying him as such).  Bottom line: a referendum is seemingly the only way to circumvent ten ransom-seeking Premiers.

It’s do-able, I think.  The question, however, is this: is the Senate the hill Harper wants to die on? Or can he craft a big win out of it?

I honestly don’t know what he’ll do.  But my suspicion is, if he pushes for a national referendum on abolishing the Senate, he’d win.  Hell, Mulcair already agrees with him, and Trudeau likely would, too.

Interesting times ahead.  Or, not.


Da Brudders: 38 years ago today

Bjorn reminded me Da Brudders first LP – my fave ever, still – came out 38 years ago today. Here they are in Arturo Vega’s loft in 1975, around the time that a teenage misfit in Calgary was starting to hear about them. God-like geniuses. Can’t believe it’s been almost 40 frigging years.


Mayor On Crack

This Saturday night at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen West – see it live, buy merch, help us pay for our therapists!