A letter from the Jewish Post and News

Hi Warren,

I just wanted to say “hats off to you” for calling a spade a spade when it comes to questioning the way CIJA and all the establishment Jews in Canada are falling all over themselves when it comes to praising Harper.

I’m going to take my hits as well for trying to expose the hypocrisy involved in his taking along a staggering number of acolytes to Israel – I just got the complete list from the PMO – 210 names, not counting press and other hangers-on.

Read my own comment that I just posted on our website at http://www.jewishpostandnews.ca about the number of Winnipeggers who are along for the ride.

I’m not a capital “L” liberal, but I can’t stand what Harper has done to Canada’s reputation as a respected peace broker in the Middle East. I was in Ramallah in October – you can read about my visit there on our website, and I still hold out hope for a true peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but not so long as the settlements continue unabated.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you for writing so truthfully about the reality of how much Canada’s Jewish community has been misrepresented by those establishment Jews in CIJA.

If anyone has the credentials to speak truth to power when it comes to criticizing the official Jewish position, it’s you, what with your past as one of the first to expose the kind of anti-Semitism that was being overlooked years ago when the Jim Keegstras were fomenting their hatred.


Bernie Bellan
The Jewish Post & News

P.S. Ours is probably the only Jewish newspaper in North America that takes a principled stand against the right-wing policies that are dominating Israeli politics. And we’re still around. It says something for the support we receive from more thoughtful Jews – who are generally marginalized these days.



In politics, what isn’t on the program is often as interesting as what is

If you were at the sold-out Jean Chretien tribute on Tuesday night, as we were, you would have heard Kathleen Wynne speak – even though she wasn’t on the program to do so.

Meanwhile, Paul Martin – who was in the program – surprised some folks by not being there.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with this, which came the very next day.

It may all be one great big coincidence. I’m sure it is.



Google Music Timeline: punk world domination is imminent

Well, not entirely.  But this cool new Google thingie shows that I was right: traditional rock really does suck, and the weirdo punk/alt stuff I have listened to for decades really is better.

The irony, of course, is that I am a punk rock snob and I drop a band whenever they get popular.  So, as soon my chosen genre gets huge, I’ll be wearing a beret, quoting Sartre, and listening to jazz with my best friend Paul Wells.

Click on the image for a link to lotsa fun.




Happy birthday, Boss

The best part wasn’t necessarily at the dinner, but came earlier, when Lala and me gave him this painting my Mom did for his 80th – from all of the Kinsellas. I hope he finds a good spot for it on his wall!


Rob Ford, wasted again? Plus, a question for 14 Division

The issue isn’t whether Ford would be (a) stoned/drunk in public or (b) mocking minorities in public.  That stuff is a given. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again. (He’s done it at the same place, too.)

The issue is whether (c) the video is legit or not.  I personally find it fascinating that (a) and (b) are no longer really news, and (c) is what folks are debating.

Oh, and (d).  That being a question I have for the cops: do you guys ever plan to charge Mayor Crackhead with driving under the influence? Or does someone have to die first?

Sid Ryan: the reverse Midas touch

As in, everything he touches turns to garbage.

This Toronto Star typist gets one big thing wrong, here: Ryan is no friend of Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath, or many NDP partisans. I’m a Liberal, and I know that much. (A round-up of the last exchange Sidney and I had, in that regard, is here.)

Ryan’s sole objective is to get labour to support the coming budget: that’s all he cares about.  Other, more sensible, labour leaders have a bigger concern – keeping the Ontario PC anti-labour policies from ever being implemented.

That may be achieved by supporting Kathleen Wynne.  Or, that may be achieved by supporting Andrea Horwath.  My hunch, as I’ve written previously, is they’ll take the latter route – not Sid Ryan’s.