Dan Calda, RIP

I don’t do this thing, for free, to play host to someone to let them libel me and everyone else. In more than 2,000 comments, no less.


Two smart young men: listen to them, Toronto

Meet Eli and Nick, both 13.  They’re outside Mayor Crackhead’s office today, along with others, to basically just say he no longer has the moral authority to govern.  Say the boys: “We’ve always been taught not to do drugs.”

They’re smart young men.  Conservatives, you always used to believe in family values – and law and order.  Given that, how can you defend a lying, drug-abusing creep like Rob Ford anymore?

The Blackberry killer

Mistah Blackberry? He dead.

The Blackberry killer finally arrived in the mail yesterday.  I have used it, and I can tell you this: what little is left of Blackberry will not survive the Typo.  The thing that kept the Blackberry alive was the iconic keyboard.  Typo now lets you use that keyboard on an iPhone.

When you try it out, you’ll understand why Blackberry was frantically seeking an injunction against its sale.


The Blackberry Killer.


Leaks vs. Budget

Hoo boy.

The leaks from the Reformatory sanctum sanctorum have now stomped all over whatever the Reformatories were hoping to achieve with pre-budget messaging. Man, what an unholy mess. I can think of a certain Prime Minister and Finance Minister who are likely really pissed off.

These guys have done deliberate leaks before. This wasn’t that. This is a screw-up of historic proportions.



Iggy Pop, my lord and saviour

Whenever my kids hear Iggy come on – and I wake to ‘Search and Destroy’ every morning, by the by – I ask them who it is.

“It’s the messiah, Dad,” they say.

“It is! Praise the risen Pop!”

Here he is, in full Ig mode. What a shot! Preach it.


Political convention hijinx: not news

Seriously? Big deal.

When Dalton McGuinty was around, we did this kind of stuff at every single PC convention. If they were organized enough, they’d do it at ours.

Here’s a couple videos we did at a 2007 John Tory PC convention, after smuggling ourselves in through a service entrance. John Tory went apeshit – a couple of our guys could hear him yelling at staff – but they had the good sense not to get us kicked out. (We would have made it national news if they’d tried.)

Sorry, folks, but it’s what war rooms do; no news here. How the Star sees this as any way newsworthy – after having gratefully received stuff from various war rooms in the past – is beyond me.

Vids here and below, which is my personal favourite. I thought adding the soundtrack would give it a certain je ne sais quoi. Gerald Butts, as I recall, was there and thought it was funny, too.