As a hockey parent

…I have found this story really, really disturbing. I’ve followed it every day, even in far-flung New York.

Hockey parents are mostly folks who just love their kids, and who get up at crazy hours, drive treacherous winter roads, and shell out money they don’t sometimes have to get their kids to a game. When they know their kid will never, ever be in the NHL.

I therefore feel so sad and angry for this women’s family. Every killing is horrible and senseless, but this one has been particularly horrible and senseless.

Toronto needs a mayor: the Mayor Crackhead timeline

To win, this SOB needs you to forget some or all of his many crimes and misdemeanours. There’s plenty of them, so he actually has a shot at that.

As he registers this morning (showing up on time for a work-related thing for the first time ever) to be a candidate in this years’s election, here is just one of the helpful timelines to help you recall who Rob Ford really is.

Read it, and remember.