What have Scheer, Marshall and the leadership candidates done to Harper’s legacy?

They’ve destroyed it, pretty much.

And I still don’t understand why the Cons want Parliament back. If they get their wish, these numbers are going to be even better for Trudeau, I suspect.

Lying liars and their lies

‪Anti-establishment meaning inevitably gets absorbed by the establishment, and it always makes me want to throw up. It’s kind of like when someone who wears blackface tries to get himself photographed at a Black Lives Matter protest: it’s a lie. ‬


Fifty-two years ago today, he died. More than half a Century.

In my family, he was our uncrowned King. We were living in Dallas when they killed him, and I can still remember my Mom and Dad crying.

The bust on the right was found in an antique shop in Brighton, Ont. The photo on the left is of Bobby and his son Bobby Kennedy Jr., with whom I worked on an anti-tobacco file. On it, Bobby Jr. wrote: “Warren – see you on the barricades. Bobby Kennedy.”

Fifty-two years. So much would have been different – and so much better.