Campaigns don’t matter

When your consultants come to you saying the campaign needs to spend untold millions on ad buys, don’t listen to them.

As Donald Trump showed in 2016, and as Joe Biden showed last night, the candidates who win more are the candidates who spend less on ads.  Because, inter alia, (a) people aren’t watching TV like they used to, so big TV ad buys simply aren’t as effective, and (b) in the fake news era, people are getting very skeptical about the ads they see on Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet.

Politics is changing.  Political campaigners need to change, too.

(Which is why I am a fan of war rooms, still. War rooms work. Hire Daisy.)


#JoeMentum on #SuperTuesday!

You said he couldn’t do it.

Quite a few of you, in fact. You know: Joe Biden will never win the nomination, it’s all over, he should quit, etc. Some commenters even said he had dementia or some mental illness – which got those commenters blocked (and will again in the future, I promise).

Well, he did it. Last night, Joe Biden won big. Hell, he won in states that he hadn’t even visited. States where he hadn’t run any ads.

I was glued to the results all night, and recording my reactions on Twitter and elsewhere. The night began, as it always does, with my exchange with a famous CNN news anchor:

It’s Super Tuesday!

Look who dropped by Daisy Group early this morning!

Mayor Pete’s endorsed him! Beto’s endorsed him! Amy’s endorsed him!

And he’s received more Democratic votes than anyone else!

As some of y’all know, I’ve been supporting Joe for a long time – Hell, I supported him back to 2008, when he was on the ticket with Barack Obama – and I’ve been mocked, maligned and mistreated for it. (Take that, ex.)  But last night, lots more people agreed: the only candidate who can beat Donald Trump, and return America to greatness, is Joe Biden.

Want proof? Watch this video – Joe accepting the support of Mayor Pete.  He spoke without notes and – as I tweeted at his wunderkind campaign manager, Greg Schultz – it actually made me weepy. Wasn’t expecting that.

Please, everyone: do not call, email or text after 7 p.m. tonight.  It’s Super Tuesday!