The Blue Screen of Death

That’s what I had waiting for me on my main office PC this morning.

You know you are in big trouble when you call Geek Squad, or whomever, and they say: “Uh-oh.”

Hopefully we can do a data recovery long enough for me to extract files. Then it’s possibly off to Mac Land a lot sooner than I expected. There’s only so much Dell/Windows crap you can endure, before the cost benefit becomes nil.

Also, anyone know if it’s still impossible to sync a Blackberry with a Mac?

Racist Banchee Alights in Canada

Ann Coulter, the execrable trailer park vox, is coming to three Canadian campuses.

More about Ms. Coulter is seen here and here and here.

Be sure to tell her what you think of her, folks. She’s already told us what she thinks about us:

“[Canadians] better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent.”

It sure would be interesting if an enterprising reporter put that quote, or one of the others, to Stephen Harper or one of his Reform Conservative caucus – given that her readership is interchangeable with his voter base.

Arsenals: Rat a Get Fat

Toronto’s own ska-reggae geniuses, The Arsenals, doing the tune that was inspired by this past Summer’s municipal strike – Rat A Get Fat. Brilliant.

Click on the picture to listen! Make them famous! Web site here!

Freedom of Speech is Relative

…so don’t hold your breath waiting for the National Post to weigh in, intelligently, on this actual scandal.

What Paul Wells has written, here, is a superb piece of investigative journalism; it was pleasure to read it, even though what Wells documents should concern us all.

And, as an unambiguous supporter of Israel, I say this: these goons are not assisting Israel’s cause. With their thuggery, they are hurting it.

Help for Iranian Friend

From my North Van days, I have a lot of friends from the Iranian diaspora. One of them is back over there, and writes to me this morning:

_______February 12 at 9:27am

Hi Warren,

Hope you are well. Interesting development. I just got the 4th nicest death threat phone call a few hours ago and I have come to the conclusion that its time I left the Middle East. Free speech is not so welcomed in this part of the world.

Was wondering if you could hook me up with a media company, a marketing firm, a news paper or anything that could help me get back on my feet while I make a run for it back home to Toronto. Need to leave ASAP if possible.

Greatly appreciated.


I’ve told him/her to get back here, fast, and we will help.

He/she is super-smart, political, and a great writer and communicator. If you have any suggestions, please email me confidentially at

Thanks, folks.