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James Di Fiore, in a post almost as short as he is

Patrick Brown pays him to publish shit about Patrick’s enemies.  So, here’s some stuff about little James for you to clip and save, much of it found on the assaulter-shielding Huffington Post:

  • On that Facebook screed, Di Fiore actually named and attacked one of the sexual assault victims who courageously came forward in the CTV story about Patrick Brown
  • Of #MeToo, DiFiore says “destroying a man has never been easier”
  • The media and the public, Di Fiore says, are carrying “pitchforks and torches” and are “systematically destroying men”
  • Di Fiore ran for mayor of Toronto once – and was beaten, badly, by white supremacist leader Don Andrews
  • …and he’s been convicted of voter fraud in the 2004 election
  • Di Fiore says feminists “infantilize” other women, and they “constantly place themselves in the role of a victim”
  • Di Fiore called a protest at a bar where a woman was raped “fanaticism” and “a dangerous game drenched in mob mentality”
  • Bonus: Hitler, Di Fiore says, “was not an oaf” – “he was organized”

And so on.  He came to my office, once, and begged me to make a business introduction.  I did.  He blew it, big time.

James Di Fiore is a sexist, misogynistic asshole who thinks it’s okay to further victimize the victims of sexual assault.

It isn’t.