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Ten reasons why Mark Bourrie is the world’s biggest [you fill in the blank]

Mark Bourrie lives in Ottawa and he writes books. He claims to teach at Carleton University. Those are about the only nice things I can say about him (not that I’ve ever read any of his books, and not that I’m particularly in love with Ottawa, mind you). Otherwise, Mark Bourrie is…well, you decide. Share your thoughts in comments, below. Be creative.

It is my hope that he sues me for expressing opinions about him, because it is defensible for being (a) fair comment about an infamous [fill in the blank] and (b) the truth. Here’s ten reasons why, after many years of reflection, I have assigned Mark the title of World’s Biggest [you fill in the blank].

1. He’s prepared to drag innocent people (ie. in my case, my family) into his obsessions. The only other people who have ever done that are two white supremacists, Kathy Shaidle and Arnie Lemaire, and that isn’t good company to be keeping. Here’s a sampling of Bourrie’s most-recent work, which he posted (and then later removed) on his web site, Ottawa Watch:

2. He posts crazy stuff on the Internet using fake names. Take, for example (please) the Wikipedia page that’s up about me. Personally, I don’t think I even deserve a Wikipedia page. (I have told its “editors” that, too.) But they have kept the entry up, and Mark Bourrie has therefore kept using it as a sandbox for years, periodically dropping into it various turds (the latest fake name linked to him: ”Spoonkymonkey,” with which there are glowing edits of his Wikipedia page, and which makes him out to be the greatest journalist in the world). A few years back, things got so bad, Wikipedia locked the thing down. If you want to lose a few precious minutes in your life, you can see the sad tale here.

3. He makes defamatory statements. I’m about to sue him for a few.  But it’s nothing new: a few years back, Mark Bourrie stated that I engaged in criminal conduct. When you make an allegation like that about a lawyer (which I am), you’d better be prepared to back it up. Mark Bourrie couldn’t; it was unadulterated bullshit. He was therefore obliged to retract and apologize, and pay a substantial sum in a settlement. Here’s what he was forced to publish at the time:
4. I’m not the only one who feels Mark is a [fill in the blank], apparently. Others seemingly do, too. In 2009, an editor at the National Post got fed up with Mark’s behaviour, and wrote that he was – and these are quotes - “shrill,” “malicious,” “misguided,” and that he has “ravings.” Ouch! You can read all about it in the Post of March 20, 2009. Ditto the Ottawa Citizen in August 25, 2012, which had this to say about him: “That Bourrie is now suggesting – after working with Xinhua for two years – that the Chinese news agency is populated by a nest of spies strikes me as somewhat naive given his former employer’s hardly obscure reputation as a possible front for Beijing.”

5. He does odd things. Take a look at this fairly-recent example: when my candidate, Sandra Pupatello, lost her bid for the Ontario Liberal leadership, Mark Bourrie was overcome with joy. He sent me countless emails and comments, trying to ensure that I felt lousy. He even – and this is really, really odd – went to the trouble of sending me a funeral arrangement of flowers, complete with a card bearing these words: “Sorry to see your career die at such a young age. Hopefully interesting new challenges await in the used car sales profession.” Isn’t that, well, a bit nutty? I mean, doesn’t the guy have another doorstopper to write or something?

6. He cannot help himself. Even when he’s clearly hurting his own cause – even when he’s been revealed to be the author of serial nastiness, making use of fake names – Mark Bourrie keeps at it. As “Woodburning Tool,” on January 28, 2013: he declares that I am a “cowardly cocksucker,” and “gutless.” As ”Vrnish,” on the next day: “you are such a psychopath.” At the start of February, as “Justin Time.” As below, “Arthur Ellis,” ”Marie Tessier,” “Isoletus,” and so on and so on. Why does he do it? Beats me. But a picture starts to emerge, eventually. It isn’t flattering.

7. He writes some of the craziest emails you’ve ever seen. Here’s one gem, from October 1, 2007: Kinsella, By the way, I’m shopping myself around to Earnscliffe, Reid, Navigator, et al as a free witness in their libel actions against you. I will get up in front of a jury and tell them about all the evil shit you’ve done to me, going back ten years now, how you’ve tried to “ratfuck” me, tried to ruin my life, etc. It will show what an evil, obsessive psychopath you are. I’ll stand there, with my cute little kids watching, and tell about how you tried to paint their dad as an anti-semite, and they’ll cry, I’m sure, when I remind the court that their great-grandfather was murdered in a Nazi camp. And I’ll do all that to you before my case gets to court. You’ve been warned. Mark.” I like that it ended with ”Mark.” It made it all feel seem more friendly, somehow.

8. He’s a bit obsessive. Sure, I’ve finally put up a “Top Ten” list about Mark Bourrie – but only after putting up with Mark Bourrie’s online stalking for ten years. Besides, my modest attempt barely compares to Mark’s own relentless efforts. To wit, where does this fellow who professes to be a busy Carleton University/University of Ottawa/who knows historian, writer and journalist find the time to put together entire web sites devoted to the subject of one of his (many) enemies? But Mark does, and did. You can read his handiwork at “Kinsellasux” or “WarrenKinsellaSux,” the web sites he put together about one solitary subject - namely, me. Like I say: a bit obsessive.

9. Is he really, truly doing this sort stuff, and actually using false names and whatnot? Wikipedia says he is. From just one investigation they did in 2006: 1) The locus of the dispute is editing of the articles concerning Warren Kinsella and other figures prominent in the Canadian political blogosphere. There is some evidence that the principals in this matter are themselves participants in the Canadian political blogosphere, especially Mark Bourrie. The dispute between these two gentlemen involved legal actions concerning alleged libel… 2) There is substantial evidence that Arthur_Ellis, who previously edited as Mark_Bourrie and Ceraurus, has also edited as Marie_Tessier, Isotelus and numerous sockpuppets…And therefore: 1) Arthur_Ellis is banned indefinitely from Warren Kinsella and articles which relate to Canadian politics and its blogosphere. Any article which mentions Warren Kinsella is considered a related article for the purposes of this remedy. This includes all talk pages other than the talk page of Mark Bourrie. Passed 7-0 at 02:38, 18 September 2006 (UTC) And, thusly: 1) Should Arthur Ellis editing under any name or ip violate the article ban imposed by this decision, he may be blocked for an appropriate period of time…2) Should Arthur Ellis edit under any other username or use anonymous ips on a regular basis he may be banned from Wikipedia for an appropriate period…It’s a lot of wiki-gobbledegook to me, too. But the gist of it is that Mark Bourrie sure doesn’t act his age. (Oh, and he’s back at it, too: the Kinsella Wikipedia page has, yet again, been locked down.)

10. He’s [you fill in the blank]. He really, truly is. Mark, get a life. Or, better yet, get help. You need it.

23 Responses to “Ten reasons why Mark Bourrie is the world’s biggest [you fill in the blank]”

  1. Ugly, fat and stupid says:

    I am Mark Bourrie, and I approved this message.

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  3. Matt says:

    Of all the stuff there, #7 and the ‘I’ll stand there, with my cute little kids watching…’ is the thing that sends chills up my spine most. They are your kids. Your KIDS! Not props in a pissing match. A scary, delusion critter that one. I hope he seeks help.

  4. John Morse says:

    11. He’s a Conservative.

  5. deb s says:

    well, I think that in response to the funeral arrangement flowers…you should send Mark Bourrie an inhome visit from a psychologist. I know… its overkill right…but hell he needs a nudge in the right direction. I feel sorry for you both in a way…you for having that crazyiness directed at you and your family…and him for feeling such overwhelming hate:P

    • Robin says:

      With respect, my layperson diagnosis suggests that he doesn’t need a psychologist, he needs a psychiatrist since a psychiatrist can prescribe medication while a psychologist can only appeal to his cognitive state to address his psychosis; it won’t be enough, you cannot cure an unarmed client. How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb must really want to change! It doesn’t appear as though Bourrie wants to change therefore heavy medication is advisable. Hopefully, it will adjust the chemical imbalance in his brain that is contributing to this bizarre behaviour.

  6. Michael S says:

    Hope his kids grow up smart and scholarshipped and get the fuck out of dodge never to come back.

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    The more I read about this guy the more I A) feel a teensy bit bad (truly) for him because he is likely suffering from some form of undiagnosed mental illness. I don’t feel “hahaha let’s laugh at the crazy guy” because he needs some actual help.

    and B) worry for your personal safety Warren. Stalkers occasionally do dangerous things to the objects of their obsession. You’re a smart cookie and have tangled with other nasties in the past so I trust you have you and your family looked after. The whole thing gives me the creeps.

  8. peter friesen says:

    Wow. My advice is to ignore this guy, he is of no consequence. And that is probably why he is so angry.
    I have no idea what it is like to be a public figure and thus I imagine my simple advice is probably not a simple remedy.
    Take heart that the majority of us, while we may not always agree with you, respect your experience and insight, and those obtuse and angry exceptions are just that. Outliers. Beyond the mean.

    • Believe me Peter, it’s NOT as simple as that. Being an unwitting (unwilling?) “public figure” myself, I can attest to the fact that the slander and libel put out there by various sources, including “anonymous” ones is incredibly hurtful and damaging. They can harm your career in ways you can’t fully determine, as many prospective employers and clients will simply Google your name, and should they find the slanderous stuff… they likely won’t hire you. Which translates into loss of income, thanks to unfounded slander.

      Fortunately, in Warren’s case, he doesn’t have to put up with it… he can fight back. And I’ll be sitting here with my beer and popcorn, watching folks who deserve a thrashing get one.

  9. Warren says:

    Happens every couple years, like a resurgence in venereal diseases.

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  11. T. Paine says:

    What is this apropos of?

  12. Does this affect Carleton University’s reputation I wonder. Why don’t they do something about this?

  13. ray says:

    Warren, I have on occasion been a “freak magnet” for some weird people for daring to speak out but I bow down in admiration at the level of freak magnetism you have achieved. Be careful out there :-)

  14. Transcanada says:

    SpoonkyMonkey removed the unsightly truth from the Wikipedia article on Mark Bourrie.

    Text in left column removed


  15. Jeff says:

    I write a comment each time I like a article on a site or if
    I have something to valuable to contribute to the discussion.
    Usually it is caused by the sincerness communicated in the post I read.
    And on this post Ten reasons why Mark Bourrie is
    the world

  16. [...] this web site is pretty familiar with him, and the way he behaves.  You can read more about that here. Bourrie has sent two libel notices to Media Temple, the firm that hosts this web site.  He’s [...]

  17. [...] I would be. I wonder what happened? I’d packed my toothbrush and everything. Anyway, if Mr. Bourrie is successful in sending me to the slammer, I expect y’all to send me cards and letters, to [...]

  18. Candace Rose says:

    The bright side to this, aside from the unintentional comedy, is the term “ratfuck.” How have I been missing this gem for 30 years? I gotta thank Bourrie for adding to my lexicon.

  19. Lorne Kinsella says:

    Mark Bourrie owes me $500.00, in his pursuit of Warren, he named me on a law suit. He had me confused with Warren’s brother Lorne. I am also Lorne Kinsella but of no known relation. I doubt this guy is any real journalist, if he had taken 5 minutes to do some research he would have known that I was not the Lorne Kinsella he wanted to sue. For the first time in my life I had to higher a lawyer, and it cost me $500 to get my name and the names of my business partners removed from the law suit. This came at a time in my life when I had little money due to starting up a new business. Mark Bourrie is a selfish and has no consideration for others. He refused to compensate me the $500 saying that it was a simple mistake, yeah he made the mistake and I get to pay. If he had any character at all he would send me a cheque for the $500. People like Mark Bourrie have to realize that there are other ways to handle things rather than law suits. I would say what I really think of him but I am sue he would just sue.

  20. Arnold Murphy says:

    Profession help is needed, obviously. It’s hard to have empathy for him, but it’s what he needs most, I think his whole schtick is an unorthodox cry for help. Or he is a paid troll, engaged to embroil you in debate and discredit you as much as he can, maybe as a result of your impact on ultra right politics through revealing and undermining their work. I would not be surprised to see an actual psy op at work against you and others for these reasons.

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