03.18.2010 09:17 AM

Alex Chilton, God-like genius

We were somewhere in NYC last night, people-watching the St. Paddy’s Day partiers (there were plenty, enough to turn the trip to the Carnegie into a faux-Fenian Hellish ordeal), when word came through that Alex Chilton – genius, god, muse to the Mats – had died. Alex Chilton!

Here’s Westerberg, playing the song that bears Alex Chilton’s name. Rest in peace, Big Star.


  1. EW says:

    A Westerburg clip but none from Radio City or Number One Record?

    Come on Warren! Show a little guidance to your readership – Alex deserves it, times 1000.

  2. Riley Robertson says:

    I now realize how non-mainstream I am. This is the third mention of Alex Chilton’s death I have encountered online and on radio this morning. Before today I had never heard of the guy.

  3. AmandaM says:

    “Faux-Fenian Hellish Ordeal”? INTRIGUING!

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