04.03.2010 12:07 PM

The iPad cometh!

Here it is, folks! The iQueue finally paid off!


  1. Eugene Parks says:

    “iQueue” is a registered trademark of, “I comment on Warren’s blog Incorporated”… btw

    The iPad looks sweet and something I’ve been thinking about but I’m conflicted on this one:

    On the one hand, the techie in me does not want it as it doesn’t have some of the uber features I use everyday;

    On the other hand, the entrepreneur in me wants it as it does all the other daily activities I like to have at my finger tips…

    What to do what to do what to do?

  2. james smith says:

    For Sale to a good home, a nearly new Sony Reader.
    Only sparingly used since Christmas by my little lady.
    Downloading stuff only takes about an hour & a half.
    The interface is complex, & adding & deleting stuff is different depending on what file format the document is but hey, you can read stuff, well text anyway, in real Black & White; when you finally figger out how to operate it.
    And best of all it’s a Sony! Remember Sony? Sure you do, Sony used to be cool.
    Selling to put a down payment on an iPad.

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