04.09.2010 02:18 PM

What’s gotten John Gormley’s panties in a twist?

“Fife — and his helper Taber — looked like a couple of lightweight thugs kicking Guergis when she’s down. But, then again, it’s always the weak that go after wounded prey.”

Wow. Gormley’s gormless column about Independent MP Helena Guergis being the victim of a “drive-by smear” (Lord how I loathe that cliché) was so wrong, so wildly off the mark, that it’ll be talked about for a long time to come.

Moreover, his shots at Jane Taber and Bob Fife (full disclosure, friends of mine) were also Hall-of-Fame stupid. John owes them an apology.


  1. Paul R. Martin says:

    Who is john Gormley? The reporters he is criticizing are very good and very respectable. They have done Harper a favour.

  2. Mark McLaughlin says:

    I’m not sure Taber has been considered a ‘journalist’ for some years now. Fife has a little more credibility here though.

    Friends or not, ‘What if?’ or ‘The situation looks bad, but we haven’t investigated’ stories are pretty lazy. Not sure I’d classify it as a drive by smear, but lazy seems fitting.

  3. sj says:

    John Gormley used to be a PC MP from the Battlefords in Saskatchewan. He also got an OC appointment to the Parole Board. Guess that even after 20 years or so in the media (not journalism), he still feels the need to protect his tribe.

  4. jon evan says:

    John is referring to the Fife/Taber soap operish public musing on the lady’s house mortgage implying something fraudulent but yet having no data to support the drive by smear! How gormless is that? They should research the data and then present that news! I thought journalists are to report news not creating a soap! Perhaps Fife/Taber would do better on ATWT (As the world turns)?

  5. Harbles says:

    Mr K Sir.
    You appear to be appeasing obvious CPC hacks.
    Is this subtle sarcasm or something more Zen-like?

    I cannot pluck the stone from your palm master!

  6. Just passin' through says:

    Fife, Taber, Gormley, Guergis…Kinsella.

    I don’t like any of you people. Stop talking already.

  7. Carle says:

    Your public opinion of Jane Taber and Bob Fife sure has changed from back in the day when they worked together at the National Post and they were actively reporting on Mr. Chretien’s Shawinigate affaire. You certainly weren’t calling them friends at that point.

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