05.12.2010 04:48 PM

Before the Reformatory spin machine gets revved up…

…read this:

Fasken Martineau, a leading international business law and litigation firm, made the following statement concerning comments made today before a House of Common’s Committee.

In November 2006, Mr. Nazim Gillani of International Strategic Investments approached Fasken Martineau through one its partners, Alfred Apps, in connection with legal advice/services for International Strategic Investments. Mr. Apps met with Mr. Gillani, received documents from Mr. Gillani and accepted a retainer cheque from Mr. Gillani.

Mr. Apps previously had no knowledge of, or acquaintance with, Mr. Gillani. Very shortly thereafter, Fasken Martineau declined to act on behalf of International Strategic Investments. Mr. Apps so advised Mr. Gillani and returned the retainer to Mr. Gillani. Fasken Martineau has had no professional dealings with Mr. Gillani or International Strategic Investments in the intervening period.


  1. Sandra says:

    Harper, again, is trying to make his problems the fault of Liberals. It is normal, as you would know Warren, for a legal firm to take a retainer to represent a new client and to go into the files. Obviously, Faskens didn’t like what they saw and returned the retainer.

    How long can Harper get away with trying to demean anyone he chooses to?

    Tory Teneycke tried last night to demean the Speaker of the House by saying he made the decision he did because he was a Liberal. We all know that Milliken is a man of integrity and is an expert on parliamentary procedures and rules, unlike Teneycke.

    This has to stop.

    A firm like Fasken, Martineau wouldn’t take a chance on ruining their reputation.

    • Seafarer says:

      I would argue Millikan did so because he a Liberal, means he’s honest.

      As well it was a result of the fact his little finger understands more constitutional law then the entire Tory caucus. If it had been the right thing to do he’d have ruled in their favour.

      • parnel says:

        you’re correct. The Tory culture of deceit and lies continues to slander all those who don’t become their muppets. They are a disgusting bunch.

        • Paul R. Martin says:

          Hi Parnel. It seems to me that the Liberals have tried to define Harper from day one. For example, I remember the lines “hidden agenda”, and your use of “culture of deceit and lies”. I notice that on the Globe and Mail web site, that there seems to be an organized attempt by Liberals to criticize Harper and to add thumbs down signs next to comments by Conservative supporters. It just isn’t working out very well for the Liberal party. You are currently on the wrong side of issues that are important to ordinary Canadians. It is time for the Liberals to say something positive for a change. Too much negativity turns people off.

          Sure, the Conservatives have decided to define the Liberal leaders? They have read Warren’s playbook. They have also had the opportunity to indicate what they believe in. They have been able to combine negative campaigning with positive action. All you guys have offered has been negative.

    • Jan says:

      Interesting that Guy Giorno also worked at Fasken – and at the same time. What kind of professional would attempt to slur his firm just to score a few cheap political points?

  2. Paul R. Martin says:

    It appears that Mr. Nazim Gilliani claimed in a meeting that Mr. Apps was his lawyer. Obviously Mr. Apps did have a meeting with Mr. Gilliani and quickly decided to have nothing to do with Gilliani. Gilliani appears to have made several false claims including the false claim that through Jaffer he had access to the Prime Minister. I just want to repeat my earlier observation that both Jaffer and Gilliani appear to have been B.S. artists. Based upon testimony today, Harper did the right thing in firing Mrs. Jaffer. She was obviously associating with a person of less than sterling character. On the other hand, Iggy’s comments about the way Harper handled the situation has the same impact as his much earlier claim that Harper’s time was up. It is very hard for the general public to take Iggy seriously on this matter. It is having no traction in the polls.

    • parnel says:

      PAUL, What traction is Harper getting in the polls after over four years. His personal ratings are under 30% and his party support is very soft. Traction for an opposition leader comes at election time.

  3. JH says:

    I’d say in light of both the Apps situation and Iggy’s first going after Guergis ( Using Mrs. Jaffer in the House etc. ) and his complete reversal of form lately – you bailed at the right time Warren or maybe your timing was even a bit off. A couple of weeks earlier would have been preferable. Still you haven’t been forced to defend a lot of this as a TV pundit etc. – which is better for your reputaton at least.

    • parnel says:

      IGGY PLAYED IT THE TORY WAY……. DOWN AND DIRTY. Its all the Tory party, with a culture of deceit and lies, understands

      • Catherine says:

        I’m betting this issue goes away sooner rather than later because NO ONE GIVES A CRAP!! That Mr. Ignatieff is slowly encroaching on Dion’s worst leader of the LPOC territory should be of huge concern to the ground support liberal membership because it’s a place that’s going to take years to dig out from. The guy who’s sitting in the cat-bird seat these days is Layton who will be the beneficiary of Liberals who want to park their vote elsewhere in the next election.

  4. I didn’t know lawyers were allowed to issue statements like that.

  5. dillon says:

    Snowdy also referred to a file missing from the court file. What is this about?

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