05.11.2010 09:28 AM


My sons (and I) are very, very happy. Comments are open.


  1. Michael Watkins says:

    My two boys and I are also very happy here in Vancouver as were all the rough and tumble roofers who worked on our house yesterday, staying late just to hear the final score. There are plenty of Westerners cheering on the Habs.

    Give us a thought tonight as the Canucks fight to stay in the playoffs in game six with the Redwings. It’s do or die for our team and in their last game they more than earned the right to carry on.

    • Warren says:

      And we are Canucks fans, too!

      • Robbie says:

        Michael: The Canucks are playing the Blackhawks. Sadly, the Red Wings were eliminated on Saturday by San Jose. Speaking of roofers, the Canucks need to be roofing the puck on Niemi. Habs are an amazing story. Good to see two Canadian teams still going.

        • Michael Watkins says:

          My faux pas, watching too much hockey lately and I get my birds confused easily. Sadly the Canucks demonstrated in last night’s game little of the spark they showed in game 5 and the Hawks crushed them rather easily.

          After an appropriate period of mourning, this morning, we’ll all be Habs fans out here by afternoon game time … go Habs go!

  2. george says:

    the habs are like vampires they reuse to die.as i remind people rocket richard was great because the men were off fighting a war>

    • Bill Templeman says:

      George: You are wrong. You need to be reminded to check your facts before you shoot. Richard tried to enlist in 42 and was rejected for medical reasons. Sorry to rain on your parade with pesky facts.

  3. billg says:

    My late fathers sage advice. Never bet against the Habs…or the Yankee’s.
    Montreal’s head scout lives about a mile from me just outside of Ottawa. Since the Game 1 win v Washington the entire street he lives on has had to go through the same game day rituals in order to keep the streak alive…superstitious to say the least. Mind you…big street party last night.

  4. Winnipegger says:

    Game seven in The Igloo should be a tough match. If it goes the Habs way, it’ll be the last NHL game ever in that arena.

  5. Robert K. says:

    I wathced the game on RDS last night. I noticed that on couple of t.v. commerical breaks that the “street shot” was of a church including St. Joseph’s Basilica.

    With the Habs, we either call upon the ghosts of the Forum past or make direct plea for divine intervention. Either way, its all good from where I sit. They are afterall God’s hockey team.

    Go Habs Go

  6. Connoisseur says:

    I said before on another site, my seat from the Forum signed by Canadiens Legends has had an impact ie: Dryden’s vibes going out to Halak, Cournoyer’s & Lafleur’s speed evident in Cammalleri, Subban showing Backstrom’s skills and BĂ©liveau’s gentlemanly conduct guiding the whole team – no cheap shots from Les Glorieux.

    Allez-y Les Boys!

  7. george says:

    i did not say richard ducked sevice just that real men ,like syl apps,were at war.reading is a wonderful gift,non? as to gentelmanly players i agree but that is the postive influence p.k. got in hamilton.

  8. Paul D. says:

    From what I’ve read, the Rocket did OK post 1945 …

    I am a born-and-raised Habs fan from Northern Ontario who commutes into Toronto to work each day. I take a load of grief from Leaf fans any time I venture out from my cubicle. You see, what makes a Leaf fan happy these days – since they haven’t had any playoff action in recent memory – is for Montreal to fail. But these are dark times indeed for Leaf Nation; not only have the Habs knocked off the Presidents Trophy winners, they have extended the Cup champs to the full seven games. Even if Montreal loses tonite, it has turned out to be a tremendous year for them … which translates to disastrous year for the Leaf Nation. I listen to Leaf fans on sports talk radio for a bit each morning droning on and on about what terrible fans Montreal supporters are, just before they pray for schandenfraude. Tomorrow, win or lose, I will bite my tongue, hold my head high, and smile and nod. And agree with those self-centred, myopic Leaf fans when they warn me, “Just wait til next year.” Just like they did last year. And the year before …

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