05.24.2010 06:47 PM

On the way to Ottawa

I’ll be seeing some of these guys tomorrow, at the unveiling of The Bosses’ portrait. Left to right: Romeo Leblanc, Joan Lajeunesse, Randy McCauley, Marc Laframboise, Bruce Hartley and me, October 1993. Photo by Carisse, bien sur.


  1. JR says:

    I was a shade too young to be style-conscious in 1993, so this is an honest question: was it not considered dorky to wear a trench coat with jeans back then? 🙂

  2. e says:

    you had hair

  3. Jan says:

    Ah – yes. That said, if people wearing trench coats over jeans could help defeat Harper, I would be willing to give it a pass.

  4. Sandra says:

    Actually, jeans were the thing then. Jeans/sports jackets, jeans and sparkly tops for women, even jeans and sparkes on New Years, jean jackets, jeans, jeans, jeans. So ya, Warren was cool then

  5. Winston Higgs says:

    Okay…I see Romeo on one end of the conga line and Warren on the other, seven smiling faces but only six names below. Did someone get “unfriended”?

  6. Ted says:

    The whole suit with jeans thing is the fashion equivalent of a mullet: all business on top but all party down below!

  7. allegra fortissima says:

    I you start now Warren, you’ll have them ready by this afternoon for the hanging


  8. Raymond says:

    For a moment I thought it was ‘The Kids In The Hall’…

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