05.07.2010 01:00 AM

Tonight at the Bovine: SFH, Rebecca Ramone, Rotten, Geldof and Bono!

Well, the last three are in town.  And I  know someone who plans to suggest to Geldof and Bono that they stop being boring old farts, and come to the show.  So you never know.

So come by! It’ll be massive.  And you never know who you might meet at the bar!  It might be a gazillionaire or a Knight!


  1. e says:

    which one is you

    the guy second from the right has the hair line; and the kewl dude on the right (with glasses) captures your spirit

    • Warren says:

      I’m the third guy, from the left

      When he saw it, my second son said: “The first guy looks like ET. The second guy looks drunk. The guy on the end looks like Dracula. And you have too much hair, dad.”

      Nice kid.

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    “Hell is full of musical amateurs: music is the brandy of the damned.” (George Bernard Shaw)

    Wishing everybody a great night at the Bovine!

  3. Paul R. Martin says:

    A knight as in Ted Knight?

  4. Derek Lipman says:

    Just wait until your brood are in their late teens and they start espousing conservative views just to get you cranked up! I did that to my lefty pop. Cruel, eh?

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