06.03.2010 06:10 PM

Boy, it sure is a good thing we have a “law and order” party running the show in Ottawa



  1. smelter rat says:

    Cheap shot Warren. The man was found to be mentally I’ll. Going for an escorted walk isn’t unreasonable.

    • Jeremy says:

      I concur. I’m not one to criticize just for the sake of it, but this reeks of shameless pandering.

    • Steve T says:

      The fact he was mentally ill doesn’t make his victim any less dead. And, no, going for an escorted walk isn’t unreasonable. However, his primary psychiatric caregiver was on the radio here in Winnipeg yesterday, talking about how Mr. Li was a “kind, gentle, Christian man” who was showing all signs of a full “recovery”.

      The conversation then turned to how schizophrenics are so “misunderstood”, and with the proper medication they can be fully-functional members of society. This segued into a discussion of how poor Mr. Li was “under the influence of psychosis” when he beheaded Tim McLean – except the doctor kept calling it “the incident”. In other words, the usual perpetrator-becomes-victim routine. Upon being asked, the doctor stated that it is possible Mr. Li will be released into society in a year or two. The doctor said Mr. Li “poses no threat greater than anyone else, provided he is on his medication and is properly supervised.”

      That last sentence is the part that worries average Canadians. Here is a guy who has proven he is capable of killing others in a gruesome and unprovoked manner, if he isn’t on medication and closely supervised. So is someone going to shove the medicine down his throat every day? There have been countless stories of similar people who “forget” to take their medicine, or otherwise revert to their previous behavior, and end up hurting someone else. All the judges and doctors who advocated for the guy say they are shocked, and never expected this would happen.

      Bottom line, Mr. Li continues to represent a serious danger to society, and should never be permitted outside a detention facility. And, yes, I understand how much it will cost to detain him, and yes, I’m willing to pay it.

  2. abe says:

    I heard he even gets to sleep on a bed.

  3. parnel says:

    we all know the law and order routine is just so much BS that gets the reformatories more money from the church basements of the west. Harper has become a Liberal (SORT OF) in all but name and uses the tough talk to keep his base close. The CULTURE OF DECEIT IS ALWAYS PRESENT WITH THE HARPERCRITES

    • You speak for all of us??
      Church basements of the west??
      Culture of deceit??
      Statements,prejudices and attitudes such as yours are some the reasons(there are many others)that we here in the west will not miss you from the east….when you go.
      I know that you don’t want US to go…..because “here” is where the money is.And it’s not in our church basements!!!!!!

      • parnel says:

        Tim, just take a read of Harper’s statments on coalitions today and his letter to the GG in 2004………”culture of deceit” says it properly and truthfully.

        As for the church basement collections. Ask where most of the cons money comes from and then let me know if its an attitude or prejudice.

        You won’t get rid us because you need us to gobble up the dirty oil you produce and you need our manufacturing and intellectual knowledge. Check your blackberry!!!

        I still say Harper’s “tough on crime” agenda is simply pandering to his hard right in those church basements and he will never push really hard to pass those bills.

  4. george says:

    as mean spirited as gary bettman. you begrudge somone who will be instutionalized for the balance of his life a walk?what a sad churlish little man you must be.

  5. Michael Teper says:

    Sorry Mr. Kinsella, but I have to agree with “smelter rat”. That was indeed a cheap shot. What would you do if you were the political decision-maker? Would you interfere with the independent Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board? If you wouldn’t, then you have nothing to complain about. If you would, then what’s the point of having an independent board, and what would be your proposal for the right time to let Mr. Li out of his little cage? If your answer is “never”, then you are on-side with the Conservatives, and again you have nothing to complain about.

  6. Winnipegger says:

    He has a mental illness and was not criminally responsible for his actions. I’ve never agreed with the “hang ’em high” crowd who fails to understand about schizophrenic hallucinations and how that could make a person act in ways they would not have if they were of good mental health. Li has every right to get better, and schizophrenia can often be effectively managed with medication and active on-going therapy.

    Besides, Manitoba’s Justice Minister has put the walks on hold until such time that the facility upgrades its security (build a fence, etc):


    Besides, weren’t the laws around how people can be found not criminally responsible and the system of review boards in place under the Liberals as well?! If it is so terrible, and such an affront to law-and-order, why didn’t Chretien and Martin address it?

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