06.18.2010 06:44 AM

I can die now

Last night, after a SFH get-together, we saw Mudhoney at Michael Hollett’s (hey, Michael!) NXNE in Dundas Square.

And then, at 10 p.m….X!


I’ve waited thirty years to see these guys; when I was a teenager, I reckoned they were the coolest outfit on the planet. Having seen them, I can now die, a contended man [wild cheers go up, country-wide – Ed.].  X was as tight and fast and as passionate as ever – they were amazing.  The only disappointment: they didn’t play ‘Blue Spark.’ To get Friday started right, here they are, many years back, playing on Letterman (and featuring a hilarious exchange between Dave and Billy Zoom):


  1. Namesake says:

    I rather liked ‘4th of July’ when it came out, even tho’ it was alt-country (which I didn’t like at the time, and which John Doe has ended up doing FT, aging gracefully, I suppose: even released one w. The Sadies last year), since I was going thru a break-up of my own in SoCal at the time.

  2. Bailey says:

    Was Exene at the show? Is she still touring with them despite her being diagnosed with MS?

  3. I hate music says:

    Mudhoney’s drummer is awesome.

  4. Geo says:

    Saw them at FouFoune in Mtl oh… a very long time ago just before Nervana hit big. That was defiantly one great night. I had never heard of them and a friend called me saying you have to go. I bought Joe a few drinks for that one.

    As a teenager though it was a toss up between Agent Orange and Social D.

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