07.16.2010 10:34 PM

Take that, Al Gore!

That global warming stuff sure is a load of hooey, isn’t it?

Darn tootin’.


  1. Volkov says:

    I find this post both silly but highly ironic given that Al Gore is from Tennessee.

  2. Paul R. Martin says:

    Al Gore has enough problems that are greater than the enormous carbon footprint he is personally responsible for.

  3. Bill King says:

    One of the biggest problems with the climate change debate is too many people – even intelligent, well informed people – don’t know the difference between “climate” and “weather”.

    Yes the weather is a little hotter than usual this year. Enjoy it.


  4. Sandra says:

    The deniers’ thinking – if we have a snow fall in the dead of winter that means there’s no global warming.

    So, wait. Next time it snows they’ll come out in full force and say “see we told you so”.

    • Cath says:

      you seem to forget that we had snow in calgary and medicine hat less than a month ago – that makes it early June. Your theory’s weak. Sandra.

  5. Wascally Wabbit says:

    Yup – I’ll bet the Goracle must be whining in his cave right now NOT!
    I assume the party of NO and Grizzly Momma will be releasing sound bites shortly telling how the scientists are cooking their numbers again!

  6. James Smith says:

    Off Topic
    -I’m reaching here, one could blame the record setting heat on this fella’s anger management issues. No not the present PM! check out Officer Bubbles:


  7. Namesake says:

    Oh, joy: it’s Can ‘o Worms week. What’s on tap tomorrow:

    Oil; huh, who needs it?

  8. e says:

    The absolute ingnorance verging on maliciousness of the deniers is stunning… and they are running our government.

  9. JH says:

    That movie and some of his foolishness in it – set the whole green movement back tremendously. And let’s not forget this whole thing has made him a multi-millionaire thanks to the companies he set up to take advantage of his evangelizing. Not against envoirmental protecton BTW but his and Suzuki’s actions to benefit themselves are highly suspect.

  10. Jamie says:


    So the hottest average temperatures recorded world-wide is “weather” not climate and we ought to enjoy it? I’m not a climate scientist (neither are you I imagine), but I think I’ve got a pretty decent bullshit detector. You sir, are full of shit.

    • Bill King says:


      Yes the average temperture this year is higher than the average of the last hundred years.

      Three winters ago snow falls in Ontario were dramatically higher than average too.

      Weather changes. Daily. Seasonally. Annually.

      Climate changes too. But not in three years.

      Maybe you’re not a scientist. But surely you went to high school?

      I can tell by the quality of your post…


  11. Joel Coates says:

    I did my masters thesis on ice age weather. We are in an interglacial warm period. Looked outside lately, you idiots?

  12. Andrew says:

    Joel Coates: give it a rest about your “masters thesis on ice age weather”. The majority of climate scientists who actively publish in the scientific journals (still the best forum for the presentation and discussion of the most current research) conclude that anthropogenic climate change is happening.

  13. Marc L says:

    I am not a “denier”. Climate change is most likely a reality. However, there is no evidence at all that the weather we are experiencing is the result of climate change. To associate the two in this manner is really a stretch — the two may or may not be related, and there is no way to know for sure. In fact, I find it detrimental to the cause to make such claims, because once we get another colder than average summer (like the last two summers in Montreal for example) you will have all the deniers saying that the colder summer proves that climate change is a hoax. The fact is, we get both hotter and cooler summers, and neither proves anything. Please, stop giving the “deniers” ammunition, because that is what you are doing.

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