09.04.2010 02:57 AM

Nominate new PMO Chief of Staff here!

While the Parliamentary Press Gallery furiously debate who,exactly, first broke the news about Guy Giorno’s departure, I think the rest of us should wildly speculate about who will be his successor.

We’ll have zero impact on the decision, naturally, but it’ll be fun. And – who knows – someone may actually get it right. Nominate your pick(s) in comments.


  1. Paul R. Martin says:

    I nominate Warren Kinsella. He can be very partisan and knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Liberal Party.

  2. I nominate the reanimated corpse of Frank Morgan. “Nobody sees the Wizard!”

  3. Anonymously Posted says:

    It will have to be a 100% sycophant. Someone who will worship the ground Harper stomps on, someone without any self respect, and any accomplishment whatsoever.

    Only one name jumps out: Pierre Polievre.

  4. scanner says:

    (you know who he is – drives the same car)

  5. Bob says:

    Conrad Black. Lots of experience in the newspaper industry.

  6. jbro says:

    bon – giorno!

    i predict none of us will be able to tell the difference. can you see the difference?
    my money is on:

    bryan harris


    mike mulroney.

    bon – giorno!

  7. Namesake says:

    Well, since his main functions are to keep the whole Family in line, scare the civil service into submission, and make dissenters and rivals “Offers they can’t refuse” all within semi-legal bounds, I nominate: Tom Hagen.


  8. jay says:

    John Ehrlichman.

  9. SG says:

    I nominate Jason Kenney – he is good at doing what he is told – he thinks Harper is God, the conservative platform a bible and he shoots when he can not win any smart debate…he is good at getting instant minority friends….hey looks good on tv

  10. Brian says:

    I nominate Stephen Harper. He can do both jobs, saving taxpayers countless thousands in the process.

    In fact, some suggest he’s already filling for Giorno during the week.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You stole my thunder. Good on you!

      After all, this Prime Minister has always been a one-man show. He can now take it to new heights — after going through 2 chiefs of staff and 5 directors of communications (so far) like a knife through butter — he can hit us with the topper and FINALLY fire the person most responsible for the probable sinking of this government: H-I-M-S-E-L-F.

  11. allegra fortissima says:

    Frank Spadone.


    Keep it Italian, Stephen. And have the Pasta ready!

  12. james Smith says:

    Bill Van der zam
    Mike Harris
    Mike (the former TV Guy)
    The Lord (the former Premier)
    Ralph (the former Premier)
    Ralph the Dog
    Either of the fellas who will buy your gold on the TeeVee
    Randy Pettipas (just to see if he reads this)

    But I think your buddy Earl is the best choice, windy, & does not nearly live up to his billing!

  13. Winston Higgs says:

    Honestly, any palooka with a roll of duct tape and a taser to keep the troops in line will do…failing that, can I nominate the jar of Cheez-Whiz in my fridge?

  14. Windsurfer12 says:

    1. George Bush

    2. Lucien Bouchard

    3. Tony Blair

    4. Alfred E. Neumann

    5. Glenn Beck

    6. Rob Ford

    7. Tariq Aziz

    8. Putin

    9. Jean-Marie LePen

    Some of these may not be ideal choices but what the hack !

    Hey, what’s not to like about a little Saturday afternoon humour.

  15. JohnB says:

    Ezra Levant.

  16. DJ says:

    I nominate Paul Martin, He may be able to stick around the PMO office a little longer than his last visit.

  17. Rob says:


  18. paulsstuff says:

    Tony Soprano

  19. paulsstuff says:


    Won’t happen. He’s tied up with Soros trying to stop Sun TV

  20. paulsstuff says:

    Maybe George Smitherman. Looks like he might be looking for another job after the Toronto elections are over.

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