09.13.2010 08:08 AM

Sun burst

Ian Davey is my friend, and I have tons of friends at the Sun.

Ian was obviously – and I mean, front-page, 72-point font obviously – making a joke. He, and his remarkable Dad before him, have been long-time Sun readers.  In fact, Red Leaf founder Keith Davey placed more advertising in the Sun, over the years, than practically any ad exec you can name.

I know Ian well enough to know that he meant no offence. I also know a few Sun editorialists know that, too.

The universe balances out, with the Sun at the centre of it.


  1. Cath says:

    It wasn’t the Sun’s front office or pundits Davey insulted Warren it was the readers who, as you know and I know will either laugh it off if they see the humour in his remarks or help push SunTV over the top when it does finally arrive. Sun readers will be the ultimate judge of how this all plays out. It was a stupid thing to say. Either way Davey needs to address this himself.

  2. Leon says:

    I read the Sun and I wasn’t offended. I just figured he was a Slitherman supporter and as is often the case with them, biologically incapable of speaking the truth. I took his statement as a compliment. Anyone see a billion dollars???

  3. CQ says:

    I just like that you ended this posting with centre rather than cent’er’. Online comment repeat:
    ‘…it would help their cause if SunTV News? Quebecor Inc. website sub-directories, Newscenter/re & Investorcenter/re, were spelled with Canadian English.


  4. Anonymously Posted says:

    Even Tim Powers, on the show, thought it was a joke and was smiling. Man, these SUN folks sure get their knickers in a knot quickly, don’t they!

  5. Leon says:

    I read the Sun and I was not offended. I figured Ian was a Slitherman supporters and as is often the case with them, biologically unable to speak the truth. His statement was a compliment. Has anyone seen a billion dollars???

  6. Brian says:

    Part of a political culture in which the antagonists will jump on *any* remark and twist any opponents’ phrase to put him on the defensive.

    This cannot be a shock to one of the finer practitioners of the ‘art,’ no?

  7. Michael Reintjes says:

    I,m on my way out to pick up the Sun…..I,ll grab some Beer and popcorn for you guys on the way back….

  8. bigcitylib says:

    A sign with small print that reads: If you can’t read this you should be reading The Sun. That joke’s at least 25 years old. The Sun is written by morons, for morons. And always has been. We all know that. If you’re a Sun reader, you move your lips when you read. Why take offense? Why not glory in your dumbness?

  9. Ian says:

    I’m just doing their crossword puzzle. Does anyone know a three letter word that might have a 6 in the middle? (I always do the three letter words first because they’re way faster to do.)

  10. Paul R. Martin says:

    It may have been intended as a joke; however, it was not very funny. He did leave himself open to ridicule.

    As an aside, I am upset that my mop and pail did not arrive today. When I phoned them, all I got was a computer. When I used profanities, the computer did not understand. I do miss human contact when I try to phone a newspaper.

  11. WesternGrit says:

    Love reading the “ignorant factor” comments on those links calling “left-wingers” “elitist”. If people think people on the left of the political spectrum are “elitists”, they simply don’t understand the meaning of the term. For hundreds of years (perhaps thousands), downtrodden peoples on the so-called “left” have been struggling against the elites of the (let’s just call it…) “land-owning” classes… Take a quick survey to review just how much of our nation – or society in general – is owned by “the man”. Now check just whom the “man” votes for. Go to the USA and see the same results. Crusty conservatives with their talons on the controls of the nation – including our private media chains/conglomerates, etc..

    It’s precious to listen to some rich wanna-be journalist “editorialist” sit in the office tower of their mega-billionairre owner and call people who represent ordinary working Canadians and small business people “elitist”. Problem is, many of the “ignorant” have bought into the bull@hit headlines… When you figure out who propaganda works best on, it’s too late…

  12. Darrell says:

    With all due respect, what would the spin doctor do if the shoe was on the other foot?

  13. James Curran says:


    “So, there it is ? straight from the horse?s ass.

    You, dear readers, are as dumb as posts.

    So, whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto or Ottawa ? homes to our fleet of tabloids ? perhaps you can find a Liberal at your local library who will read this editorial to you.

    They are easy to spot.

    They?ll have their heads up their arse.”

    So Davey makes a remark thereby ALL Liberals have their heads up their asses, right Mark? Who sounds like the the idiot now?

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