10.20.2010 01:36 PM

And I like Peter Kormos, and I wish he was one of ours

[…and, um, I’m Canadian, Peter.]

Mr. Peter Kormos: Of course, the Liberals have just finished their weekend confab during which the keynote speech was on the art of mudslinging.

Well, I read the book just Friday night, after I read that in the paper. But I do notice that there was some material distributed during that weekend confab. I have copies here.

(Blah blah blah.)

This is material that was handed out, I’m told, at the weekend confab by the Liberals where they were being spoken to by the American [sic] king of mudslinging, Warren Kinsella, for whom I have a great deal of admiration and who is, of course, an expert at mudslinging. I only wish he was one of ours, rather than the Liberals.

I like Warren Kinsella.


  1. Em says:

    You’re an idiot, Consistent.

    Kormos is an MPP; you’re supposed to sling mud at “The Coalition” … MPs!
    Reformatory talking point fail.

    • Namesake says:

      Absurdant also fails on his comedic and translation skills when he steps on his own joke:

      the corresponding negative English-Russian-Spanish sequence following his tired, “Coalition Troika Junta” trinity should be:

      “no, nyet, no” (but no “non,” as he should know, no?)

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        One is perhaps sorely tempted to diagnose even absent a physician’s credentials, endlessly repetitive loop syndrome…

  2. Paul R Martin says:

    Why is mud being given a bad reputation?

    Remember the old Flanders and Swan song.

    “Mud, mud, glorious mud
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
    So follow me follow, down to the hollow
    And let me me wallow in glorious mud”

    I believe that it was Red Skelton who once said “She got a mud pack and looked good for a couple of days. Then the mud fell off.”

    There is a big difference between mud, truth, lies, interpretation, and slander.

  3. Tceh says:

    I too look at mudslinging as a good and irresistible response to idiocy observed in the course of one’s day. Take Jim Flaherty for example. He’s may as well have a 4X8 sheet of plywood around his neck with the word ‘fool’ written on it. Watching his missteps, outright blatant errors and proud shows of (in)competence makes him a ripe target for any object one wishes to fling in his general direction. How could one not do it? How could one not resist the texture of cool, moist dirt just before it is slung(sp?) Flaherty’s way?

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Here’s to mud in their eyes!

  5. allegra fortissima says:

    Guys should stay away from those facial mask matters – there is more about it than just mud – and mind their after-shave instead 🙂

  6. Namesake says:

    anyhow, back to the original topic — the art of mudslinging — CBC Newswatch / NN is running a 90 min. special profiling Lee ‘Willie Horton’ Atwater, on Sunday night (@10 Eastern), called: “Boogieman: King of Dirty Tricks.”

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