10.30.2010 08:33 AM

Inside Team Ford

I found this story about the Ford campaign pretty revealing. Really revealing.

There are three possibilities. One, they really are that undisciplined and just blabbed their heads off to Maclean’s (and the Globe, apparently). Two, the campaign manager never believed he was going to be made Chief of Staff, and was trying to get more business for his consulting gig. Or, three, they all thought they were off the record, and the magazine writer screwed them. (On that latter point, there is some history to ponder.)

Any way you slice it, though, it was a mistake. Don’t talk about how you make sausages. People don’t want to hear it.

Just serve ’em, and hope they like the taste.

UPDATE: Brian at www.stateofthecity.ca has this take: “Look around and you see an awful lot of “inside” stories about Nick Kouvalis and how brilliant Nick Kouvalis is. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

UPPERDATE: Paul Raposo writes: “One of Fraser Macdonald tweets under the fake name of @QueensQuayKaren was this: “pretty sure @g_smitherman is the ‘takes it up the middle’ candidate” Please tell me again how Ford’s staff and supporters are not anti-gay. They’re willing to use fake accounts to write childish anti-gay garbage about opponents.”


  1. Brian says:

    Look around and you see an awful lot of “inside” stories about Nick Kouvalis and how brilliant Nick Kouvalis is.

    I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    And bring up Smitherman’s past drug use. And trash WK a bit. Wonder if any of it would be actionable?

  3. Victor says:

    Even though Fraser McDonald has deleted all the tweets, you can find them here.


    • Andrew says:

      And how can you be sure those are the original tweets and not doctored to forward a particular point of view?

      Anyone with a little photoshop skills would be able to create any type of content and make it look like it is from a particular account.

      • bigcitylib says:

        These were posted to politwitter and I remember reading a few of them there. There are the origonal tweets.

      • Victor says:

        All of this can also be found on google’s cache and or variant websites with historical info; the internet is “forever”…anyone who thinks they can delete their way to anonymity is sorely mistaken.

  4. At the end, they suggest that Smitherman’s team didn’t identify their vote. Can that actually be true?

    • paulsstuff says:

      They identified their vote. So did Ford. Problem is the voters identified by the Ford camp outnumbered Smitherman’s by almost 100,000.

  5. Dave says:

    14 Oct – “… George has the big ‘mo! Get out and vote progressive allies!!!”

    Real subtle.

  6. J. Coates says:

    Campaigns stop mattering after the election results come in. Who got blown to Smithereens? Suck it up princesses.

  7. Ian says:

    Heard Mr Kouvalis speaking on a Toronto talk-radio show on Wednesday evening, he and one of the station’s hosts were rather angry and indignant with CBC over Mr Ford’s interview. Mr Kouvalis vowed that Ford will not do anymore interviews with CBC. They eventually had the host and producer from CBC’s “As It Happens” come on air and give their position about the interview. They explained that their phone call to Mr Ford was anything but a random call and that they had confirmation by email from one of Mr Ford’s people to phone him at exactly 3:00 P.M. on the day in question, which is what they did and they caught him at the football practice. Anyway, according to Mr Kouvalis and the talk-radio station, the fault is entirely with CBC. And, by the way, Mr Kouvalis was on air that night because he “just happened” to turn on his radio when the talk-radio station was discussing the CBC interview and he decided to phone in. Sure.

  8. Victor says:

    Dieter Doneit-Henderson has posted all of the direct Twitter messages sent to him by Fraser Macdonald (aka “QueensQuayKaren”)


    • Thanks for letting people know Victor, that’s very much appreciated…Knowledge is power, right? =)

      I’m curious why no one’s mentioning the DM I got from the Twitter Account (Which can be seen in the link Victor provided) with a day or two before the election stating that she/it was sure that George was actively back on drugs, hence his being disconnected from people like me, who sent the Smitherman campaign countless emails to WARN them about this user, ironically, as I suspected in the last weeks of the election especially, that at the very least, this was a Ford Supporter, if not an operative, as it turns out. Who KNOWS how many other people this Twitter Account DM’d with similar messages that George was back on drugs, which would cause even the strongest Smitherman Supporter to change their vote, as it almost did me, until Robb at Team Smitherman personally confirmed to me that such was completely untrue, but decisive action? None to be spoken of and that was a failed opportunity in hindsight.

      Had people listened to what I was trying to tell them for months, since being inside Ford’s inner circle and then from one day to the next abruptly & publicly being kicked into the gutter (all because the Ford’s knew the TorStar was going to run a big “Saturday Edition Followup” – Revealing Rob Ford’s broken promise, ineptitude and Ford and Thugs decided to preempt that toxic PR and on the Thursday, before that Saturday, the lynching started with Levy’s front page, slander laced article of fantasy after Ford invited Levy to his City Hall office and released to her, ALL our Confidential and Highly Private Medical files, which we gave Ford in good faith, when he asked for them)…Which was the same time as him promising that he’d end the “DR Discrimination” that I was being faced with, which ended with a DR being found for us by the province with FMS knowledge that I have been blessed to have since August and who’s decided recently, following tests of all kinds that the exact same medical regiment and health care support as previously received in Ottawa, prior to our move to Toronto on March 15th, be maintained for the next 3 months at least and then review if any newer options have become available – Since August I’ve never had a single problem nor complaint about our new DR, who is the most empathetic, understanding & intelligent person I have ever met – He even makes himself available at all hours by email, a first in my 31 years of life.

      When the TorontoStar did follow up with me, at the start of June, I was honest and told them not only was Ford breaking his promise made, as witnessed by the TorontoStar in our home and recorded on David Rider’s iPhone, but worse that Ford’s advice was getting more and more reckless, I was running out of all the medications I have been forced to take since 2007, since I was diagnosed, not with MS, but with the far more debilitating & crippling FMS. When I gave them examples of Ford’s recklessness, like that I was rushed to hospital by 9-1-1 and EMS, because I sustained a seizure directly due to having to abruptly stop taking medications that DR’s WARN you never to stop without their direction and supervision. The side effects of running out of my over a dozen medications, caused the Fractured Rib I had at the same time.

      Rob Ford knew that the possible consequences of me running out of my life sustaining medications could be a seizure, stroke or heart attack and he couldn’t have cared less!

      To be frank, the TorStar couldn’t reconcile what was true and what was not, as the Ford’s were telling them, lying to them that they were moving mountains for us, when they were hearing and being provided evidence of a much different story, which is when the Star asked if I could capture a call for them to judge, because all of it seemed surreal to all of us concerned at the time, hence 3 days after being rushed to Hospital, and to protect myself, I recorded the call I placed to Ford.

      It should be added that Ford forgot on June 17th, when they conspired this story up, that on June 1st when I was rushed to ER, they did blood tests, including a drug screen and I was negative. Ford knew that, yet he forgot about that fact, for it disproves the whole idea that I was or am some lowlife “drug addict” that can’t be trusted…And that is how Ford misled Toronto, me and everyone else in our great city.

      Ford had so much influence with his massive team, millions and connections that he even ensured I couldn’t even get a local, Toronto lawyer…Still to this day I only have my Ottawa lawyer, who has also known me for over a decade and has been involved, trying his best to find a lawyer that hasn’t been tainted with the falsehoods raised by Ford/Levy. He doesn’t know many people in Toronto and neither do we, as we just moved here. He’s seen all the evidence and said that when a Toronto Lawyer finally does stand up with the courage to standup to Rob Ford, the case will be landmark and will set a prescience… which I HOPE will prevent anyone in future, disabled or not, from being discriminated, taken advantage of for a photo-op, promised something basic, as Ford did like a DR, without being asked for help, with no intention of keeping that promise, BUT to appear to be helping.

      People are slowly realizing that:

      1. The police have not so much as called me and every media outlet in the GTA and beyond was given our number, presumedly by the Ford Camp, as it was unlisted…Never-mind coming to my address that Ford came to first in May to arrest me for being so “threatening” “emotionally disturbed” a “drug addict” and threat to his “mother, wife and young family” etc etc — Many don’t even know that only 2 days after his press conference in which he lynched me, the TorontoSun of all people, caught him out in one of his first lies, which was that our MPP had gone to the TPS to have criminal charges laid against us AND that she urged Ford to do the same at a cricket match. The TPS stopped short of calling him a pathological liar in public and said “Mr. Ford is very mistaken” at which point Ford’s story changed to it must have “been her EA who told me” – The Executive Assistant came forward to rubbish those claims only days after that, and the MPP’s office said they never had any reason to contact the police about us and found us to be a “pleasant and genuinely nice couple” with a big problem of falling through the health care cracks.

      2. That it was Rob Ford et al who set me up, a resident of Toronto, the very resident or residents he was running to represent, NOT the other way around as Ford/Levy wanted all of Canada to know!

      3. That I’ve had one and the same DR now since August, who’s been the most helpful and educated on FMS, of any person I’ve met since diagnosis in 2007. That same DR called what Rob Ford did to me as “Appallingly sick & twisted” and labelled his own peers, the 11 DR’s before him, half his age, who denied the very existence of FMS to my face, one after the other cowards who “copped out, because they weren’t educated on FMS or pain management and didn’t want to bruise their ego’s by admitting there IS something they don’t know & simply refer me to someone who does” and in none of those 11 DR interactions was “Oxycontin” ever mentioned nor was it ever named, despite the slander stating the opposite nor is Oxycontin even the most important medication of the dozen or more medications I’ve had to take, to TRY and control the unbelievable dizzying amount of side effects that come with living with FMS and CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Over 440,000 people in Ontario have FMS and are going through similar struggles, versus the barely 70,000 MS sufferers, in ALL of Canada, who you hear about more and more often. I’ve even been with the same pharmacy, since we moved here, through the entire ordeal, which they want to testify in my defence for and still continue to be our one and only pharmacy…They too have been outstanding and supportive, with each slanderous article released, they were there with more and more support as they watched in disbelief what Rob Ford et al were doing to cover their own ass. Pardon my French =)

      The amount of evidence I have accumulated since May is staggering.

      As soon as I received the DM’d with “George is back on drugs” I emailed Team Smitherman and they did absolutely nothing about it, not even to raise it and deny it publicly, which might have made all the difference.

      All this is the tip of the iceberg, compared with the GIG’s of evidence I have of all the slander, deception, willful lies and duplicitous & manipulative actions executed by Rob Ford to intentionally mislead and distort the truth, at all costs and at any measure, to save Rob Ford’s campaign from what surely was inevitable defeat and the Ford Campaign has admitted as much in both the Globe and Macleans pieces.

      One can only hope that the likes of Macleans will come to me to get the rest of the facts, that Rob Ford et al. with the help of longtime Ford Family Friend and Minister of Propaganda for Team Ford, Sue-Ann Levy tried so DESPERATELY to distort and how desperately they tried to silence me ahead of the election.

      Did I mention that Ford misrepresented himself as my Councillor in May when we were first introduced? We became aware in September that Rob Ford was not even our councillor in the first place, yet he would have known that and still seized on the opportunity to have two Gay Men who happen to live with HIV, with a Rob Ford sticker in hand and him in the picture. Money can’t buy that kind of PR!

      The truth always prevails and if it takes decades, I stand on the principle that I have to think of the people that come after me, who are also made to suffer horrifically, at the hands of the very people they are meant to turn to, when the proverbial shit hits the fan!



  9. Dave says:

    The thing is that all of this plays directly into the master plan. How much value do you think the Ford team places on the support of the average CBC listener (at least, their stereotye of the average CBC listener)? I’d say zero – they know that it’s a vote that they don’t have, and will never get, so instead they taunt that demographic to the great glee of their supporters.

    Read the articles that Warren linked to and you’ll see that it’s been a part of their strategy throughout the campaign – why apologize for an anti-gay slur when you’re not getting the “gay vote” anyway? Not apologizing strengthens your core and might bring on some undecideds to boot. There are many people who are not “anti-gay” but don’t really care much about being “pro-gay” either.

    Rob Ford is a millionaire who didn’t have to work from zero like his father to become one. He does, however, seem to be able to relate to the “little guy” extremely well. All of the things that he is attacked for (his weight, his bluster, lack of eloquence) help him more than hinder him.

    I think that those who oppose Rob Ford would be wise to remember one thing – by virtually all accounts, he is good to his constituents, and is honest and seems to believe in what he says.

    Disagree with his ideas, but attacking the man does little to erode his support.

    This almost exactly mirrors what is happening on a Federal scale here in Canada right now, and it’s exactly what I hope doesn’t happen Provincially next fall.

    • Andrew says:

      I work in a unionized organization and to tell you the truth, the people who fall into everyone thought would not support Ford, i.e. the immigrant, ethnic, gay, university educated, post-graduate degree, etc. are the one’s who voted for Ford. This election turned demographics on its ear.

    • Brian says:

      Dave wrote: “How much value do you think the Ford team places on the support of the average CBC listener (at least, their stereotype of the average CBC listener)? I?d say zero ? they know that it?s a vote that they don?t have, and will never get.”


      All the same, it might be smart for them to canvass new members of Council for their CBC listening habits first before jumping to conclusions, since Councillors will now make up the votes they’ll be paid to count and deliver.

      • MJH says:

        Ford would not have received support from CBC listeners as they are 96% Liberal or NDP. The CBC strongly denies such bias but it is rather evident in pracise.

  10. J. Coates says:

    Warning change of topic and shameless nostalgia.

    I got into a spontaneous conversation with a blue-eyed cutie on the LRT today. She wished she had be alive during the sixties and seventies when P. Trudeau and J. Cretein were running the show

    God bless young ladies. Its pleasing to see that short skirts are coming back too.;

  11. Ted says:

    There are many pretty/very shocking and disturbing things about that Maclean’s article. To me the most disturbing is not that it reveals Ford is a pathological liar – everyone knew that was a character trait but voted for him anyway – but that some of the big events in the campaign were deliberate and calculated lies.

    I understand how and why he has a knee-jerk reaction to lie to a Sun journalist who has found out about his drug charge. But then to plan and design a double lie to get away with it – first, that he forgot because he was thinking about the failure to provide a breathalyzer charge later that day, and second, that he said he was charged with failing to take a breathalzyer (it was a DUI charge) – is too calculated and devious.

    How can this guy’s word be trusted?

    This man of privilege already feels entitled to do whatever and say whatever he wants.

    Our “Millionaire Mayor”, folks, if I can coin a nickname.

  12. Thank you Warren for all that you have done through the campaign to try and prevent this disaster-in-waiting from becoming elected.


  13. Ted says:

    Which of the Millionaire Mayor’s lies do people think is the most atrocious:

    1. Knee-jerk lie about never having been busted for drugs in Florida (it’s clear he did not just “forget” from this article)?

    2. The deliberate calculated lie about having “forgotten” about the drug charge because he mixed it up with the “failure to provide a breathalyzer” charge?

    3. The deliberate calculated lie about being charged for “failure to provide a breathalyzer” when it was a full-on drunk driving charge?

    4. The deliberate calculated lie that he told the drugging he buy illegal drugs for him because he was afraid for his family (which the article reveals was his campaign manager’s idea – the druggy and Ford knew each other well and his daughter would drive him around trying to help him get the drugs)?

    5. The lie that he planned to tear up street car lanes? (or is this just a massive Day 2 flip flop?)

    6. The lie that he would immediately repeal the land transfer tax? (or is this just another massive Day 2 flip flop?)

    Others? What’s your favourite lie from the Millionaire Mayor?

    • Andrew says:

      Is Millionaire Mayor a new show on Slice TV? I can’t wait for the new fall line up of shows!

      Is there a show about a guy, who has lots of friends in high places but no matter what he or they do, he still can’t win?

  14. DL says:

    In the end, Ford will entertain us for the next four years. He’ll get to gloat about reducing city councillors office budgets and perks “whoop-dee-doo – they no longer get to go to the Zoo for free!!!” – and then it will all grind to a a standstill. The trouble is that once you get past stopping the so-called “gravy train” – Ford doesn’t really have any policies and will end up a hostage to council. He’ll basically end up as a mascot for the city and life will go on for the rest of us.

  15. DL says:

    I don’t know about you – but i was never losing any sleep over the idea that city councillors got to go to the Zoo for free. Who cares?

    • Dave says:

      It’s quite likely that cutting all of these passes will cost the city money.

      (esp. parking/transit)

      Rather than give councillors a free transit or parking pass (which costs the city $0 real dollars ) they will now be reimbursing out of budgets – which they need to use real money for.

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