10.19.2010 06:26 AM

Sun column: All is not what it seems

Quebec doesn’t like him. It matters.


  1. JStanton says:

    There is something disconcerting about seeing you and Levant having articles listed next to each other on the Sox site this morning. Levant whines about how “we” have been betrayed by Mr. Obama – by which he of course does not mean the same “we” that you and I might, but that which believes Mr. Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, and that Mr. Harper represents the majority of Canadians.

    Your cogent point- that Mr. Harper cannot win a majority any time soon – is one we have heard since he was elected. None of the facts have changed in a way that can effect this. Whether he goes to work drunk with a gun, or his profligacy continues to deplete our pensions, his base of Liberal haters will continue to support him, while everyone else will continue not to. The only possibility of a game-changer – the coalescing of opposition under a single banner, is as far from possible as Mr. Harper’s majority, since there is no opposition leader in play that has the means to do this, and because Mr. Harper has managed to co-opt the conservative MSM to his demagogic falsehood that such a coalescence is undemocratic and treasonous.

    So, it’s business as usual; nothing will be done, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  2. David says:

    I would argue that the Liberals have “wasted” support as well on the Island of Montreal and in the city (416) of Toronto.

    Many pundits even supporters of Harper said he’d never be PM.They were wrong.

    I’d agree it is unlikely that a majority for Harper will materialize, but if so then we are stuck with minority governments for a long long time.

    Quebec matters? I suppose but in this election, whenever it is called will be won or lost in Southern Ontario (outside 416). There is little hope for growth for any of the federalist parties in Quebec. Canada is regionally divided right now and will be so for many years to come. It will be a difficult country to govern and perhaps impossible if Ontario decides to vote strategically.

    There are no national parties any more. Conservatives outside of Quebec come close but that is it.

  3. Warren

    There’s one number missing from your fine column, which I’ve posted on my website.


    • Warren says:

      Merci mon chum.

      Saw that earlier on your fine site: I still think he’s got big PQ problems, however. Any seat projection I’ve seen/heard about suggests he’s only safe in the Beauce.

  4. Cath says:

    How about we shine a light on what’s going down in the courtroom re: Jean Charest’s government. Always good to strike at the opposition to try to divert attention to the stellar performance taking place seemingly out of the eye of the ROC.

    I’ve been tuning it when the trial’s been rebroadcast and the LPOC’s future isn’t the best in Quebec either.

  5. A reader says:

    The other number Warren and Norman both missed is the one where the NDP placed ahead of the Liberals (19:18) amongst francophones, with the Conservatives running fourth. How could that omission have happened, I wonder.

  6. How could that omission have happened?–you say you wonder.

    Well you can take off your tinhat

    There was an error in the tables on Leger’s English-language website, which has now been corrected–according to this e-mail I just received from David Scholz

    Hello Mr. Spector,

    Thank you for your email. We have corrected the English slide. to reflect the true results. The NDP are ahead of both parties among Francophones. Again, thank you for pointing this out to us.



  7. A reader says:

    Thanks for the update, Mr. Spector. I’ll consult with my haberdasher and see if I can’t find something more conducive to an open mind.

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