10.23.2010 08:44 AM

The Loudmouth Pundit Disease

So I don’t have a cold or anything. But there I was at Emerg at East General late last night – and an urban hospital Emergency Department on a Friday night with a full moon is a real treat, let me tell you – with my fat head feeling like it was about to split open.

Didn’t get to see a doc until this morning, however. As suspected, it’s the Mother of All Ear Infections©. The doc and I got to talking about how I might have gotten it. Mentioned that I’ve done a lot of TV interview things, lately, wherein you have to jam a thingie in your ear to hear the host.

“They ever clean that off?” asked she.

“I’ve never seen them clean it, now that you mention it,” said me.

“Okay,” said the doc. “Next time you do an interview, make sure it’s clean.”


Personally, I think I somehow got a Conservative talking head’s DNA, and my body rebelled. Who’s wouldn’t?

Hear that, Powers? Bring alcohol swabs next time, would you?


  1. smelter rat says:

    Good advice Warren, especially considering that most Reformacon pundits are a-holes! You never know where that thing has been.

  2. gretschfan says:

    They should follow Parliament’s lead where they give you a fresh plastic clippy thing for when you wear the earpiece to hear translation.

    • Warren says:

      What is that thing called, anyway?

      • Namesake says:

        A “single-sided clip-on earphone” ?

        Here’s a co. that rents mics & or headphones for simultaneous translations; here’s the headphones-only section:


        “For hygienic reasons, this eartip is for personal use only and is not designed to be shared.”

        Some have “Replacement ear cushions.”

        And I remember last time I was shopping for ear buds (i.e., “In ear headphones (also called in ear monitors, IEM’s, earphones, ear canal headphones, or ECH’s)”), some had replacement or diff. colored ends/buds.

        Do they just plug them in locally at the studios you’re interviewed from, or are they wireless? can you bring your own ear bud(s)?

        If not, maybe you’ll need to bring a selection of your own, & slip them over like a condom (Eardom? Conear?)

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yeah, over there they are great at hearing but not much good at listening…their problem isn’t an inflamed ear canal but rather grossly inflamed egos often not really based on actual accomplishments. Who would have thought it.

      Mine thought he could actually walk on water and all that he really did was accomplish himself right out of a job.

  3. IC says:

    or use alcohol prep pads to wipe them off – $20 for 100 sachets. We can’t have Harper, Baird and Clement’s wax intermingling with yours let alone the Ontario droit.

  4. Still Anonymous says:

    Best thing is to bring your own clip-on.

  5. Darren K says:

    Hope you get well soon. It sounds painful. Watch for dizziness. You can have changes to how your inner ear works – for the good and bad. I use to have a terrible time in rough water. Thanks to an infection, that seems to be gone now. I’ve finally got my sea legs, just when I left the sea!

    Anyway, Get well.

  6. Andrew says:

    My mom said, “Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!”

  7. Stewart says:

    Very sorry to hear about the ear infection. I had them a lot as I grew up and I remember well just how painful they are. Thank goodness for anti-biotics, I imagine that an untreated ear infection would kill after a time. What a terrible way to go that would be.

    Hope the healing is swift.

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