11.14.2010 08:47 PM

I called for my father, but my father had died

I know they’re channeling Springsteen more than they should, and that they seem to be a bit more calculated than a rock’n’roll band should ever be, but…it’s the song. We’ve been listening to it for months – and tonight on the way back, too – and it seems to be from the heart. It does.

The words, too.  They reveal the kind of love of words that you don’t see many bands admit to, these days (or know how to, even if they wanted to).  So I put them below the video.

Look what you started.
I seem to be coming out of my skin.
Look what you’ve forgotten here,
The bandages just don’t keep me in.

And when it was over, I woke up alone.

And they cut me to ribbons and taught me to drive,
I got your name tattooed inside of my heart.
I called for my father, but my father had died.
While you told me fortunes, in American slang.

Look at the damage,
the fortunes came for the richer men.
While we’re left with gallows,
waiting for us liars to come down and hang.

And when it was over, I woke up alone.

And here’s where we died that time last year,
And here’s where the angels and devils meet.
And you can dance with the Queen if you need,
And she will always keep your cards
close to her heart.
So close to her heart, before they tear you apart.


  1. Bailey says:

    Great song. Great band.

  2. Sb says:

    I agree that they are more of a “calculated” (I would say manicured) band than is my usual fare but the lyrics betray an underlying honesty and straightforwardness that you don’t see a lot these days.

    That conflict sits at the heart of piles of rock and roll, the Boss included.

  3. Shaun says:

    Bruce is a fan of these guys. Check out their “The 59 Sound”.

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