11.03.2010 03:52 PM

Pithy analysis about last night’s results

Sums up my view rather succinctly.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:



  2. Pelosi had the gavel for 4 years? The Senate also led by a Democrat for four years? Democrats finally won the W.H.

    Several Presidents walked into a crisis or economic meltdown. Other Presidents have been handed a bad card. He has time to recover if he changes course and returns to the centre.

    They can find some cooperative Republicans.

    “One of the first thing we’ll do in the House and Senate is ban earmarks as Republicans – that’ll get our eyes back on fixing our tax code, fixing social security and Medicare, getting America back to work.” -South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

  3. James Curran says:

    I am pretty awestruck that the Democratic response on the economic front wasn’t something like: “Um. We inherited this crap from G Dubya” It baffles me.

    • Pedro says:

      I’m not sure I’m getting you on this…
      You mean Barack didn’t spend the last 20 months blaming all the US economic and other problems on G Dubya?
      I baffled as to what you’ve been reading and watching.

  4. Northbaytrapper says:

    Actually it was George and the Democrat House that screwed them all.

  5. Iris Mclean says:

    That pretty much nails it. Two years ago, the whole world (and millions of Americans) breathed a huge sigh of relief.
    Not so much today. Thankfully, at least for the next two years, our friends to the south probably won’t be invading any more countries.

  6. james Smith says:

    Good one!

    But gee wiz! the Angry Rich White Guy Party beat the White Rich Angry Guy Party,

    (and before you ask, I’m bonafide member of Democrats Abroad)

  7. J.P. Boutros says:

    And here I thought you were talking about Kanye.

  8. Greg says:

    Clinto deserves some blame. Wasn’t he president when the degregulation of the bank industry was allowed?

  9. OttawaCon says:

    The Democrats did remarkably little with a very rare level of control of executive and legislative power. Healthcare reform was a major struggle, but in the end they made it far more difficult than it had to be. The Democrats made their own bed to lie in with woeful execution.

    Pelosi in particular should never be anywhere near strategic decision-making again. Waxman-Markey saddled the most vulnerable Democrats with a fixed target for more than a year, and they did not get a damn thing to show for it – not even the courtesy of a vote in the Senate.

  10. Steve T says:

    Oh, jeez, come on – seriously? GWB is solely responsible for everything that happened after Obama took office? You want to talk about racist – that’s pretty racist. The “black guy”, as you say, isn’t good enough to take responsibility for anything? Sure, GWB had something to do with it, but it wasn’t like Obama pulled back on the spending reins particularly hard when he was elected. They both are to blame.

  11. Bell says:

    Two years as president with his party’s control of the house and can’t fix anything. Pretty effective leader.

  12. Pedro says:

    G Dubya stacked the wood for the fire to come.
    Obama lit the fire.
    The content middle classes have been champing at the bit to rein in the absurd growth of government into areas they have no business being in.
    The November 2 US elections, federal and state, the election of Ford for mayor of Toronto and the rejection of government spending as usual are the beginnings of the silent center of citizens saying enough.
    Voters have begun to exercise their option of throwing out encumbents who won’t stop proposing new programs to re-distribute their incomes and pay attention to properly administering the plethora of social programs we have already.
    When your roof leaks and the furnace doesn’t work you don’t spring for a hot tub.
    Why do you think North American businesses aren’t spending their cash on capital investments and workforce expansion?
    Could it be that they see incompetent and intrusive government policies that will punish their success.
    Nah, Obama just hasn’t explained enough that it’s G. Dubya’s fault.

  13. kyliep says:

    The fact that the GOP earned over 70% of the blue collar white vote and 65% of 65+ white vote pretty much tells us what we need to know about what happened on tuesday. Warren’s pic is therefore simultaneously bang on the money, hilarious and intensely depressing.

  14. james Smith says:

    aah, respectfully dude, there is no such thing as THE LEFT in the USA. Seriously, there’s an extreme right & the very extreme right. See above, I’m a member of the extreme right.

  15. Troy says:

    Do you really mean to say that the ?white vote? in America is synonymous with racism and these election results show that they simply do not want to be led by a black man?
    Stop the insane levels of spending, reduce rather than raise taxes, shrink rather than grow the Government, protect our boarders, repeal the healthcare control bill, concentrate on the economy and not transforming America in your utopian image. That has been the consistent message of Obama?s critics and the American people without fail and he chose to blaze on with a radically Left wing agenda in a decidedly Conservative climate. That is what led to these historical election results and I predict will lead to him being a one term president.

    • Jerome Bastien says:

      Dont you know the rules? If many white people do something it’s racist. Unless that something is approved by lefties, like the Rally to Restore Hypocrisy by Stewart, or MSNBC, then its not racist at all. Also, when 98% of black voters vote for Obama, that’s not racist at all.

  16. Namesake says:

    ‘whoa, it’s pretty smoky in, & hard to follow, this here thread;

    looks to be:

    The Tea vs…. the THC Party.

  17. Jim says:

    Keep believing the American public wants their government to be more left wing. You’ll end up carrying only Berkley and San Francisco. The democracts have controlled congress for 4 years and the entire government the past two years. They have proven weak and very unpopular with american voters. Face it, leftism isn’t a popular ideology here in North America.

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