12.11.2010 10:15 AM

For the pinko on your Xmas list


  1. Brian says:


    That gives me an idea.

  2. hugger says:

    Does it come with a selection of pins and needles or does the Voodoo kit come separately?

  3. JenS says:

    Did they have oodles of them? I have ever so many pinkos on my gift-giving list . . .

  4. Namesake says:

    Guess we know why he called his pet “Blue,” now, eh?

    (And interesting the way he himself has now become the bull terrier pet of the Tories & Teabaggers).

  5. Wannabeapiper says:

    I’ll pass on the Cherry/Dog set. On account of, I be a wishin fer da Ford/Cherry/Kouvalis Trailer Park Special Edition Set fer Christmas with a 6 pack!

  6. crf says:

    They need to sell the Pencil Necked Geek (MacClean), the model folding chair, the russian commie loser, president of the NHL Doug Gilmour, Captain Canada Crosby, and white skated visored and masked swedish Ulf-Nancy Swedin. Then boys can play with their hockey dolls properly, just like on the real W̶W̶E̶ NHL.

  7. JH says:

    That’s cute – good one WK!
    But boy you Hogtown elites commenting on here really get ticked off when somebody pisses in your Lattes don’t you?
    Bit of overkill maybe? You folks need to get over yourselves LOL!
    And before you start with all the personal insults – don’t bother. I’ll just put it down to the fact the truth hurts.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      If I pissed in your pint, wouldn’t you be ticked off? That was an completely inappropriate speech for the occasion– he needs to learn some proper manners about when and when not to go partisan.

  8. S. Peterson says:

    To get serious for a moment – the global economy has given rise to a class called the ‘precariat’ which is made up of millions upon millions of part time, contract and temporary workers and millions and millions of working poor. All these people have jobs that are insecure and limited access to housing (think mortage crash in US). They juggle jobs and child care in a frantic effort to keep up and this buffoon (because that is what he is and all that he is, because he isn’t a comedian) makes how much money?

    • JH says:

      SP – Thank goodness we live in a country of equal opportunity and education. And I know it’s fashionable amongst certain folks to deny this, but everyone of us knows people who came from the worst of circumstances to live comfortable and productive lives. It is what I admire so much about newcomers to this country and the emphasis they put on education and hard work. Don Cherry was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, quite the contrary. He’s worth now, as you say, a lot of money – all made by dint of his own efforts. Thank goodness that opportunity is still open to us and our children. As is the freedom to speak our minds and hold our own beliefs. So cry me no tears, for those who do not take advantage of the opportunities presented by this great country.

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