01.21.2011 10:17 PM

All the news that’s fit to post!

December 11, 2010, www.warrenkinsella.com: Nick Kouvalis will be leaving Rob Ford’s office.

December 13, 2010, Now Magazine: Quotes www.warrenkinsella.com post.  Ford’s press secretary: “Let me be as clear about this as possible. Whomever you’re getting your information from is misinformed. There is no modicum of truth to the rumour.”

January 21, 2011, Toronto Star: Nick Kouvalis is leaving Rob Ford’s office.

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  1. Brian says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. But the REAL news hasn’t been reported yet. Why? Where’s he going? And how much of this is him leaving, and how much of it is others shoving? And who will replace him?

    Answer those questions, and I’ll be impressed.

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