01.20.2011 02:01 PM

Fifty years ago today

A great Conservative friend, no less, reminded me of this today at lunch – and he gave me ‘Ask Not’ to commemorate it.  It is a wonderful gift.

Half a century!  Can it be so long ago? (The second half is here.)


  1. Namesake says:

    The CPC 2.011 v.:

    And so, my fellow Conservatives: You needn’t ask what your Party can do for you ? ask what your Party can do to your country. Donate Now!

  2. james Smith says:

    You do know that this famous line was borrowed from Kahlil Gibran right?

  3. johnny was says:

    The most over-rated president in American history. A man who very nearly provoked a global nuclear holocaust over Cuba and made Americans think that it actually mattered who won peripheral bush wars in the Third World. In terms of intellectual depth, he’s about on par with GW Bush.

  4. new says:

    good memory from Kennedy but not has lot of experince to protect himself and act simple with environment around himself caused lost his life

    Kennedy first shake hand with his opposition was strange —- is like death shake hand with Nickson—– keep your enemy close to yourself

    one thing about culture in USA that I hate they bring some one up and then then soon they hate him to be dead
    no respect just bring them to copy of his idea and time to go

    thanks god we live in Canada and opposition are not that violant or barbarian against each other for power and money

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