01.06.2011 09:12 AM

Key Porter = stupid

Get a load of this:

“It would seem that a significant breakdown in communication has occurred in that you were not notified of the hold status placed on this publication. It would seem that several members of our team were all thinking that the other had spoken with you, while in reality none of us had. This is regrettable. This is embarrassing and I suspect this is incredibly upsetting, frustrating, angering and disappointing for you.”

My first book was distributed by Key Porter, so I am appalled that they would do this to Mark Bourrie, or anyone.

For any other writers: don’t deal with Key Porter.  What happened to Mark could happen to you.

(P.S. The blogger’s remark about Chretien is also stupid.)


  1. What a load of crap that is! Thank God I have a literary agent to deal with this kind of thing. Surprised it’s Key Porter Books, though – not surprised with the response.

  2. herb shields says:

    Hi Warren,

    I checked out the blog post and I am with most of the posters in thinking the blogger misplaced the word “disgrace.” I think it should have been linked to Mr. Black. I’m sure it’s an error. Check back tomorrow to see if they changed their wording.

    • Namesake says:

      you didn’t check too carefully: the blogger, who’s actually a print journalist, too (Shannon Rupp, out of Vancouver, sometime columnist for the Ottawa Citizen), has addressed and ridiculed those comments thus:

      “Oh you Liberals! Sure, I’d include Mulroney in the list of prominently disgraced if he had a book with KP… But I take your point that the sentence wasn’t clear enough. I meant both JC and CB were disgraced. Which is not to say they don’t both have many fans and apologists.”

      • Warren says:

        She’s full of shit on that throwaway line.

        • Mr. Chamberlain says:

          From what I just read from that blog, I wouldn’t waste another moment thinking about her, though it was good that she was challenged. Someone will read that and despite the comments will repeat it elsewhere, and on and on it goes. Why? Because that’s not just how stupid she it, it’s also how stupid her blog followers are as well.

        • Mr. Chamberlain says:

          She screwed up and then instead of saying so pretended that it was what she meant.

  3. Chris Mehrlein says:

    “For any other writers: don’t deal with Key Porter. What
    happened to Mark could happen to you.” Not any more it won’t. It
    looks like they’re shutting down for good.

  4. Paul R Martin says:

    In a way, this reminds me of the experience of my ex, when her publisher (Stoddart) went under. Canadian publishers can have a fragile existence and authors can get sideswiped.

  5. Massimo Savino says:

    What’s even more depressing is that Rebecca Eckler’s book made it out the door and Bourrie’s didn’t, according to the article.

  6. Mark Watson says:

    From Ms Rupp’s blog: ” I particularly love their advice on the tone for achieving maximum comic effect: ?Think of yourself as an objective, confident, albeit totally unqualified and frequently blatantly ignorant voice speaking at a panel you shouldn’t have been invited to.?

    That is exactly the tone of many a mainstream newspaper writer. And yes, they can be pretty funny, albeit unintentionally as Lee Bacchus notes in his December 12 post ?Flying High.?

    I read this as an indication that she was attempting to get under someone’s skin with her comments, and decided to ‘zing’ anything remotely Liberal.

    I have also posted this comment on her blog, under the title “Trolling for offense?”. We shall see if it is accepted, and what, if anything, she will have to say…

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