01.14.2011 03:50 PM

Look, pal, the little guy was just looking for a seat. You didn’t have to freak out.


  1. Bruuks says:

    how do we know the guy was homeless?

    • Visionseeker says:

      Well… he’s black and he’s asleep on the subway. No one with a home ever falls asleep on public transit. He obviously doesn’t have his own bed to sleep on. Oh, did I mention that he’s black? sarcasm

  2. Wannabeapiper says:

    It was good he wasn’t bending over. I mean not the rat, but the homeless guy. 🙂

  3. Mr. Chamberlain says:

    Poor guy. Looks like he slept through his stop.

  4. Mr. Chamberlain says:

    ‘Cos you sent them all to Ottawa.

    (That was too easy. Seriously, do you actually believe Alberta is “100% rat free”?

    • Visionseeker says:

      Alberta has a big-time anti-rat history. They’ve done quite well at keeping the Norwegian brown rat from crossing the border with Saskatchewan. When a brown is spotted in AB, untold resources are deployed to get the bugger. Unfortunately, the campaign does nothing to prevent Alberta’s domestic rodent species from being exported to Ottawa.

      • Brammer says:

        Or put another way, Alberta puts “surveyor marks” on Rats.

        Personally, I am looking forward to shopping at my neighbourhood Surveyor Mark in the near future.

  5. Mr. Chamberlain says:

    Short of being an island free of human contact, and by this I am not referring to politics there, you are not 100% rat free, Alberta.

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