01.13.2011 01:58 PM

Universe achieves balance, film at eleven, etc. etc.

Casting an anxious eye toward’s Sun TV’s debut, perhaps, the CBC told me on the weekend they wanted to start trying out new folks for Power and Politics. No probs, said I.  Understandable.  Go for it.  Fill your boots.

This afternoon: CTV called!  Until Sun TV starts up, they are apparently happy to offer me a stool from which to pontificate!  CBC doesn’t want me, but CTV does!

Meanwhile, the Sun – for whom I happily work, typing columns read by my mother and, er, my mother – doesn’t mind me doing anything with anybody.  Nobody intimidates them.  Interesting, that.

TV politics sure are weird, sometimes.  No wonder I read newspapers.


  1. Brian says:

    If CTV puts you on, it only boosts your ginormous Q rating even further, increasing the value of SunTV’s “investment.” So it helps SunTV to say yes. Simple information-age economics.

    Which also explains CBC TV’s decision (e.g. simple lack of information-age…)

  2. james curran says:

    Perhaps I’d start watching that show again if they offered you the anchor spot. Tom Clark is sadly missed.

  3. Mr. Chamberlain says:

    Warren — yes, go for it and don’t settle for anything less that the anchor position! It would be a lot of fun for you to be able to call everyone on everything! The only thing that would be better than that FOR ME would be to have you take on the party leaders at a televised election time debate…

    Anyways, perhaps the CTV gig will lead to a Senate seat.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Now, let’s get this straight: Kinsella doesn’t do pontification. Rather, his specialty is unusually prescient pronouncements!

  5. Steve T says:

    Uh, oh – better be careful. This kind of thing will blow the mind of the conspiracy theorists who perceive Sun News as “Fox News North”.

  6. WDM says:

    What’s the deal with Lisa Raitt co-hosting? Just a random thing, or part of some promotion to see how politicians would do in the anchor chair?

  7. Lipman says:

    Great stuff, Warren. While I dislike that paper for its slavish support for the Tories, there are some good hard-working columnists who write for them.

  8. Pat Heron says:

    Sorry to lose you on CBC Politics Warren. I cannot understand how they could let you go and keep Tom Flanagan. His call for Assange’s assassination was outrageous. Right, he did apologize — some apology! Sounded more like a justification to me. When Flanagan turns up with his “bag of tricks,” the TV goes off. In any event, Evan S has done pretty well but he’ll never fill Don Newman’s shoes. DN and Tom Clark were the best — the remote was busy flipping back and forth between their shows. I miss Don Martin’s columns and hope he can bring his analyitical skills to his new position on PowerPlay. He needs time. Maybe you can help.

  9. smelter rat says:

    WK..you and Barbara Budd. Sheesh.

  10. Patrick Deberg says:

    Let’s see…
    Local Cathloic boy on TV and in Newspaper with the backing of JC and liberal stalwards looking over the Canadian landscape?
    Migh be time for PMWK !

  11. PoliticalPundit says:

    Shake up CTV like you did to CBC!

    CBC has gone off the rails and it is best that you not go down with the ship!

    The CBC Brass is scared stiff that the Harper government is going to slash its budget and force it out of business.

    The CBC Brass is trying desperately to appease the Harper government by putting on two Conservative spinner for every Liberal, NDP, Green, and Bloc spinner. That makes it 8 to 2!

    Good luck with CTV!

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